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RE: Customer Service

The items have been received in fantastically quick time - i would really like to thank you for all your effort and help with this transaction - you have been an absolute STAR!!! Working for fedex in my role - it is wonderful to receive such great customer service from you and your company - please show this email to your boss - as it is nice to get recognition for excellent service. Once again thanx.

- M.


RE: "LOST" Fan Club Kit #2

Today, my Lost Fan Club Kit arrived! It is fantastic, I am planing to frame my shirt, so I don't spoil it as I know they are only available through the fan club. It's great! I have the key around my neck now!

- J.



RE: Star Trek, Sacramento CA Convention

I just had to tell you what a great time I had at the Convention last weekend. Prior to this, I had only been to one day of the Sacramento Convention two years ago. A friend from work asked me to go then, and it was really fun. But honestly, I was a bit hesitant to spend the money for the gold ticket over a year in advance for this last Convention. I just have to say that it was very much worth it! Getting to see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in person was priceless! They were terrific together. I thought the champagne toast was a great finale.

You did a great job announcing. You were so nice to talk to when I had some questions. You even helped my friend in locating some of her pictures she lost. (She set them down when she won an auction item. She was just too excited)

I had so much fun, and was so impressed with this great event, that I went ahead and purchased my gold ticket for next year at the Convention. I hope one of these years maybe I will attend the Las Vegas Convention too. I'm looking forward to seeing the photo ops when they are available.

I asked you at the convention about whether you would have a video available of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy's performance and you were just going to have hightlights of the Las Vegas Convention. I see now Creation is selling a video of their 25th anniversary appearance. How about a two disk version, including the 40th anniversary tour also? I bet there would be lots of people who would enjoy that. Thanks again for the great Convention! May you, Creation, and Star Trek, live long and prosper.

Sincerely, P.S.



RE: Star Trek, Chicago, IL Convention

I personally wanted to send you an e-mail thanking you and your company for such a fantastic weekend!!!! I had so much fun that I cannot wait until the next one. I have been to other conventions before but this one was so great! I really enjoyed Shatner and Nimoy as well as Trinneer during the party on Saturday. We could have used some more female guests though. Once again, great job and we hope to see you in the Chicago area again. Also, kudos to one of your employees, Brian.....hard worker and genuine! The lady at the photo table was very nice as well. I believe her name was Sue?

- Thank you, T.C.


This was the first convention I fully attended that Creationent put on. You run a very good show. Very fun and entertaining. We will continue attending!!

- C.C.


First I'd like to say that my family and I had a great time at your Chicago Star Trek convention. It was our second Creation Entertainment convention and will not be our last.

- D.F.


I'm not sure you would remember me, but I was the lady who lost her ticket. I just have to say that after reading my friend's heartfelt thanks, that I was remiss in not offering my own. You pointed out to me that I would have been out of luck at another venue, and you're probably right. I just want to say, need to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my first con experience an utter joy. It could have ended prematurely through my own iresponsible actions. You were absolutely wonderful in making sure I was well taken care of I can't thank you enough.

Sincerely, S.B.


RE: Battlestar Galactica Burbank, CA Convention

Thanks for another great BSG Convention. I had a fantastic time! It was great to finally meet my favorite cast member, Tahmoh Penikett in such a laidback and accessible environment. I also really appreciate how helpful your staff is. My friends and I had Sunday autograph tickets, but we also had to fly out that night as well. We waited as long as we could, but after talking with one of your staff, they were able to usher us through to the front of the line so that we wouldn’t miss our flight. Thanks! I can’t wait until next year.

- C.


Hello. I wanted to thank you all for a wonderful weekend in Burbank at the Battlestar Galactica Convention. This has been one of the nicest conventions that I have attended. The actors were lovely and so very nice. And the volunteers and people running the show did a fantastic job. The whole weekend felt good and relaxed and I couldn't believe how nice everyone was. Thank you again for a lovely weekend.

- A.


I just wanted to say what a great time my friends and I had at the Battlestar Galactica Convention last weekend. It was great hearing from and meeting so many of the cast. We came already having our “favorites” and added more after hearing from everyone. They were very accessible and we felt that we got a lot of interaction – more so than at Comic Con and Dragon*Con. I especially appreciate you bringing Tahmoh Penikett; meeting him was a dream come true! Thanks again for a great convention.

- N.P.



RE: Creation's Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas
(August 17-20, 2006 at The Las Vegas Hilton). Over 38 countries and EVERY state was represented and a FANTASTIC time was had. Here's just a few...

You did a great job! at this convention and getting Bakula was worth the entire convention. thank you? thank you!

- s.a.


I attended the 40th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, all 4 days, and just had a blast.  I've only been to a few ST conventions and they were all great, but this was the best.

Thank you and all the Creation staff who made this huge and important Star Trek event possible.  Everything I saw and attended went off flawlessly, so again, my thanks for all the hard work and long hours that the Creation folks must have put in behind the scenes to make all this possible so seamlessly. 

Please pass on my thanks and acknowledgment of hard work to all the Creation staff who made this convention possible.  Everyone I talked to at the convention had a great time, too. Very Best Regards and thanks.

- L.D.


The Scott Bakula photos are WONDERFUL!!!!!! But -- so are the other photos -- I think all of them turned out great -- crisp, clear, good color, good composition on the print, nicely centered -- what more can one want!!!!!!! BTW -- thanks for all your hard work at the convention!!!!! I hope you were able to have some fun too!!!

- C.H.


Yay! Thank you and thank you for the wonderful, professionally-run convention. As a first-timer, I was mightily impressed.

- L.


Thanks again, it really was a great con and I am so impressed with the quality of the photos you take (I can only imagine how hard you must work to get all this in order so quickly)!  Hope to see you soon, I will indeed by at the New Jersey con and plan to take a picture with William Shatner with two kids that were my students in second grade and have recently discovered Star Trek.

- Best, J.


Thank you very much, Chris. You are a great photographer. Every picture you have taken for me has been just gorgeous! See you at some convention someday soon!

- Your Japanese fan, M.


I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. Best Star Trek I had ever been to and I have been to many of them in the last 30 years. Really good venue, nice Dealer's Room too. I cannot wait until next year, is it here yet? lol

By the way the guys you had hired as the Klingons, how do I contact them? I would like to hire them for one of our local Star Trek Cons. These where the three at the Klingon Happy Hour and one was wearing a Command Cloak and sang for everyone. Damn Klingons!!!!

Hell of a good time.

- A.J.


Thanks again for the wonderful photos. I had an amazing time this year in Vegas. Hope to see you there next year : )

- T.


I had to send you a note to tell you how absolutely AWESOME the recent Star Trek con in Vegas was!!!! I had an absolutely wonderful time -- and was able to make a dream come true for a friend, as well as myself -- by getting two of the convention posters autographed -- all 7 remaining cast from TOS!!!!!!

The Trek con has become my big vacation of the year -- and every year I look forward to it, knowing that I will have fun communing with other Trekkies, seeing friends from previous conventions, including the volunteers!!!! Blessings to both of you and your staff!!!

- C.H.


Thank you so much for your time in replying and for being willing to go the extra mile with such a busy schedule.  What incredible service!  May I just say, for your benefit and for the benefit of anyone you think would like to receive this feedback, this was the first convention I have been to, and, although I therefore don't have much basis for comparison, I was extremely impressed with your employees and volunteers, and with the way the entire operation was run.  I was treated with the greatest patience and respect, and always with smiles.  If I had been in some of the same situations I observed them in, it would have been difficult for me to maintain a calm and pleasant demeanor, so I have a great deal of admiration for that aspect of your organization and how you present yourselves.  I will definitely be a return customer(hopefully without children in tow next time). 

Thank you again, R.G.


Thank you and your team for the most wonderful time I have ever had in my life!!!

I've never been to a convention in Vegas. I can't tell you the awesomeness of the convention! The opportunities that it afforded me to fulfill some dreams. OMG, I talked with Majel at the Roddenberry.com booth. I chatted and took a pic with Virginia Hey. I was almost as big a fan of Farscape (before she left) than I am of Star Trek! The opportunity to go up and ask some questions to people I've admired all my life! The opportunity to see the TOS cast as I did! I also made some new friends! There were people from everywhere there! Being around people who love ST as much as I do!!! I could go on and on! haha

Again, thanks. I hope to be there next year for 20th Anniversary of TNG! I'm watching for the info on next year already! haha

Sincerely, B.L.


I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the information you posted on this site. It gave me a lot to read and to get excited about going to my 1st star trek convention. I thought it rocked. I had such a great time. My husband and I will be going to Chicago as well to celebrate the 40th. Again, thanks a bunch.

- M.


Congrats, you people did a GREAT job of getting the word out and about this year!

- E.


Congratulations on an awesome convention. Can't wait till next year!"


I am having a blast at the convention! The speakers have all been great thus far and I'm looking forward to seeing Bill and Leonard :)


Just got back from the big (and I mean BIG) convention in Vegas and want to thank you for a great time. I must congratulate you on pulling off such a huge, complicated affair and on being able to adapt and compensate for the unexpected snags that come up. I don't know how you do it--lots of practice, I guess. I have been coming to your conventions for six or seven years now, and it seems like you just get better and better at handling it. The staff and volunteers did a great job, and I thanked them every chance I got.

