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Star Trek: San Francisco 2012

I am just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed myself at the Star Trek convention in San Francisco the weekend of November 16, 17 and 18th. I always look forward to attending the Star Trek conventions and the time always goes by very fast. When you had the "auction" I was fortunate enough to bid and win the "Star Trek convention Banner" along with another fan fro a very good deal of $300.00 I consider it a very nice souvenir especially since all the stars actually signed it. I usually buy a general admission ticket but this time I decided to go "GOLD" and it was worth the money as well. I just wanted you to know that I always enjoy myself and am looking forward to the next "Star Trek" convention in the San Francisco area. Thanks again.


Supernatural: Toronto 2012

I’ve been meaning to send you an e-mail ever since I came home from the Toronto SPN convention a couple of weeks ago but been too busy.

This convention was my first time ever at a convention and it was more than I expected. The guest line up was awesome. It was my first time meeting any celebrities ever. But it was even more special for me meeting Jensen since I’ve been a fan of his since his time on Days of our Lives!

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed myself that whole weekend and that is why I renewed and got a better seat with my gold package for next year’s. Am I ever glad I did, after seeing your site today with the guests so far!! Many of us are so ecstatic that Jim will be there. I can't wait to meet him, Mark P. and James Patrick Stewart. Can’t wait to see who else you will have lined up for the convention.

Thank You again so much for an awesome weekend. You, your team and the volunteers have done a really great job. I am really looking forward to next year’s convention. I know that I will not be disappointed.

Sincerely, M.B.

Supernatural: Dallas 2012

I just wanted to say thank you again for taking such great pictures at the Dallas Supernatural Con. My pics were fantastic!

Thank you again! You are amazing!!


Supernatural: Toronto 2012

You are really an awesome photographer. This was my first convention ever and I was a little anxious about the photo ops. But it was really relaxing and fun thanks to you and of course the actors.

See you next year!

Take care,


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. I had a wonderful time this weekend. Your staff also were very helpful and friendly. Kudos to them.
Can't wait for next year ............... fingers crossed for Jim Beaver! :-)
I love this fandom!
p.s next year I'll add the cruise!



I just finished attending my first Creation Con for Supernatural in Toronto. I didn't know what to expect, and I had an amazing time. The panels were fantastic and my photo-ops turned out better than I could have imagined. The staff was friendly and well organized, the events ran pretty well on time, and the guests were awesome. I had such a great time that I have signed up for Toronto again next year. Based on this experience I would gladly recommend Creation Conventions to anyone who asks.

Thanks for making this an incredible weekend for me,


Supernatural: New Jersey 2012
I went to my first Creation event in NJ, as I was in town and my friends asked me to check it out and just started watching Supernatural this week. I just wanted to share that I had a wonderful experience, and the Creation staff does a magnificent job of organizing these events. I run fandom events and a group of my own out of NYC and hope to someday make a career in PR/Marketing and Communications so I can make the passion into a living. The Creation event and staff definitely gave me inspiration and I hope to go to more in the future.

Thanks for answering my email and take care!

Thank you


Star Trek: Las Vegas 2012

Sorry that I did not get a chance to see you again before I flew back to the UK.

I just wanted to thank you and the crew for yet another great convention in Las Vegas; it is the event that I always look forward to each year, and is really the only good break that I get each year.

Thanks' again.


Stargate: Chicago 2012

I am not sure if this is the e-mail address to post this but here goes anyway. I recently attended the 2012 Stargate Chicago Convention and had a wonderful time! I especially enjoyed meeting Cliff Simon and would like to request that he be invited to attend next years convention. I understand that the talent has to be invited by Creation to attend the convention. I am requesting and hoping that you will invite him back next year!

Thank you so much!


Supernatural: New Jersey 2012

Hello, first of all let me say that the Supernatural Parsippany Con was awesome! I went all the way from Brazil just for it and it was worth it, the staff was incredibly nice, I had no problem at all. I'm planning to attend next year too and was wondering if we could get Chad Lindberg or Robert Benedict as guests and some other actresses like Amy Gumenick or Katie Walder. It would be incredible to see them there. Thank you for your attention :)



Star Trek: Las Vegas 2012

Thank you for another wonderful Star Trek convention. The Voyager and Next Gen panels were great. Not only do we get to see all the stars together, but we witness their amazing camaraderie with each other that we don't see when they are separate. It seems like some still see each other frequently and others go years without seeing each other but pick up with their friendship right where they left off. It was so entertaining watching them play off each other.

