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Updated: July 2, 2015

Check out some of the highlights of our Star Trek Las Vegas Convention


Creation Entertainment's 14th Annual Las Vegas
Official STAR TREK Convention 2015

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
August 6-9, 2015

The Rio Suites Hotel
3700 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV

William Shatner Delta Shield Ice Sculpture Cheerleaders The Kiss The Kiss The Kiss

We are extremely proud to present The Official STAR TREK Convention in Las Vegas and invite YOU to be part of what we hope will follow the tradition of making each year bigger, better and more exciting. 2014 brought new energy and experiences to this long-standing event what a smash hit it turned out to be with fellow Trekkers from around the galaxy joined by well over 100 Star Trek celebrities, all on hand to honor Gene Roddenberry’s legacy of a positive inclusive future for mankind. As you first stepped into the beautiful Rio Suites Convention Center it was immediately obvious that you were surrounded by thousands of instant friends, joined together by the love of this amazingly enduring franchise. We were proud to welcome thousands of “newbies” to the convention as well as many guest celebrities making their first Vegas appearances. Join us on this page to check out a few memories made in 2014 and make your plans now to celebrate 49 years of STAR TREK with us in 2015 by visiting the rest of this website! Thanks and enjoy!

Simon Pegg at the Star Trek Las Vegas Con 2014
Warning: Video contains profanity.

As you explore the site for the 2015 convention you’ll find that we can promise even more elaborate props and sets for photo taking, museum quality Star Trek items on display, MORE space than we’ve ever had before, an incredible guest speaker line-up, glorious technological advances in our main theatre, interesting new panel topics, fandom’s most elaborate evening parties, lots of freebies featured in an even more upgraded “Promenade”, the famous free karaoke nights, a more upscale Quark’s bar, special events honoring the 20th Anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager, our fond remembrances of our dear friend and show business legend Leonard Nimoy, a Saturday Evening Gala Nevada Pops Orchestra extravaganza, and of course the surprises and other elements that separate this particular convention from all others. THANKS to everyone, including our friends at CBS Licensing, the home of Star Trek, for inspiring us to provide the absolute very best to Trekkers galaxy wide in attendance.


Karl Urban at the Star Trek Las Vegas Con 2014


Heres’s some moments with a few of our all time favorites from TNG at the Star Trek Las Vegas Con 2014.


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William Shatner Delta Shield Ice Sculpture Cheerleaders The Kiss

It certainly seems like EVERY year the famous “Creation Difference” becomes more and more pertinent. Unlike virtually every other genre fan convention, Creation Entertainment has a strict policy not to "oversell" our conventions. In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a guaranteed seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place. There's no worrying, extra waiting, or additional charges to see the celebrities and events you want to see during all four daytime schedules in the main and secondary theaters.

Another thing we love is that The Creation LAS VEGAS Official Star Trek Convention is in a super-large, friendly hotel: completely carpeted and filled with award winning, various priced restaurants as well as a dynamic casino, fun bars, and many areas to relax and chill. We aren’t in a cold concrete convention hall where food lines are mobbed and super-expensive, crowds are uncomfortable, and even using restrooms is a major hassle.

In conclusion, the busy world we all live in usually only allows ONE or TWO VACATIONS A YEAR at most: PLEASE do the research and especially if you love a property like we do Star Trek understand that at the Vegas show you get FOUR DAYS AND NIGHTS completely immersed within the property. It isn’t about one or two panels over the entire convention, or a few guests signing here or there. There are OVER 100 Star Trek guests in Vegas and non-stop, all star, all STAR TREK fun on stage and off! Our prime directive is giving you the best time we possibly can by delivering the best entertainment we can.



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