- B & S. E
Baton Rouge, LA


I had an absolute blast at that convention! The guests and activities were great but the presence of Star Trek: The Experience makes it possible to be physically immersed in the Trek universe! Las Vegas is the only destination for Star Trek conventions!

- U.


I got back today from Vegas. I had such a great time. I feel at home when I'm at Quarks. The Convention was incredible, I can't wait for next year........20th anniversary of TNG!

- S.


I just wanted to tell you that I can't get the music out of my mind. It was great. I also really liked the lyrics and bought the DVD. It was nice to discover that you guys are talented yourselves. The convention was fantastic, and I had a great time. You guys do a wonderful job.

- R.


Congratulations on an excellent convention! Everything ran pretty much smooth as silk. The unavoidable loss of some of the scheduled guests is a shame but quite understandable. The dessert party was the best yet! Cannot wait until next year.

- F.


Thank you for another wonderful, fun show. We had a blast as always and look forward to seeing you next year. Thanks.

- J.S.



- DR. V.


It was fabulous and thank you so much for all your hard work.  Leonard and Bill were wonderful and I was wondering if you sell or otherwise make available a recording of their performance on stage.  I would love to get one if possible.  Do you ever offer such things for sale? Again thank you for a wonderful con.

- D.C.



RE: Customer Service

Thank You Anne for Always being so Patient, Helpful and Kind. You are A Very caring person that I have enjoyed doing business with. The people that you work with must be very Happy to have you there. Bringing a smile to their faces everyday can always brighten ones day. I know when ever I talk with you, you bring a smile to my face.

I just would like them to know from me that I think you are # 1 in Public Relations, the way you Remember your Customers and how very nice you treat them. It keeps me coming back`!.......

I'm looking forward to my order as always. You and your shipping Dept, do an Awesome job on how you each Handle the Products. And the Quality is Superior`!. You work for a Very Awesome Outstanding Company`!.......

- R.S.


RE: "ELF" New Jersey 2006

Dear Creation Entertainment,
Thank you so much for putting on this convention. I had a great time at my first convention, and enjoyed the intimacy of the fans and the guests. Thanks Chris for such great pictures! Thank you Gary for all your hard work and kindness, and a special thank you to Erin for getting me quickly through a line, when I needed to catch a plane. I caught it just in time. Your staff is really wonderful, and I'll be back for another convention for sure!

- C.

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to locate me and talk to me about the light reflection problems in all the pictures due to my glasses.  That was truly going above and beyond the call of duty.  Whether or not the problem could be fixed isn't all that important to me--it would be nice if it could--but what matters is that you took the time, and cared enough, to try to do something about it; and you appologized for it, even though it was unavoidable. Thanks again.  I can't wait to see this one as an 8X10 so that I can see all the details.

- C.B.

I have never done a photo op at a convention before, and I have to say that you did a wonderful job. Looking at all the pictures, I didnt see one bad one, and that is amazing considering what little time you had to take each one. I am an avid photographer (a hobby, not a career), and know how hard it can be to get the right shot. I commend you on the wonderful job you did. I am sure you have made a lot of people happy. This is a wonderful souvenir from a fun weekend. Thanks again!!

- C.P.

Rachel and I just wanted to thank you for making our weekend at ELF so memorable.
We had an amazing weekend! Your support and confidence is greatly appreciated. 

- A.

Everyone's picture came out wonderful!! Can't wait to see this in person...I am VERY HAPPY with our Sean photo! I know we'll love the Billy one too! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am VERY HAPPY!

- M.

You do a fantastic job with your photos! Thank you for coming to the conventions and making this such a pleasant experience for the fans.

- K.

Thank you for the great job photographing ELF 06. It was a pleasure being photographed by such a professional and nice person.

- M.B



RE: XENA 2006 Convention DVD's

Got my DVD today!! Sometime after lunch. It's nearing suppertime now, and I've had the Lucy DVD on sort of a continuous rotation all afternoon. I can't seem to get away from the TV for any length of time. So many *great* parts. Loved the rehearsal footage. Whatever I had on the to-do list this afternoon.....too bad! Yer fault!

- DA


I just had to let you know my thoughts about the DVD. Lucy as always makes my day. She can always get me smiling. Renee's part ... I am so glad there are people like Renee out there. She has the ability to reach many walks of life. I can only imagine Her thoughts at this moment with all that's going on in the middle east (Israel & Lebanon) But WOW!! She is soooooooooooo amazing. I love deep thinkers & Renee makes me feel better about being a deep thinker. So anyone who hasn't watched or bought the DVD is missing out, BIG TIME !!!

- LW


Disk 1 was Lucy. I found Lucy to be her usual funny, charming and thoroughly endearing self and her singing of the "Cowboy Song" to be so beautiful; accompanied by Sharon Delaney and her guitar. I never get tired watching this woman whether she is acting or being just Lucy.

Disk 2 contained Renee's performance. I came away from watching this DVD thinking that Renee had undergone a metamorphosis in her thinking and the way she looked at certain issues by her trip to Israel and Jordan. It's one of those moments when you know it's life changing. Her trip up Mt Kilimanjaro changed her and this trip also changed her. Her reading of a monologue from her friend about life as an Israeli and how different she viewed life which constrasted to how Renee saw things was extraordinary. Very thought provoking and quite moving. Renee made her experience in travelling to Israel come alive; you could hear the excitement and the awe in her voice. Watching Renee share her thoughts, her plans and her desire to do something different was fantastic.

Being a fan of these two women is so so easy.

In my opinion this is the best DVD Creation has produced of these two fantastic women. Many many thanks to Lucy and Renee for sharing their time with us and to Creation and Sharon Delaney for producing the DVD.

- MB


Great dvd. You and Lucy did a fantastic job with that song. Loved the behind the scenes with Lucy and Daisy coming and going. Great idea!

- RC


Received in the mail Lucy and Renee DVD from the convention. I really enjoyed the show. These two women are phenomenal. Great work.

- VS


Just got my DVDs today and I wanted to say how great it was once again to be able to see a glimps of how Lucy & Renee are growing as actresses and the great women they are. I also enjoyed the guitar accompanyment you did with Lucy on her song. :-D Great convention DVDs and I can't wait to attend my first convention next year.

- KM



RE: Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors, Burbank CA

I wanted to thank you for putting on a great show this year. Sure there were a few snafus, but all and all I had a blast. This year all the guests were very nice and accommodating. Like Richard Tyson…I had a Three O’clock High photo of him and he got such a big kick out it that he was passing it around so everyone at the Sin-Jin Smyth table could see. Also Lin Shaye got the same reaction when I showed her a promo photo of her from Detroit Rock City. She liked it so much I let her know who the distributor was so she could have those on her table next time. I was also very pleased with a lot of surprise guests that were there like John Philbin (big fan of his) and Beverly Randolph (Tina, Return of the Living Dead). I got a lot of cool autographs and meet a lot of nice people in attendance as well. This year there was very laid back atmosphere that I haven’t seen in a while at the Weekend of Horror conventions. It seemed like one long party and from everyone I met had a great time. I have definitely reserved my seat for next year so it will be my 7th year in a row attending the convention. I look forward to it all year and I was not disappointed.

- A.


RE: Customer Service

I received XENA kit 10 today. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it, I haven't received better service from any other business I've dealt with.

- Thanks again. V



RE: Stargate SG-1 Convention, Vancouver BC

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent Creation Vancouver Stargate Convention - my first con ever! Kudos to your staff and to all theSG-Command.netvolunteers who wrangled the congoers. They did a really marvelous job, not only were they good but they were friendly and funny, too.:)

- D.B.
Vancouver Con 06 Gold Weekend Ticket Holder, and proud of it! ;-)


I got back last week from the Vancouver Stargate convention -- what a blast! I laughed so hard my face hurt -- every day! The set tour was SO COOL! I felt like a kid in the candy store. I can't stop looking at my pictures. It was so much fun!

And I want to especially say thank you to your Photo-Op people whose names I did not get. What a logistical nightmare it could have been - but these people did an awesome job with good humor. They managed to keep all of us rowdy fans in order. And of course the results were GREAT! I really appreciate all the work that goes into something like this.

Take care and keep up the excellent work.

- E.L.


I just want to thank everyone with Creation for a great weekend - spectacular guests and surprises and a great volunteer staff. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

- M.


Just wanted to say job well done, our flight was delayed when we came in, and we missed the registration on friday. Knowing we had to go to the set visit early saturday morning, we were in a panic without any info / tickets.

A tall lady dressed in stargate sg suit helped us out. (didn't get her name...but she's the only one in uniform and a lady:) she helped us and we were able to do the set visit Saturday morning.

I just want to thank them both for making a potenial disaster weekend for us into a dream come true. (and of course, the convention was a huge HIT!)

- Thanks! DY


I am back home from Vancouver and back at work. <sigh> it was such a wonderful convention - I wished I could have stayed. You guys really rock.:) Instead I had the pleasure of being on a delayed flight from VYR to London Heathrow with missing my connecting flight, getting re-booked, missing a bag in Dusseldorf.... but hey, what's all this compared to such a great weekend, meeting celebs and fellow fans and the people who are making all this happen. So again, thank you.

- SS


Yes, I think this is the best convention I have ever been to, and that's saying a lot since all of your conventions are so fun. Thanks again for everything.