Kudos for getting Robert Beltran, this is only the 3rd time I've seen him. Placing him with the rest of the cast brought out a dry wit in him I hadn't noticed before.

Again, I really like it when you moderate and ask the stars relevant questions. You obviously do your homework and bring out little known facts about the stars background. You are able to go from interesting subject to interesting subject the whole time the star has the stage. You prompt the actor to keep talking and recall their history. I know it's wearing on you to do that a lot but it is much more worthwhile than stupid or repetitive questions from the audience. I like that you gave the audience a little time at the end, that should appease them.

As usual, I have a wish list for upcoming conventions:

Brad Dourif, 3 episodes on Star Trek Voyager, the voice of Chucky, Deadwood and Lord of the Rings triology.

Iman - Star Trek VI movie

Iggy Pop - Yelgrun the Vorta on ST:DS9 "The Magnificent Ferengi". I've heard that Ira Behr is a big Iggy Pop fan and convinced him to guest star on Star Trek. Sounds like you're having Ira Behr back next year, so he'd probably be thrilled if you got Iggy Pop also.

Faran Tahir - He played Capt. Richard Robau in the first new Star Trek movie. He also has a recurring role on the new Dallas.

Chris Sarandon - ST: DS9 "Rivals". I also loved him in Princess Bride and as Frankenstein.

Famke Janssen ST:TNG "The Perfect Mate", X-men movies. I know you're trying to get Patrick Stewart next year, it would be great to have him onstage with Famke since they acted together in Star Trek and X-Men.

That Jeffrey Combs is a keeper; last year with Poe and this year with Shakespeare. I have seen the Shakespeare skit twice before but I always enjoy it. I don't know anything about Shakespeare but the readings Jeffrey Combs, Casey Biggs and Armin Shimmerman gave were awesome!

I know whatever you come up with will be fantastic. Thanks for doing this for us, we REALLY appreciate it.



Stargate: Chicago 2012

Hi guys:
Just wanted to tell you guys that i had a fantastic time over the weekend. the worst thing about conventions is that it has to end. i went to (another convention, non-Creation) last week, and i did not like it all. I prefer Creation events, cause you guys are pros!!!! All the guests were wonderful, met some new friends and saw old ones. The Westin is a beautiful hotel. I will be coming back next year in Gold :), the photo ops turned out great too, Warren did such a great job and all the volunteers too. This fan is very pleased. Have a great week u guys.



I wanted thank you for all the hard work you and your staff put in at the Chicago Stargate Con this past weekend in Chicago. The guests and panels this year were engaging and fun along the atmosphere at this con was one of the best I have ever attended. Keep it up!

Thanks again for working so hard to make sure that we as fans have an enjoyable con experience.



Supernatural: New Jersey 2012

I would like to add that the quality of your photos are fantastic. Photos i've had from other cons really don't compare. Thanks again and most appreciated.



I just want to express my appreciation for everthing and everyone has done at Creation. Without you guys me and my family wouldnt be able to have the wonderful experiences you provide, from meeting, photo and autographs. I know that me and my family will always have a blast. Well see you guys at the "Supernatural" in Parsippany and Star Trek in Las Vegas a week later. Again thank you.

G Family


Star Trek: Nashville, TN 2012

I loved your convention even though I only got to go Saturday. I HOPE AVERY BROOKS COMES BACK IN 2013! Next year Im in for the whole thing! The atmosphere was so comfortable and welcoming and I loved Levar Burton on stage. He was as eloquent and intellectual as ever! Thank you guys so much for allowing this life-long trekker to finally make it to a convention!



Star Trek: Cherry Hill, NJ(Philadelphia Area) 2012

The first Star Trek convention I attended was in Cherry Hill about 5 years ago. It was awesome and I didn't think anything could top it but I was wrong. You and your staff came thru with bigger and better! My son and I enjoyed all 3 days and made lots of new friends. I've enclosed a picture we took of Patrick Stewart on stage. I call it "Endearing". That's a good British word, isn't it!

Thanks again for all your hard work and making us all soooo happy! Looking forward to the next convention.