- J.


My fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed the Vancouver Stargate Convention.  We are already looking forward to next year’s convention.  Thank you and the rest of the Creation staff and volunteers for planning and hosting these conventions and for giving us fans the opportunity to meet the stars and tour the sets.

- J.J.


First I'd like to say that my first con experience was outstanding. And it was all made possible by the hard work of Creation and the volunteer staff. I thank everyone involved who made this event happen. I'm hooked on the con experience now, so i will be attending next year.

Thanks for a great con experience, and i hope to see you next year in Vancouver. (If things go well enough, you may even see me in Secaucas NJ in november). Keep up the good work.

- P.G.


I had a great time in Vancouver. This was my first Stargate con, and it was well worth it. Your staff and volunteers obviously enjoy what they do, and it shows. I appreciated their adherence on sticking to strict row-by-row advancement for autographs. "Free for all" just doesn't work, so please keep up that practice.

The cabaret was very enjoyable. I was even one that participated in Dan's/Alex's play... it was great fun. (I was the Super Soaker part.) One thing I would like to ask, however, is to impose an age requirement. Gary Jones was obviously a bit taken aback that there were young children present, and it really appeared to affect his performance. I wouldn't take my kids to a stand-up comedian's performance. Since the cabaret seems to be very similar, I don't think it's asking too much to protect the children and allow the performers to relax. ANSWER: We will try to be sure our guests know that there are a few kids in the audience, don't know if we can limit kids as many parents don't have anywhere to put their kids during a show and have to keep them in tow. You were hysterical on stage by the way, well done.

The set tours were fantastic. Being able to walk around where all this action has taken place is truly immersive and mind-bogling. I'll be back next year. As with the cabaret though, I would like to suggest an age requirement for the tours.

- M.K.


First off I want to thank you for a wonderful convention in Vancouver. It was a blast and the set tour was one of the best things I have ever experienced. I appreciate all the hard work all your staff put in to set it up. Once again, thanks for a giving us a great weekend.

- J.B.



RE: Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit, Pasadena CA

I wanted to thank you and your team for the past Grand Slam convention. I very much enjoyed this weekend with the wonderful cast and the good organization! Especially the photo ops was a great opportunity to meet the stars! We're now thinking about Las Vegas next year!

- Thanks again! M.N.


I just got home from the convention and wanted to thank you and Gary for a great convention. Everything seemed to go off as planned, and getting the autographs was coordinated better than ever. In all I had a great time. Also, you asked for ideas for future conventions, and I wanted to write before I don't have the time. Might I suggest something really different like an all Roddenberry Convention featuring the 5 star treks 1 - 2 stars from each, along with the entire cast of "Gene Roddenberry's: Andromeda" and Gene Roddenberry's: Earth Final Conflict." I would also like to see that one in a million possibility of a headliner: Whoopi Goldberg (we can always dream, but it might not hurt to ask)!! I know this has been asked a million times, but I know from talking to a lot of people this weekend everyone would love to see Scott Bakula (Sorry if I misspelled it). Lastly, in the new Venue it would be nice if the "minor" stars were moved closer to the auditorium to allow more people, espically people with special needs to get their autographs. In the meantime, "Live, long and Prosper."

- A loyal Creation "Grand Slam" fan, JK


First let me say that Creation pulled off another fantastic show this weekend.....needed more Stargate though (even though I will be in Vancouver)! Everything went just beautiful and I especially enjoyed the Lost Luncheon. It was very nice and very intimate which is always a plus. The Lost actors were just so wonderful to interact with. I'm actually happy that you guys are moving to Burbank next year because it is a much nicer place in my opinion. Should be good for all of us. You guys have always have a wonderful staff and you always do great by us fans. Once again you put on another great show....my only complaint is that it wasn't long enough!

- Sincerely, C.


Just wanted to drop you a note saying how fantastic my Saturday at the Grand Slam was.  Seeing cast members (from Serenity and Lost) on stage together was so much fun... for them, too, I think. ;)  GREAT con and a GREAT idea having them together for panels.  Wish I coulda stayed for the entire con, but I have friends who'll tell me about Sunday. =D See you in Vancouver!

- Patricia



RE: ORC, The Lord of the Rings Convention

Thank you guys again for what was hands down the best LOTR con you've put on so far. Allowing more time in the autograph line, not rushing photo ops, and every volunteer I spoke with was very friendly and helpful...all of these and so much more made this even better than ORC 05, and better than ELF! At this rate, I am really excited for the next ELF con. I am definitely planning on attending and I am trying to get someone else to come with me, it will be her first con. :)
I know we were told to email suggestions for future cons, and all I can say is keep up with more of what we saw this past weekend! Allowing more time with the celebs, allowing non-flash photography in line, and continuing to bring in the exciting guests is the most I could ask for from a convention!
As for guests I would like to see - definitely try to get at least one hobbit. They are gonna be your main draw, especially Elijah Wood. Other possible guests could be David Wenham, Andy Serkis, Liv Tyler, Karl Urban, and possibly Bernard Hill.

- K.


Thank *you*, Chris! Your pics have made a lot of people very happy, trust me :) You were great, you made the whole experience really nice and I hope you do Orc 2007.

- T.


It all worked out.  I had a fantastic time at ORC!   Frankly I was amazed at how accommodating everyone from Creation tried to be.  The photographer at the photo ops in particular was a real sweetheart.  You folks sure do know how to put on a show!

- Thanks again, L.


I just wanted to say thanks for putting on another great ORC. I recently went to a convention put on by another company and it made me realize how much I appreciate Creation’s Con-goer friendly approach. I have attended several Creation events over the last two years and have seen a steady improvement to make each and every convention better than the last.

Your current photographer is fantastic! He recognizes that each individual has paid a significant amount of money to have the opportunity of a picture with the guest. He is efficient and professional.

Thanks again for putting on such fantastic events.

- C.B.


Our photos were outstanding. Thank you for a very professional portrait, which far exceeded my expectations.

- LW


Re: Xena Convention 2006 - Burbank, CA

Thank you for your expertise, time and talent. This is a photograph that means a lot and I look forward to sharing (and showing off) your work to my friends and family. I have often stated that and admittedly I am very UN-photogenic and have taken MANY bad pictures, but I am very pleased with this particular picture. (Of course, standing next to the talented and very pretty Ms O'Connor doesn't hurt either...)

Again, Thank you very much. Your excellent work is a true testament to your skills as a photographer. I do know that your work is being displayed and proudly shown off to fans and friends and family all over the world. Personally, I think you have the best job on the planet.

It shows in your pictures that you enjoy your work, so in many ways too, you are truly blessed as well. It is my plans to be there for the Xena Convention there in Burbank next January. I hope to see you all again. God Bless you all there at Creation Entertainment.

Very Sincerely, W.W.


Many thanks to you and all the staff from Creation because it was a very special experience for me...It was worth fliyng from Italy to be there with you all!

- A.


Thank you again for the Super job you did at the Xena Convention. The photos look great, but I especially enjoyed how you dealt with both the fans and the actors. You seemed genuine in trying to make the experience the best it could be for both parties. If I ever get to go to another convention and you are the photographer, then I'm there. Family and friends here at home are impressed too. Received Tim Thomerson JPEG. Thanks for the fast service and look forward to the other photos and JPEG's.

- T.


This year's Xena con was another hit. Michael Hurst was absolutely wonderful and if you ever get a chance to bring him back, please do. What a warm, generous, and extremely talented individual he is.

Hudson, the woman of a thousand different looks (all gorgeous) never ceases to amuse, entertain and surprise. She just keeps getting better and better.

And Renee, always giving that little extra back to her fans, is always a treat to see.

The photo shoots at the breakfast and dessert party was different (has its pluses and minuses) but certainly was better for conversation at the tables. Congrats on another Xena triumph.

- P.R.


I have been meaning to send an e-mail thanking you for a wonderful Xena convention but sometimes it is a little difficult getting back into the real world after a convention.

This year was such a joy and Creation pulled off another fantastic Xena convention. Of course I never had a doubt. :) I wanted to say that the cabarat was wonderful and so was the charity breakfast. I'm happy that there were so many fantastic items in the auction for the James Ellis Foundation.

Renee and Lucy were fantastic as well and I actually loved the idea of them separate...I thought I wouldn't but it was great. I felt as though we had more time with them and it made each day special. Thank you guys for doing that.

Also, wanted to say that Lucy and Renee having fan club tables was great!

I wanted to give a shout out to one of your employees by the name of Brian. Such a good guy and so very helpful! Not only was he a help to me but a help to so many others as well. Everyone was saying how helpful he was. So thank you for having him work at your show. Also thank you for having Sharon....she did a great job this year.

- A Happy Xena Fan! T.


I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work in presenting the 2006 Xena weekend in Burbank.  I try to come every year and sit in gold seating and it’s been terrific every single year I’ve attended (I’ve been coming since you’ve been in Santa Monica!).  I appreciate your efforts in getting the fabulous guests and providing opportunities to meet them, like the desert parties and the breakfast.  I also have enjoyed the quality programs of Friday nights. 

- Another Xena fan, ZZ


I also wanted to mention that the convention was great. The Creation staff was fabulous and very accomodating. Thanks to all! I look forward to next year.