The Vampire Diaries: Chicago 2012

I just wanted to send a quick note to you and the staff at Creation Entertainment, concerning the Chicago "Vampire Diaries" convention. My friends and I attended the event last weekend and had a BLAST! We are all big fans of the TV series and it was quite a treat to meet the actors from the show, face to to face, and get autographs and pictures (in particular, Michael Trevino was so friendly toward all of the fans).

Your staff and volunteers were wonderful and courteous to everyone, and as someone who has worked in entertainment PR I was very impressed by all of the professionalism.

Again, thanks so much for a wonderful experience!



Thanks so much Chris! I just wanted to tell you one more time how impressed I was with you at the convention!

See you in San Fran! :)



Supernatural: Nashville, TN

i just wanted to say that this supernatural convention in nashville was so awesome!!! I got to live my dream and get my picture made with jensen ackles & jared padalacki, and it was such a great experience that i will never forget. thanks to you. thank you so much and hopefully you all can come bk to nashville or somewhere close so i can come out again. Again, thank you so much for making my dreams come true. you all are the best!!!



Creation Entertainment Staff,

I wanted to personally thank you for an excellent experience you guys had given me at the 2012 Nashville Salute to Supernatural. This was my first convention EVER to attend and because it was the Supernatural convention, it was extra special to me! Last year, my mother and i stayed at the Opryland Hotel for the American Idol concert. During our stay, we stumbled upon a Star Trek convention you guys had going on. We received a flyer with upcoming events, and that's when I noticed the Supernatural convention originally scheduled for June 2012. Supernatural is my all time favorite show and I have seen every season at least three times. I never knew about these conventions or else I would have tried to attend as many as I could! I had such an amazing time this past weekend and getting to meet not only my favorite stars of the show, but my heroes, was the greatest moment and memories of my life! I am deeply sadden knowing this is the last convention for Nashville. I'm sure there will be more in other cities, but Nashville is the closest to my home and the atmosphere here at the convention was incredible. I am writing this email not only to thank you for a great experience but to consider having another Supernatural convention next year in Nashville!! I would like to speak for others like me, who's this was their first Supernatural convention as well, that bringing the convention to Nashville one more time would truely be a miracle! I hope others from the convention will be writing to ask for another convention in Nashville. Thank you again for such an amazing weekend and I hope I get another great weekend here in Nashville next year!!

Thank you for your time,


I just wanted to tell you that my sister and I had a fabulous time at the convention in Nashville. We were soooo excited to meet all the stars especially Jared and Jensen. They are sooo sweet. We look forward to going to another one somewhere out of state soon.

Thanks again for all your help!!!



I wanted to recommend that you invite Kim Rhodes, Rob Benedict and Gabriel Tigerman back as panelists! They were great and super nice. All the guests were amazing, of course, but I know Kim and Gabriel were list minute additions and despite being sad about Mark Shepard and Pellegrino (and Jim Beaver), I'm so pleased to have gotten a chance to meet these people and spend some time getting to know them. They should definitely get invited to more cons!

Anyway, thank you for putting on such a great convention! I know it's not currently in the plans, but I really hope you return to Tennessee.



Just wanted to write and send a big THANK YOU! I had a wonderful time, and this was a really big dream come true for me! I LOVE all my photo ops, and they are something I will remember forever!!!

Also, the VIP pass was certainly worth every penny!! The volunteer made sure I got what I needed and was a really big help!!! She even took the time to come and find me for the private Jensen and Jared meet and greets! But all and all, all of Creation Entertainment's volunteers were wonderful!!!!

Such an enjoyable experience, and I will not forget it!!!

THANK YOU for making this a big dream come true!!!!!! Sending everyone at creation big hugs for such a awesome weekend!!!

Thank you!!!

Star Trek: Chicago

I'm writing now to say that not only did I have a fantastic time at the Chicago 2011 Star Trek Convention, my photo turned out GREAT! Thank you so much for the opportunity and for the excellent quality of the photograph of yours truly with Leonard Nimoy.

Sincerely and Gratefully,


Final Frellin' Farewell Farscape Convention: November 18-20, 2011

I just wanted to take a minute to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for last weekend's convention. I was one of the many newbies at the con and it was an absolutely fantastic time. I'm so glad that the cons held on until I discovered Farscape because my life is absolutely better having attended last weekend. I had loads of fun and now I'm just looking forward to the Stargate con in Vancouver in April.