- Regards, AL


I just wanted to thank you for another fantastic Xena convention. I always have such a wonderful time seeing all the guests. I also love the con because I get to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. It's like a big reunion for me.

The Cabaret was awesome. I was blown away by Michael and Jennifer. WOW!!
Katharine's piece was great. I thought all the volunteers did a wonderful job with her lines. I love to hear Adrienne sing. Tim was very humorous.

 I want to thank Renee for sharing parts of her personal journal with us. I feel honored that she feels she can share things like that with us. I also want to thank her for the extra effort she puts into her photo ops. I just loved her outfit! Thanks to Lucy for singing for us. I really enjoyed hearing her.  Good job Sharon of playing the guitar for Lucy!  You have many skills! I look forward to next year!

- Thanks, J.M.


Thank you for accompanying Lucy during her song at the 2006 convention. I'm not a musician, but you did a fine job on the 12-String in my opinion - as did Lucy. I enjoyed her time with us and it sounds like she has a busy year ahead.

Good convention all around. Special kudos for bringing on Michael and Jennifer. Wow! What talented, versatile performers. Encore!

Enjoyed Katherine Fugate and Steve Sears as always.

Hudson was her usual crazywonderful self. And a great way to close the event.

Of course, I'm biased, but I found Renee's time with us most fascinating and special of all -- so full of content and experiences that it's tough to summarize. She made me laugh, cry, smile, and think. I hope you can bring her back with her Iraq monologues at next year's convention -- almost as much as I hope the war/occupation is over this time next year and we all find a way to make the world a little safer and better.

Bravo to Renee for her courage in sharing thoughts and impressions from her Israel journey, plus the funny, touching piece she wrote to celebrate/commemorate "The Gift of Miles."

Really liked the t-shirt with the collage of Renee's pictures and the kanji symbols. Nice job! Some time in the future when you've recovered from this convention effort, please tell us the story behind that shirt and the meaning of the symbols on it. Lucy's t-shirt shirt was cute too,

Congratulations to you and the Creation team on 2006. I had planned on last year's 10th Anniversary being my final con, but am truly glad a family member convinced me to go with him again this year.

Now, I just need to be patient until you post the order info for Renee's photo ops.

- Best regards, CL



Re: Farscape Convention 2005 - Burbank, CA

Hello!!! Wanted to send a warm Thank you for all of the fun at the Burbank Scaper Con!! I have attended many Creation events in the Seattle and Portland areas, but this was the first venture to Burbank. My husband and I had a great time and felt so welcomed! What a great (and FUN) group of fans. A true family feeling.

The guests were fabulous, the show well timed and put together, and my photo ops came out great! Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!!!

- D.N.


I wanted to say thanks for y'all putting on such a great event. This year was my first time coming to Burbank for the Farscape convention and I'm planning on getting there again next year. Such a great environment! The cast members seemed so relaxed and they wanted to speak with us.

I've attended DragonCon for several years and in that hectic environment, most guests are rather reserved. I like the much more relaxed environment. It also seemed as though the attendees respect the convention guests and give them some breathing room.

Also, thanks for being so approachable. I was able to walk up to meet you and ask a couple of questions and you were more than happy to take the time to speak with me.

I look forward to dragging some friends out there next year!

- C.H. Atlanta, GA


Thank you so much for the best Farscape Convention ever. This is my fourth and each year your organization goes out of it's way to make this a spectacular event.

Having worked security at other conventions, I really appreciate how your staff, whether paid or volunteer, treat the Scaper community with kindness and respect. Each year, we look forward to not just the actors and crew, but to the fellow Scapers we see only once a year. We now consider you folks as a part of that community and look forward to seeing you. It really is a huge family reunion.

I would especially like to commend the gentleman who took the photographs. Excellent work, very patient and gracious. Who knew a photo op could be so much fun?

I thank you and look forward to 2006. Can't wait!!

- With kind regards, N.H.


I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I had an absolute fabulous time at the con this year. It was my first official Farscape con, but I was able to attend the Cherry Hill Trek con last year and the Meadowlands con last year. You may remember me from the Cherry Hill con, as I was working the Farscape booth dressed as Sikozu. :)

I found all the guests to be amazing and the volunteers were very helpful to me and were always polite. The costumes on display that were later auctioned were amazing!!! They really made me that much more impressed with the actors for being able to wear all that heavy leather! The breakfast and dessert were wonderful and I adored the caberet. David and Gigi were amazing and I cried like a little girl at the end of it. haha Jonathan was hilarious and Wayne put on a great show (what lucky fans to get to play with him!!!). Have you any plans to release a DVD of this con? I would love to have a copy of the cabaret as well as the other events of the weekend.

Anyway, thank you again so much! I hope to attend more Creation events in the future!

- Sincerely, J.R.


Here I sit, amazed once again at the generosity of the actors that come to your conventions.  This year's Farscape convention was practically flawless for me. I must forward my appreciation for the chance to see and chat with so many of the greatly talented actors of Farscape. To meet Gigi Edgley is a dream. To see Jonathan Hardy's talent from behind the puppet is priceless. To experience Ben Browder's unique and wonderful personality (he really should have been given his Crichton jacket) is well, unique and wonderful. To see Lani Tupu's openness with fans. To meld with Virginia's special spirituality for a bit. To see Wayne rock. To be absolutely floored by Anthony live and uncut (and this should be gold) !  And not to mention the beautiful Raelee (wow), Rebecca (wow) and Francesca (wow, sorry Ben) who were all superb! And not to forget David for such a wondrerful performance and his usual wonderful "personality". They were all so much fun to see live and up close.

And thanks go to the Creation staff. If it weren't for you it wouldn't happen and I certainly appreciate that. It makes me all the more hooked to come back again and again. Thanks for a wonderful time!

- Sincerely, P.R.


I just needed to let you know I had a wonderful time again this year.  Thank you so much for making every single Farscape Convention so memorable and precious.  It is wonderful to see and hear the special guests, but more than Ben and Fran or Claudia or Anthony, it is even more special to come together with new fans, old fans, fans from previous conventions and old friends.  Even without the very special guests, I think the Farscape fan group would have a great time just by themselves.  You and Adam have helped to bring together so many wonderful people and fans; many regional groups have met and blossomed using the convention as a catalyst.  My own CAScapers group is a perfect example.

Please extend my thanks and appreciation to your staff.  Their support and help was, as always, spectacular and far above the call of duty.  Dealing with thousands of people with a multitude of varying needs is stressful and trying at best, but your staff have always been so helpful whenever questions and requests were made.

- T.G.


Re: Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors - Secaucus, New York

Just wanted to say what a terrific time I had at this year's Weekend of Horrors! Count me in for next year! Even my girlfriend Jamie (who's scared to death of horror, but came anyway), had a blast meeting Dee Snider! There was truly something for everyone this weekend.

It should also be noted the accomodations & choice of venue at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus, NJ were first rate! Far better than those years past at the New Yorker, or the new Marriott in Brooklyn.

Fangoria & Creation did an incredible job this year delivering the goods to East Coast horror fans. It was worth the wait. Bravo!

- E.E.

The show was great-loved the Clive Barker interview. Even though he was on close to an hour, would have loved to have him on longer. The Street Trash Reunion and the Anchor Bay segment was cool as well. Hopefully next year you can get Tim Burton - I think a lot of people would love that.

- Regards, T



Re: Stargate SG-1 Conventions

We wanted to drop you a line and say what a wonderful time we had at our first convention. We received our photo op pictures yesterday , they were great!

I have told everyone what a wonderful experience it was and that they should consider going to a Creation event sometime (even if it's not Stargate!) We got some great pictures. I want to thank everyone at Creation, and all the actors who attended. Everyone was SO courteous and friendly, it was truly one of the best experiences I've ever had , and the best one my daughter has ever had.

Getting the opportunity to talk to the guests at the dessert party and breakfast was the highlight for us. It was an all around wonderful weekend and we were both sad for it to end.

We already reserved our tickets for next year and are looking very forward to it. Tanks again for such an amazing time. We appreciate everyone's kindness and time.

- A. & A. J.


I just wanted to say a belated, but HUGE, thank you for a great first convention experience in Vancouver last April.  I have my ticket booked for March 2006 and I can hardly wait!!  Thanks for all you do to put on a great show.  I’m anxiously waiting to see what the final guest list will look like, as well as to hear confirmation that we’ll have the opportunity to visit the set again (andmaybetake pics this time?).
Anyway, I’m sure you guys are busy so I’ll keep this short – just thanks again and I can’t wait to come to Vancouver in March 2006!!

- Blessings, J.S.


I first would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the Stargate conventions in New Jersey and Chicago. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to next year. I have a request for the Vancouver Stargate convention. My friends and I would love to meet Lexa Doig. We hope she can come.

- M.R.


I wanted to thank you and all the Creation staff for the three amazing Stargate conventions I attended this past year. I was delighted with every show, and impressed by the management by your staff.

It was also utterly amazing to see my videos on the big screen, and I can't thank you enough for featuring them this year. I really hope to have some new ones for you guys over the next few months.

As I prepare to purchase my ticket for the Vancouver convention in March, I wanted to float a small request your way. :)

I hope you'll consider asking Teryl Rothery to join you again next year, at least in Vancouver. If nothing else, her return to SG-1 will have just recently aired, and there should be a renewed interest in seeing her on the convention stage.

(Though as I'm sure you've noticed, we all adore her regardless of whether she's on SG-1 regularly or not.)

Thanks again for everything, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for '06.

- K.E.



Re: ELF Convention Orlando, Florida

I went to the Elf Convention in Orlando FL and I must say it was the best day of my life! I LOVED IT! I can't possibly express how much I LOVED IT!  Is there any possible way that there can be another Elf convention or ORC Convention in Flordia?! I cannot express to you how much it meant to me, It DEFINATETLY was the BEST time of my WHOLE entire Life! PLEASE..if there is any other way that there can be another Elf or ORC convention in Flordia please let me know, I WILL SEE YOU THERE!

- E.


Just wanted to say thankyou for coming to Orlando ,Florida for the ELF convention. My brother and I had such a great time and I just hope you will continue to do the ELF convention here in Orlando. It's hard for some of us fans to travel to Pasadena for the ORC event. I will say though we had such a great time we are going to try to make it there. Please come back to the East next year. You guys have done a great job and made many people here in Orlando happy.

- Thank you, C.P.


I hope you won't get tired of hearing this -- but I thought the ELF Weekend of Wonder in Orlando was just GREAT!!!!

You said it would be a smaller, more intimate convention -- and it was. I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Again -- the majority of folks who attend Creation conventions have NO IDEA what it is like to organize and carry-off such an event -- not only for one day, but for three or four days.

The other side of the coin is one will NEVER be able to please everyone -- there will always be someone who finds something to complain about -- some people just cannot be satisfied.

I remain a happy, satisfied Creation convention fan -- and am looking forward to next year's Star Trek 40th Anniversary convention in Vegas, and one or more of the LOTR conventions.

- C.


Thank you to everyone at creationent.com for organizing ELF in Orlando this past weekend! Getting to meet Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, and John Rhys-Davis was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Thanks for organizing everything and for making it possible.

- J.I.


First let me compliment you on one heck of a con!! I'm extremely impressed! It was organized, well planned, and a total blast! Plus, it was in my hometown, so that made it all that much more fun! Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, and even funny! The prices in the dealers room were extremely reasonable, and I was thrilled to see that there were Lost items for sale! (Was a little sad there wasn't any Farscape, but I'll live!) So, THANK YOU for providing such a great time! Again, thanks for a super weekend, and thanks for taking the time to read my email! Have a great day!

- R.N.


I wanted to send a personal thank you to you and all of Creation Entertainment for the assistance in auctioning the quilts for REST. You were generous in sharing auction time and more than generous in donating autograph tickets. I do not think the quilts would have sold without those autograph tickets!! Thanks to you those four quilts helped to make just over $800. I think Kathleen Ahler, the official person from REST, would agree in saying "Wow!!" Mom and I, could not have done this without you! So thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you next year and with your permission we would like to try this again.

- Much appreciation, K. & D. T


I just wanted to thank you and everyone at CREATION and " the one ring" for ELF this weekend. I had a great time. Please. let me know if you have another one in central Florida next year and I'll be there.

- Thanks again, D.


I was in for autographs and then had to touch base with some friends during the purging session at ELF yesterday, but there was something I very much wanted to say.

As far as "problems" with the event, the only thing I can think of to improve it is to have shorter, multiple lines for registration, maybe complete with ropes to keep people from excessive line-hopping.

Other than that, the event was WONDERFUL. I think it was very well planned out and very fairly run. Everyone there was flexible enough with the rules to allow some special moments but stuck too them enough to keep things fair. Most of all, I think I personally appreciated seeing everyone, including myself, treated as an intelligent, well meaning person. At so many events, the assumption is that people are going to try to get away with things, so they need to be kept in line and herded about. None of that. Your folks were always courteous, even when things got confusing.

Even when I panicked in the preceding days over not having tickets yet, you, Ed Rodriguez and a woman on the phone who's name I unfortunately can't remember were quick to assess the situation and reassure me that I didn't buy event tickets and airfare, etc. for nothing.

Again, thanks for a wonderful time!

- R.W.


i just attended the orlado elf covention with my three kids, it was great!!! got sean astin auto and 3 elijah wood auto's

- S.V.


I just wanted to drop a quick note and say that I had a great time at the ELF convention this weekend. I think you guys did a great job, and I really hope you start doing more cons in the Orlando area.

I know you were asking for suggestions last night about the con, and one suggestion that I and several others had was to try to get photos from the photo ops printed on premesis so that they could be signed by the celebrities. I know they've been done that way in the past, and I'm sure you have reasons for doing it the way you did, but it's just a suggestion.

Anyway, like I said good job and hopefully we'll see you back in this area soon. If you need volunteers for a future con in the area, please let me know and I'd be happy to help.

- See ya, K.B.


Re: Stargate SG-1 Chicago, Illinois

Let me start by saying that my Father, sister and I attended the Stargate Convention in August and it was the greatest experience we've ever had. It was our first convention ever and it was well worth it. Thank you for all the hard work that was obviously put into it. We loved it so much that we booked the next one before the end of the show on Sunday. Thanks again.

- P.B.


This is James from the sg-1 chicago con. i just wanted to say that u did a wonderful jon hosting this con. i wanted to express my gratitude to u in person but i was very shy. just some suggestions for some exciting cons: Torri Higginson, David Hewlitt, Rachel Luttrell, Joe Flannigan, Rainbow Sun Francks, Richard Dean Anderson, Micahel Shanks and Chris Judge again for next year Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, Corin Nemec, and maybe even some of the producers and music composers as well. well again many thanks and a job well done :) this fan is very happy. take care now

- j.


I just wanted to write and let you know that I had a fantastic time at this year's convention.
This was the first year that I had one of the Gold Passes and I really enjoyed all the extras that came with it. From what I know of last year's extra events, the dessert party and breakfast seemed to flow very smoothly and everyone (guests and actors) seemed very cooperative with how those events worked.

- K.

PS- We want David!!! :-D


Re: Stargate SG-1 Columbus, Ohio

I just want to say that the convention was great!  I had a wonderful time!  Everyone was nice and helpful and I believe that we had a big turn out!  I loved meeting Michael Shanks, and I hope to do it again next year! Bring it back to Columbus!



Re: Star Trek Las Vegas 2005

Thank you for a wonderful convention in Las Vegas. I look forward to next year.

I would like to mention how nice it was to have someone from NASA there. His presentation was interesting and informative. I think it's important for fans to remember the real space program and be active in its direction, or there never will be a Star Trek universe. Please keep inviting guests from the real science world, including real astronauts.

I also appreciated having science fiction/ fantasy writer, Peter S. Beagle with us. Writing is an important venue for sci-fi and should be remembered. Meeting and hearing from writers is always mind-expanding. Last year's workshop with David Gerrold was the highpoint of my 2004 convention.

I want to congratulate and thank you for your quick thinking is getting Connor Trinneer when Jolene Blalock cancelled. It was a great disappointment not to see her (I, like many others, have never seen her before) but Connor was as good a substitute as one could get. Thank you.

Thanks again for a great experience

- M. H.


Nice job on the Vegas Star Trek Convention. We absolutely enjoyed our time with you guys and would love to work with you again if the opportunity arises.

- Andy Crouch
Heroes of Comedy
"Start Trekkin'"


Hey Guys! Great Convention this year @ Las Vegas! Thanks for doing what it takes to get a show like this up and running!

- D


I just attended the Las Vegas Convention, I thought it was fantastic as usual. I am already excited about next year's Las Vegas Convention, because I will be able to buy the gold circle pass for the first time. Anyway...I was wondering if there would be anyway to get the cast from Firefly/Serenity (The upcoming movie), to make an appearance and sign autographs at next year's convention in Las Vegas. Even if you cannot I know that you will make the 40th Aniversary convention great. Thank you for your time.

- D.

Hi Devin- Thanks for the letter and your kind words. We are trying to keep Vegas true to its Trek focus, but the annual Grand Slam in Pasadena is where we are targetting multiple cast members from Serenity/Firefly as well as many other genre tv shows/films. Keep watching our website for details as they arise.


I just wanted to tell you what a completely enjoyable time I had at the (LAS VEGAS) convention. Your staff was friendly and very helpful in all matters I had concerns with, which were very few. Although they were very busy, they always had time to talk and help where it was needed. A terrific experience which I will again be enjoying in 2006. Congratulations. Now, if we can get the airlines to follow your lead... Maybe in an alternate universe, eh?

- P.W.


I was @ the Las Vegas convention and it was fabulous. I bought your convention T- shirt "We are in Las Vegas Spock...don't be a buzz kill" Well my family is ready to kill me as I did not purchase any of them a shirt. Can I purchase on on-line? Please let me know ASAP.

- J.

ANSWER: Our Vegas stuff is available at our on-line retail shop now!


Sharon and I just returned home yesterday from Las Vegas. What a super event you put on this year!!! How can you top this one? The magnificent concert with James Darren and NASA presentations on top of the myriad of other stars and events combined to place this event on top of all others. What a classy convention!

Crowd control was soooo much better this year (we won't talk about day 1 as it was something beyond your control) and that was with a significantly larger crowd. Everything ran like clockwork, evidence of a herculean effort by you and your wonderful staff. We're terrible with names but you can start with Leticia, the gals in charge of the autographed items table and the picture table and their helpers and shift to control of the autograph lines and photo-op lines and the list goes on and on.