Thanks again!


Supernatural: Vancouver

I don't know how you take such stunning photos in so little time, but I'm so grateful for the excellent photos.



Star Trek: Las Vegas August 11-14, 2011

You, once again – did a phenomenal job with all of the photos! You are amazingly talented! We hope you'll be the photographer for all of the conventions…forever!

Thanks again, and we hope to see you next year!

K.& V.


Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 1: Los Angeles 2011

The Breaking Dawn Convention was truly an amazing memory. My 10 yr old daughter is a true fan & had the time of her life. She can't wait for next year!!!



Star Trek: Chicago 2011

I had a wonderful time at the Star Trek Convention in Chicago! I've only recently started going to conference - Las Vegas 2009 & 2010. I love the Vegas conventions but really enjoyed the more intimate environment in Chicago.

I also have come to realize what an excellent job you do with these conventions. I'm sure you also do a lot behind the scenes; I was impressed though by what I saw. You were excellent at keeping up the atmosphere of enthusiasm. You coached Nichelle Nichols on stage superbly. You kept things moving along gracefully and masterfully. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it. Thank you.



Stargate: Chicago 2011

We, the VIPs at this year's Stargate Chicago con would really like to thank you for the wonderful experience your provided for us. We can all agree that we were truly treated like VIPs. You and your staff were very receptive to our concerns and made a concerted effort to fulfill our requests. We particularly appreciate your staff's willingness to listen and be flexible with backstage time with the guests so we did not have any conflicts with meet and greets and photo ops. In addition, we also wish to thank you for the food and drinks backstage.

You and your staff made this a fantastic experience for all of us, and we really appreciate all that you did.

All the VIP's for the Chicago 2011 Con


Supernatural: Toronto 2011

Thank you sooo much for coming to Toronto with your "Salute to Supernatural" convention. I would have never had the opportunity otherwise. I have suffered from Agoraphobia for a long time but made a promise to myself six years ago when I began watching Supernatural that if Jensen & Jared ever came within a couple hours driving distance I would have to go. Six months ago I just happened to read in a Supernatural Magazine that they were coming to Toronto (an approximate hour from my home in Hamilton). For the next six months I worked tirelessly at over coming my fears of leaving my front door, then my street, my block, my city...and so on until finally making a test run to Toronto the week before. I can honestly say that this event and the journey to it has changed my life. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to you, your photographer Chris, your volunteers, and of course; the Cast of Supernatural for making this all possible. It still feels like it was all just a wonderful dream.

See you next year,


Star Trek: Chicago 2011

Hi Chris!

I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work. I was delighted beyond belief with every photo I received. Thanks for making the photos ops the high point of the convention for me!



I just wanted to say these are beautiful photos taken by you! My husband and I were very impressed with the quality of the photos (we had 3 taken) as well as the whole setup/process of taking the photos. It was very well organized and the line moved quick and smooth, with the music adding a sense of calmness for everyone! We like your style! We've had photos taken in the past at Star Wars Celebration and their process was not smooth or inviting. Maybe we can refer you to them!!:)

Take care!


Supernatural: Boston

What a fantastic convention you put on!! I went to the Boston Supernatural Convention, the first convention I've ever been to, and I had an absolute blast! Well done, well done!
Thank you very much! I look forward to the next convention!



Supernatural: Chicago

Thanks so much, it was quite possibly the best experience of my life, right after my marriage and the birth of my children.

Thanks again!


Star Trek: Las Vegas August 11-14, 2011

Hi from the UK

Just a short note to say thank you for making the 45th Star Trek anniversary this August in Vegas the most memorable of all. My passion is Star Trek TOS and there were over 34 TOS guests there over the weekend.

I told you a while back that I was coming with my wife and our two children this time and that I would stop you and say hello. Unfortunately it was such a big, busy show our paths didn't cross to say Hi.

This was my third visit to your Vegas Star Trek convention and it was the most exhausting, memorable, amazing experience of a Convention ever.

Thank you both so much.


I went to your Star Trek convention in Vegas on August 13th and 14th. I loved it! I have been a fan since the original series was on TV in 1966! Came all the way from Quebec City. I loved every minute of it. It was a wonderful event.