Who would we like to see there the next time?? How about Diana Muldaur, has she ever been to a convention?? We've never seen Jennifer Lien either. Keep the supporting stars coming as you did this year!!! They were great and we hope that we'll see them again next year, along with more "first-timers". What a way to upgrade an autographed picture collection! Please invite NASA back!!! It goes withot saying that anytime you have the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra there, we'll be there too! Wow!

Keep up the good work, and as you already know, we'll see you in Vegas in '06! Bet you can't beat this year's show!!!

- J & S R.


I've been going to Creation conventions for about 4 years now and I thought I would give you some feedback from the convention in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

First of all, I had an awesome time. I really enjoyed seeing LeVar Burton, Garrett Wang, Penny Johnson Jerold, Rosalind Chao, and Martha Hackett. And seeing Avery Brooks and Patrick Stewart on stage just made my whole weekend (and their autographs are the shining stars of my collection). It was disappointing to miss Jolene Blalock, but I'm glad Connor Trineer could fill in.

I also enjoyed seeing the Spock's Brain guys again. I hope they will be able to do another production based another TOS episode, and if so, I would hope they can bring it to Vegas next year. I'm also hoping the StarTrek.com trivia contest will come back next year too.....I've stumped the panel two times now.....I was looking forward to stumping them a third time!

The only issue I thought was distracting from the convention, was the number of autograph tickets some individuals had for Avery Brooks and Patrick Stewart. Clearly, a person with 20 tickets is a dealer and holds up the line for everyone else who just has one or two tickets and one or two photos for a signature. I know it would be difficult (and perhaps unfair) to limit the number of tickets purchased by each person, but perhaps a limit of "3 items brought through the line at a time" could be made. That way a dealer can waste time in the autograph line and a true fan can get through the line and then attend other events at the convention. Again, I understand that an in-person autograph from Avery Brooks or Patrick Stewart is rare and everyone (regardless of motive) should have an opportunity to buy autograph tickets, but I don't think waiting for a guy to pull out action figures, christmas ornaments, t-shirts, flags, posters, lithographs, and photos from a box is very fun.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to Pasadena next year. Please try to get some of the Firefly/Serenity cast members to appear. I'm dying to see the movie next month and I really enjoyed seeing Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk last year. Also, I live in Nebraska so I am not able to attend the Lost and Battlestar Galactica conventions in Southern CA. I would enjoy seeing members of those casts in Pasadena. In addition, I have not seen Jeri Ryan yet....I would enjoy seeing her and Dwight Schultz in Pasadena also.

Anyway, thank you for your time. Going to your Pasadena and Las Vegas conventions are my favorite things to do and I look forward to them all year around.

- Have a great day, M.L.


Thanks so much!  You always take such good care of me.  The Las Vegas convention was totally awesome!  The best Creation convention of all time and I have been attending for over 25 years!!! Take care and I will see you soon!

- B.


A little note of thanks to all at Creation Entertainment, but especially to Richard Arnold and his staff. I've been at a lot of cons over the years, and I can't recall anyone ever handling things as simply and effectively as Richard did for Peter Beagle and myself. We came into this at kind of the last minute. Without Richard's efforts I think it would have been a disaster. Instead, we had a great time and did very good business. Thanks! Looking forward to selling at a lot more Creation events.

- Connor Cochran
Business Manager for Peter S. Beagle


I have never been to one of your conventions that was not wonderfully managed. I am sure every new event has it's growing pains.You guys always do a great job. I have already registered for my next event with Creation and hope there will be many more in the years to come. Thanks for responding.

- R.


Just dropping a quick note to say how much I really enjoyed the Las Vegas convention. This was my first trip down to the Vegas Con (I've been to the 1994 and 2004 Grand Slam conventions) and I had a blast.

I give kudos to you and especially the volunteers. I made a point on Sunday of saying "thank you" to as many of the volunteers as I could, but I know I barely said it to any of them. Please pass my gratitude along to them if you are able to. Conventions of that size cannot be easy to hold together, but you do with as few bumps as you can possibly manage.

I won¹t deny that I was disappointed that Barbara March and Jolene Blalock were unable to attend, but I also understand that life happens, and that cannot be avoided. I applaud you for getting Connor Trinneer to fill in at what was literally the last moment.

The highlight of my weekend was hanging out with Vaughn Armstrong, and having him come on the Klingon Attack ride during the Thursday night Gold Ticket party. It was further enhanced by his admission that he is the Klingon Captain, and my being able to tease him about being "over the top" in the part.

The most important thing I take away is the new friendships that I made while in attendance. That of course, is possible because of Creation and the conventions you hold. Thank you again.

- C.O.


Just wanted to say thank you for one of the best holidays I have ever had at the recent Las Vegas 2005 convention Aug 11th to 14th. I traveled from just outside London, UK just for the convention, and had such a blast and met such great people, it was brilliant!

The whole thing was really well organized - particularly the photos ops with JC and Marlene, Sean, the really polite blokes that did the bags and the curtains and co, really great people, well done! I had 21 photo ops, and these guys even made queuing a laugh!

The concert was great, very moving. The Friday night party was ace, and the stars were all really friendly people. Thank you for bringing Connor in (he's sooo cute), and for the coolest man alive Avery Brooks. And seeing Patrick and Bill on stage together just made my year.

I got home and booked up for your London 2006 Convention at the Hilton Metropole in April, and I have to say, you MUST get the Enterprise Blues band there - I had the chance to chat with Vaughn, and he is such a sweetie. Their music is great fun, everyone I talked to loved them, and so they really must be there in London! It would make it worthwhile just to see Vaughn and Casey again.

Thanks again for the best time ever.

- B.H.


 I've enjoyed coming to your shows for many years, and they just keep getting better.

- R.


Just a quick note to say "Congratulations" on a job well done. Everywhere I've visited online today has had nothing but positive things to say about the Vegas Convention. I liked what you guys told the Vegas press about us Trek fans. I have a doctorate in psychology, my wife of 13 years has a Master's Degree in Education, and neither of us have lived in our parents basement for years. Trek appeals to a lot more than that. Looking forward to Sacramento more than ever.

- Regards, S.


First of all.....thanks for a FANTASTIC Las Vegas convention. You actually added quite a few of the actors that I had request. They were all great to see. The new laminated cards to wear was a GREAT idea. I think it was so much more complete that way. The dinner at the Thursday night party was excellent....and there was plenty of seating. Thanks for the great time. I think the autographs sessions went much more smoothly than in the past. Best of all....the entire weekend was on schedule. Now that is incredible. Again.....you did so many positive things this year to make it much more enjoyable than in the past. I had the best time this year. I have attended tons of conventions in San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Pasadena and Las Vegas. This, in my opinion, was the most outstanding all around. Please pass along a very big THANK YOU to EVERYONE involved. This year was the best. Looking forward to next year (but please try not to raise the price again....LOL.....)

- Regards,J.M.


First let me say, I had a WONDERFUL time in Las Vegas.  This was my first time at the Creation Las Vegas and I was not disappointed!!!  I hope to be able to attend next year. Thanks again for the wonderful job you and your co-workers did in Las Vegas!!

- M.H.


By the way,
in case you were wondering!

- Thanks, E.C., MD (Orlando, FL)


I do have to say I think this year's convention was very well organized and despite the fact that there were a LOT of autographs I don't think I had to miss anything to get every one I wanted.  All in all with the spectacular lineup; your only problem is that it will be hard to top it! Thank you very much and see you next year!!!

- R. H


Just wanted to drop a note and say Thank You for a great weekend.  You and your staff deserve a hearty pat on the back for a job well done.  I’ve been fortunate to have been involved on both sides of the convention circuit; as a professional and as a fan.  Speaking as a fan, this past weekend's Star Trek show was one of the best I have attended.  Everything from the guests to the events that took place was fantastic.  The orchestral concert was truly amazing! You truly are fans and it shows.  Your hard work paid off.  Look forward to working together with you soon as well attending some cool shows. Take care,

- D.


I really appreciate your getting the picture signed. When you said you would have Michael Shanks sign the photo and mail it to us, I was skeptical, but you delivered it as promised. Thank you again, the autographed photo topped off my anniversary present to my girlfriend and she loves it. Good luck at all your shows and I hope to meet you again at another show.

- S.C.


I just wanted to write to you to thank you for a fantastic convention this year, we came to the convention in 2004 and were very impressed and re booked for this year. Thank you again for a fantastic time and we would like to wish you the very best for future conventions. Kindest Regards,

- R. & S. J


By the way, it's our 9th consecutive year at your conventions, and this past one was definitely the best fun we've had so far!

- A.C., V.W.


What a great convention! We had such a good time and everything went smoothly due to your efforts as well as those of your efficient staff and volunteers. The concert was one of the highlights -- what a great night! Thank you for the time and effort to put together such a memorable occasion. We certainly enjoyed it and hope to hear more concerts in the future.

There are moments in life that touch your heart and confirm our belief that there will be a better tomorrow. You gave us two very special moments this weekend: (1) The music that went straight to the heart because of a conductor who loved it just as much as we did; and (2) the sight of a major star (Avery Brooks) telling a little girl (Rachel) that she was his special moment.

Thanks, guys. You're wonderful. It was wonderful. We're already looking forward to next year and the big 40 anniversary!!

Take good care of yourselves,

- S.K.


I just wanted to email and tell you what a "GREAT" time I had at the Las Vegas convention. I have to tell you when Bill and Patrick hugged on stage I almost cried. It was one of the those special moments that does not come along very often. Your staff was friendly and well-organized. Thank you for all your efforts.

Thank you again, I cant wait until next year!


I have to tell you - I just experienced my first con and it was absolutely wonderful! It far exceeded my expectations! The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if Joe Flanigan had been there.

I met so many nice people, the volunteers there were so friendly and helpful and you and your associates put on a heck of a show! I thought the whole weekend was very smoothly run and there is very little I had any complaints about. Actually, there is nothing I had complaints about (except for the lack of Joe of course!) :)

The breakfast was so well worth the cost - I'm so glad it opened up to Preferred ticket holders. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

As far as suggestions go, I would have liked to have seen more fan videos, but I also realize time is short and you have to stick to a schedule.

I am so excited about next year's con already. I'm counting down the months - 15 more to go!! Thanks again!

- M.D.



Re: Stargate SG-1 Convention Meadowlands, NY

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the convention at the meadowlands. The acting workshop with Alexis Cruz was wonderful and I would strongly encourage you to book any workshop that Alexis can do. The Saturday evening performance was phenomanal. Alexis has an incredible talent, and it was a gift to the audience to watch him perform.

People are very quick to complain when something does not go well. I believe that positive feedback should be shared as quickly. My thanks to you and all the actors for a great time.

I hope to see you at another Creation event soon.

- Thanks, J.C.


I just wanted to thank you again for allowing our SG-command.net Vol Crew (SG-2/SG-11) to assist you this weekend. The Convention was great, we had many fans tell us you had put on a wonderful show that was organized beautifully. It was our pleasure to give you a hand and thanks so much for all the little "extras". Everyone had a great time! All the best with your upcoming Conventions.

- K.


Re: Customer Service

Thank you again for your diligence on trying to assist me on this! Just one more reason I love dealing with you guys - you're very customer service oriented, which is extremely rare in this day and age! Big pat on the back for all that you do!

- Sincerely, M.S.


Re: San Diego Comic Con

I went to Comic Con and was lucky enough to score a ticket to the autograph madness.  The whole experience really made me appreciate how things were handled at the Lost convention where everyone had an opportunity to get things signed and were able to have whatever they wanted signed.


Re: Xena Fan Kit #9 DVD

Thanks for that wonderful Coffee Talk 4! They keep getting better and better. Lucy & Renee are two of the most wonderful & natural people I have ever seen. And they go so well together! I couldn't believe the wonderful and happy feeling that "Talk" left me with. My sister who is not a Xenite couldn't stop praising "those two unspoiled girls." She said in all Hollywood there aren't two more genuine and natural stars like Lucy and Renee!

- M.P.


I got my kit and finally was able to watch. Lucy and Renee always impress me, well rounded, intelligent folk, that also look marvelous. Enjoyed the coffee talk. Often amused. Forever after, will see Sharon gnaw her chocolate bar every time we go to Trader Joes. Enjoyed Rob and Chris. The humor was priceless!



A quick note to say thank you once again for your work in putting together another great DVD. My Fan Club Kit 9 arrived this week and I really enjoyed the interviews, appearances and bloopers etc. plus the extra photos. Another sticker means my car is probably the best-adorned Xena fan promotion around Wagga. All the best

- NB


I watched the entire DVD yesterday and I enjoyed it so much. Several times I felt the urge take my chair and join the three women to add my two cents. Sharon, Lucy and Reneé created an atmosphere where you get the feeling you are in the same room with them. Interesting questions, interesting answers, a nice atmosphere, just perfect.

I liked Lucy's comment about Reneé spending the last four years coming out and Lucy spending the last four years going in. That's so true. And it's so exciting to see these two women change, see them grow. I am so grateful that they allow us to be a witness of that process. I think it's amazing.

Thanks to Lucy, Reneé and Sharon for giving us such a great time!

I enjoyed the Chris Mannheim & Rob Tapert part, too. These two have so much interesting things to say about the show. And they are a great couple :) Wonderful entertainment.



Got my Fan Club Kit #9 today -- it's excellent! I loved Coffee Talk, and the autographed picture of Renee is great! Good choice! Thanks for another great kit!

- S.


Just wanted everyone to know that I have received Kit #9 and have enjoyed watching every minute of it. I won't reveal what's on it, but you will not be disappointed. Thank you for another great kit especially the Coffee Talks. Also, the autographed picture of Renee was wonderful. Can't wait for Kit #10.

- M.


Re: Farscape 2004 Convention DVD

I just received my DVD with Ben and Claudia today, and wanted to think you for it. It was a wonderul addition to the amazing time I had at your con in November 2004. I won't be able to attend this year, and it is nice to have these wonderul memories preserved forever. I was able to really see Claudia's reactions to the question I asked and that is truly special. Thank you again for all your hard work in getting this DVD put together.

- D.


Re: Battlestar Galactaca - Burbank, CA

I would just like to thank Creation for a wonderful weekend at the Stargate Convention at Burbank. I attended last year at Burbank and had a great time and decided to come again this year. I had a lot of fun and the guests were wonderful. I also got to renew my acquaintances with friends made last
year as well as make some new ones this year.

- A.B.


I wanted to thank you for putting on a wonderful convention this weekend at the Burbank Airport Hilton. I had a great time again meeting with the stars of SG-1 and Atlantis as well as renewing friendships with fellow fans. I hope next year Teryl Rothery will be free to attend next year's show in Burbank. I also hope you can get Rachel Luttrell and David Hewlett to attend the 2006 Burbank con. Would it also be possible to get some of the special effects artists or cgi artists to attend the con? Thank you.

- G.C.


Please accept my thanks and appreciation for a job well done at the Battlestar Galactica Burbank, Con. I was very impressed with Creation Entertainment at the Star Gate SG-1 Con I attended in Vancouver and meant to extend my appreciation then. I did not want this one to fade away without telling you how much I enjoyed the Con itself. Your staff is wonderful and it has been an extreme pleasure to have attended a second Con put on by your company.

I will look forward to attending as many as I can knowing that you and your staff will ensure that I have a wonderful time.

- Thank you again!!!! T.F.


Re: Star Trek Las Vegas 2005

I'm sure I speak for everyone who will be attending the Las Vegas Convention. We appreciate everyone's hard work in putting this convention together. The celebrities that have been listed is outstanding. I go way back to the 20th celebration at Disneyland when Gene Roddenberry  was there with everyone from the original show including DeForest Kelley and Mark Leonard.
The celebrities get all the attention and probably everyone behind the scenes who work hard to make things run smooth get overlooked so, good job and thanks to everyone there.

- R.P.


Re: "LOST" Weekend - Burbank, CA

First and formost I wanted to congratulate you on a successful and entertaining Lost convention you had on the 11th and 12th.  I thought the convo was very well done, and I had a lot of fun.

While I was sitting in the audience I remember hearing a question that went something like, if we had a Lost event in Hawaii how many people would be interested in going?

I brought this news back to my Sawyer and Kate fan club, and people were very interested.  A lot of us are struggling students, but we would be overjoyed to attend an event in Hawaii for our favorite show.

I was wondering if you guys could let me know if you ever get an event going in Hawaii?  The reason I'm asking this is if you guys had a Lost event there my group and I would do some funraisers so we could attend.

- Thanks for you time!! N.

ANSWER June 13, 2005: We are working on additional LOST events at the moment and we'll give everyone lots of notice to plan out vacations!



Re: Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors - Burbank, CA

I so wish that a proper thank you could be given to you and Tony Timpone.. for putting on a great gathering of celebrities.. and industry people for us fans..

It really shows how much you care about us fans.. the way your conventions are so packed with such fun things to do and see..  and all the great and wonderful people to talk to..  I was never bored and was so excited to see what surprises there were there to see..

Thank you so much Adam!!!  You put on the best parties.. and by the way.. the fangoria bags you gave us.. was the best idea!!!  It helped when we needed to carry items we picked up at the tables..

Your biggest convention fan!!

- Dana Riebl


That was the best Fango con, ever! Thanks for the access. Everyone I talked to said it was also the most well-attended!

- S.L.W.


Re: Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis London, UK

I'm just back from a fabulous three days at the Hilton Metropole in London at the first Creation Ent Convention of Stargate SG1 and I'm delighted to say I had the most wonderful time. Many many thanks to all involved.

- J.C.


Re: Strong Women of TV/Film Seattle, WA

Thank you for bringing a Xena convention to Seattle this past May. I really enjoyed meeting Renée at the Photo Op. Since the convention was held during the weekend of Lucy's performance in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I got the added bonus of getting to meet her too. Since it was through your website that I learned about Lucy was going to be in Seattle, thank you for your contribution in me getting to meet both women. Experiencing both women's genuine warmth and the appreciation they have for us fans truly helped make my weekend in Seattle special. Getting to be on Steven Sears "writing team" and hearing Katherine Fugate's sharing of her journey furthered the postive experience I had that weekend. Thanks again. Please bring another Xena convention back to Seattle soon.