But most of all, I want to tell you about a volunteer of yours, Donna. She was in the vendor's room. She was fantastic! I spoke with her on Saturday, she explained to me how to get autograph from the actors. As I told that there was one I could not have because it was à 18 h 30 and at that time, I would be somewhere else to see the Cirque du Soleil, she offered me, if I trusted her, that I buy the autograph coupon and a picture, give it to her and she would get it signed for me and give it to me on Sunday. She was incredible. Of course, I trusted her and on Sunday, she had the signed picture for me! I am very grateful for this. She did not have to do this, but she offered it all the same, in spite of all the work she had to do. I saw her work on both days I was there, she was incredible, being everywhere, always so polite and helpful, very organized, she is a wonderful asset to you and I hope she is recognize as so. Thank you for taking the time to read me, I hope that you will organize an event in Montreal in the future! It would be so great.



Supernatural Nashville Photo Ops

Thank YOU!

These pics were the best part of looking through my mailbox after 3 weeks vacation J I highly appreciate your hard and very professional work.

See you in Chicago!



Supernatural: Vancouver August 26-28, 2011

My husband and I just attended our first Supernatural Convention last weekend. We've gone to other conventions/events in Washington- Norwescon, Sakuracon and the Reanaissance Faire in Bonney Lake. I have to say that the registration process was FANTASTIC in comparison!!! We walked up with our PDF tickets, they were scanned, we got our bracelets and that was it- no waiting! We went right into the main ballroom to start experiencing the show. At other cons/events we have experienced tremendously long waits (2.45 hours once) and staff that was incredibly not helpful- griping about sloppy handwriting on an extremely long registration form. I really appreciate the professionalism in how the ticket purchasing, registration and processes were handled right up to and including the event itself.

We did preferred tickets for Saturday & Sunday and realized quickly into the show that we should have gone ahead and came up a day earlier due to the rave reviews of the prior days events as well as the non stop talk about the Karaoke Party the night before. On Saturday, I was laughing so much and smiling so much that my face was getting sore! Sebatian Roche really spiced things up and the other actors panels were immensely entertaining as well. I hadn't really looked forward to hearing from Corin Nemic, but ended up enjoying him just as much as the others. Sunday was supercool- Chris Heyerdahl kind of drew the short stick, being on right before Jared & Jensen, however he still stood out as a very fun speaker. J&J were totally worth seeing in person and the dialogue was fun. Ok, we loved it when Jensen killed the blow up duck! That was great. We took a break and came back to hear from Guy Norman Bee and to see the premier of Divine. I really enjoyed hearing from Guy in regards to Supernatural as well as Ivan Hayden in regards to Divine. I'd like to hear from some more behind the scenes people, if possible at future events- like other directors, writers or even set people (we arrived too late to hear Russ Hamilton.)

Oh, the Sheraton Wall Centre is a beautiful hotel! It was a little more expensive than we'd like, but you can't beat the convenience of staying right where the convention is at. Parking ran us about $40 per day, but that was still better than trying to fly up from Seattle.

Thank you for a fun and worthwhile experience! We hope to be back next year and do the things we didn't get to do this year- the set location tour, Gold package for the weekend and definitely the Friday night Karaoke party (if it comes back next year!)

S. & M.G.


Just wanted to say quickly how much I enjoyed Vancon this year! Sebastian Roche in particular was a wonderful addition--I can't remember when I last laughed so hard. Please bring him to more conventions, I would love to see him again!



Stargate: Chicago August 19-21, 2011


I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic weekend. Most likely the best SG Creation con ever (I've attended).

Even the actors seemed to be in a relaxed mood. It was fun to have some of them there for more than one day. Loved everybody and their panels. Special thanks to all the actors who showed up at the dessert party.

Just too bad that you were on such a tight schedule with Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett. Somehow this always happens in Chicago...

Even at a perfect con these two are the highlight. Laughed myself to tears during their panel. I really hope you'll ask them to come back. :-)

I love the new background for the photo ops. And it was amazing how fast we got them back. Thanks, great work!

As always, the staff and the volunteers did a great job. Again, thanks.

Is there a chance that you'll ask Kavan Smith to come to LA in November? He would fit in your SG con line-up this year and he is on Eureka, so.... Would be great seeing him again.