- Sincerely, K. B.


I got back to Englandon Wednesdayand I've just about recovered enough to write this email. First of all I'd like to say what a fabulous idea it was to do the convention in conjunction with Lucy's show! Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was riotous fun.

I had a great time at the convention itself. Loads of wonderful moments (during and outside the convention) and best of all - made some more friends.

It was a fabulous weekend. All the guests were warm, charming and funny. Renee blew us all away with her surprise appearance at the Saturday night dessert party. Finally, the climax of meeting Lucy at the reception at the Space Needle - Wow!. The whole weekend exceeded my expectations beyond anything I had imagined.

Please send my love and best wishes to Adrienne, Paris, Steve, Renee, Lucy, Katherine and Missy.I hope to see them all again soon. Thank you formaking it all possible. See you at Burbank in 2006!

- R.


Just wanted to send a note telling you how much fun I had at the Seattle convention.
It might have been a small one but the celebraties that were there were relaxed, funny, and just being themselves.

I would like to send a special thank you to Renee. She made the convention. I waited in line for 1 1/2 hours for the photo op. Even after all that time Renee still made time to talk a little to each person and was so nice. Waiting in line I got to see how many people had to come back because they had forgotten to pick up their bag or purse after meeting Renee. It was great seeing Diamonds and Guns and One Weekend a Month. The best surprise was when she came and joined us for the dessert party and was willing to sing. I'm glad I was there to see it. Of course, seeing Lucy in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was a great treat, one I won't forget.

Thanks for all your work, R.P.


I just wanted to tell Lucy and Renee how wonderful this past weekend was. 
It was so gracious of you to do the photo op. It is so nice that you use your own personal touch to make them special for the fans, even though the chance to have 15 seconds of your time is special enough.  It is so great to know that you don't try and put up some high and mighty front with us.  When jokes were being told at the photo op you admitted that you didn't get the joke which was much funnier than the joke itself, quite frankly I didn't get it either. :)  Watching Diamonds & Guns and One Weekend a Month with you was another highlight.  When I heard that I missed you at the Saturday night dance party I was kicking myself, but I am positive the fans there were ecstatic to see you.  So thank you.
The first thing words that come to mind are amazing and fantastic.  And the Xena fans weren't the only ones saying the same thing.  I was lucky enough to go to both the opening and the closing shows.  At the closing show I sat by a man who, by what I gathered, works with the Seattle's Men Chorus.  He sat by two lady friends of his and I overheard much of their conversation.  (Okay I was eavesdropping)  First he read them a letter that Faith had written for the Chorus saying what a great working experience this was for her.  He went on to brag that you had said in an interview that you would jump at the chance to come back to Seattle and work on something again.  He was constantly saying how you and Faith were so easy to work with.  He was also thrilled about your costume from "Warrior, Princess, Tramp" being auctioned of at the convention.  Throughout the play he would make little comments here and there about how much fun you two were making the play for the crowd and the Chorus themselves.  Of course I agreed with everything he was saying.  It was a so great to see you on stage and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again. 

Thank you both so much for a very memorable weekend - C.R. 


I wanted to say thank you to Renee for such a sweet gesture in giving everyone flowers.  It will be a special memento for everyone to take away from the photo op.  It was a very, very thoughtful thing for her to do. 



I am a Seattle-ite and attended the Strong Women Convention this last weekend.  It was my first convention and I LOVED IT!!  I have wanted to attend one for quite a while but just can't afford to travel to one.  So I was ecstatic when I found out there would be one right here in Seattle.
I hope that the Seattle Convention was a wonderful success and that Creation Entertainment enjoyed our city and this corner of the world.  I wanted to say that I hope they will consider having more conventions here in the future.
I visit your Xena Fan Club web site every day and also wanted to thank you for all the work you put into it.

- Thank you for your time, S.H.


I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had at The Xena-Strong Women convention in Seattle. I really enjoyed seeing Lucy's show friday night. Excellent food at the cocktail party before the show too.

I'd like to thank Sharon, Katharine, Steve, Adrienne, Missy, Paris, and last but not least Renee. They were all so giving with their time and really accessible to the fans. I really enjoyed Renee sharing her films Diamonds And Guns and One Weekend A Month with us. It was great to hear her talk about how they were made. Thanks Renee!

The dance party was great fun with Renee making a surprise appearance. Thanks to her for helping out a little with the music as there was no DJ.

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend! J.


Re: Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis Vancouver, BC

Thanks so much for the wonderful convention in Vancouver. You guys did a great job and everyone said they had a great time. The prop room was very cool and, of course, the highlight was the trip to the set. That was awesome! It was the best ever.

Thanks again, N.P.


I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time at the Vancouver Stargate SG-1 Convention. Although small, this convention had about the best atmosphere I've experienced at a sci-fi event. All the Creation staff were friendly and seemed interested in helping the attendees have the best time possible. I had such a good time that I'll be driving down to Seattle this weekend to attend the Xena Convention. Keep up the good work.

- J.P.



I was at the Vancouver 2005 Stargate SG-1/Atlantis convention this past weekend. Thanks to all the incredible people involved in making this such a wonderful opportunity for fans. You always work so hard!

Thanks to the volunteer (that if I understand right) gave me his own Stargate calendar when I informed him that mine had gone missing on me during the setup for the dessert party. That was an incredibly kind thing to do!

I cannot get over how welcome we were made to feel during the set visit. We were treated so well!!!!! I was looking forward to such a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to actually get to be "right there" but it exceeded all my expectations. I thought that we might be walked through it, like in a museum, etc. -but John and the rest of the crew were absolutely awesome about answering any questions, making it a truly personal visit to the set, and adding all the extras (like the day to night village lighting). The only thing that could have topped it would have been able to be to a shoot! Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this awesome opportunity happen.

- A.


Re: Xena Fan Club Kit 9

In regards to the on-line XENA FAN CLUB KIT: Just read your (2005 Convention) report.  It was great! Thanks once again for everything that you do!

- C.

I know we're all human, but our Warrior Princess shopping at Ralphs! How cool is that? She's the best. I'm not sure how I would react if I ran in to her while shopping for groceries:-) Loved your account of events.

- Thanks, J.


Re: Star Trek London

I was a gold member at the Star Trek London Convention during April 1st - 3rd. I'm writing to say thank you for such a wonderful time, I really enjoyed every moment! The cast were entertaining and getting photos with them is just brilliant (though not sure how they manage to put up with us all!) and Richard Arnold was brilliant too talking about Star Trek Memories etc. I even managed to get a few items in the auction!

- Thank you, C.E


Re: Grand Slam: The Sci-Fi Summit

I just want to give kudos to you and your hard working staff and volunteers who made this past weekend so enjoyable.  I especially appreciate the “Let’s make it work!” customer service attitude I received on Sunday afternoon.  After successfully bidding on the original cast plaque I realized that I had no way to safely get it on the plane with me four hours later.  Victor from your shipping department, who was working the T-Shirt table, came to my rescue and arranged to have it sent to me after the convention.  And on that final autograph line for Jolene, which started late, and knowing that I had a 7:40 flight from Burbank, your “linekeeper” (I don’t know his name but he had a white shirt and carried the Tablet PC with row information) made sure that I got “inserted” early in the line, and by the miracle of a fast-moving freeway I made my flight and got home safely and on schedule.  Please convey my thanks to these and other folks who take a lot of abuse (sometimes even from people like me!) but who come through when we need them the most.  See you in Vegas!

- M.L.


I want to thank Creation for a GREAT show this past weekend.  My wife and I had a wonderful time.  Friday night was our highlight.  We used all of James Darren's music from his two CDs at our wedding (including our first dance and our song) and we never thought we would get to dance to him live.  Well, we got that chance Friday night.  We danced the entire set together off to the side.  It was wonderful.  A couple of your employees saw us and complimented us, and that meant a lot to us.  I don't know their names, but I have seen them at prior Creation conventions both in Las Vegas and past Grand Slams.  

Also, Jolene was unbelievable.  I wasn't sure what to think before hand.  I had some pre-conceived ideas as to how I thought she would treat the convention, and I was totally wrong.  She was the most genuine fan and actor I have seen on stage in a LONG time.  She truly was disappointed that the show was over.  The way she treated everyone that asked questions was great as well.  My only regret was that while getting her autograph I was unable to shake her hand, because I wasn't able to ask her if I could.  The woman in front of me had her in a conversation and I didn't want to interrupt or hold the line up.  I try and shake everyone's hand and thank them and I truly wanted to thank her, but oh well maybe someday at a future convention.  She was well worth the time of driving from Phoenix (and the long trip back all night).

I will see you, and everyone else, in a few months in Las Vegas.  I am really looking forward to hearing and meeting Patrick, Avery, and Jonathan.

Thanks again for a convention that currently stands as my all time favorite.

- M.C.


I wanted to say that I had a great time at the Sci-Fi Summit this past weekend. Will it be possible to ever get the cast members from "Earth: Final Conflict", "Andromeda", and "Babylon 5" to future conventions in Pasadena?

- Thank you. G


Just wanted to send you a brief note to thank you so much for your valuable assistance and patience at the recent Creation Grand Slam event regarding my requests for interviews for The Official Stargate Magazine. Your professionalism and dedication to customer service was appreciated.

- Sincerely, M.R.


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