Greetings from Germany,


I just want to say thank you to Creation and all the volunteers for making this years Chicago Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe convention another wonderful and memorable year. I had a wonderful time with fellow fans and it was great laughing with the stars. I wish you sold DVDs of the Q&A's because I don't know if there is any other way to remember all the laughs and fun times. Thank you again and see you next year.



hi all:
WOW!!!! that would be the one word that describes the stargate convention in chicago, this weekend. i had a blast. all the guests were awesome. joe and david had me in stitches. i cant wait for next year, i will be back again in gold. ben browder was amazing as well. the photographer warren also did an awesome job and all you folks down in the photo area too, the volunteers and staff were awesome too, i love you guys. the westin is a beautiful hotel too, very happy with this hotel. i was gonna make this my last convention,(due to economy reasons not u guys), but rest assured i will be back next year, this will be my 8th stargate convention with you guys. i also cant wait for the trek con in september as well. again many thanks to you guys for all your hard work. and congrats on your 40 years too. this fan is very pleased. have a great week :)



I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for a well run convention this past weekend. I enjoyed myself the staff was very helpful with any questions that came up for me.

I really wanted to pass along how much I enjoy Warren as the photographer. The staff worked really hard to make sure the photos were ready to take home. Thank you for that - also when he noticed a slight problem with one of the photo ops he alerted me and allowed me to retake the photo. That is very professional and a nice touch for him and his well done craft.

I look forward to attending another event nice year.

Again well done and I really had fun at this year's Chicago Stargate Convention.



Star Trek: Las Vegas August 11-14, 2011

Hello Creation Entertainment!

I just wanted to tell you and thank you so much for the FANTASTIC time my daughter and I had in Vegas at the 45th annual ST convention. You guys were so great about answering questions, and helping me get my tickets, photo ops, etc all set up in advance.

While we were there, since I was traveling with a small child alone, your staff was SO helpful and kind, and really made our trip. Thank you for the extra consideration.

Keep up all the good work, and keep bringing the ST conventions. I can't wait to NEXT year ...

Many Thanks ...


Would like to thank you once again for allowing me to volunteer at the Star Trek Las Vegas Conention! Had a great time as always. Love the new venue (except for the loooonngg walk) as it provides a lot more ability to do many things at once - creative use of space. I also like the way ya'll had celebrity guests all weekend in the vendors' room - that was where I was assigned, and from what I observed, it was a major success from both the fans' and the celebrities' points of view. Brent Spiner did it for part of one day last year, and was there all four days this year. I don't think he would have done four days this year after just doing it a little while last year if he didn't enjoy it! Jonathan Frakes, John De Lancie and Eddie McClintock all also seemed to have a great time interacting with the fans. The fans? They ate it up! And Kate Mulgrew's surprise visit to Eddie McClintock's table was a big hit! As were other "pop-ins" - Terry Farrell, Daniel Stewart, Lee Merriwether to name a few. I hope that you do it again next year!

I hope the Con was as much of a success for you as it seemed to be from my point of view! Oh, and THANK YOU for the volunteer gifts of the one photo op for each day worked - that was completely awesome! And, a big THANK YOU to those celebrity guests who volunteered to be on the list we chose from, because they made the experience very special for us!

See you next year!


To whom It may concern, My husband and I want to extend our deepest appreciation to J.G. Heltzer, Barbara March, Robert O'Reilly and Gwynth Walsh and their team for all their time and personal effort they put into their "Klingon"roles during the recent Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. They brought such as sense of fun to the stage and to the photo ops. It was truly one of many high points during the convention. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Monopoly company for helping to sponsor them . Thank you so much.

T & M D


Good afternnon,

I wanted to take a few moments to extend a warm thank you to everyone at Creation Entertainment for an amazing Las Vegas convention this year! I have attended several Creation events a while back in Rochester NY, and have wanted to attend a Vegas event for quite some time now. If I had to pick a few words to descibe the overall four days, they would be upscale, classy, fun filled and in general amazing!

I originally purchased a Preferred Weekend package, and had the opportunity to "Go Gold" by winning one of the auctions on Creation's Website. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Denise and Dean at the Gold Welcome party, as well as running into Kate Mulgrew in the elevator Friday night and Garret Wang in the Casino a couple of times. My entire experience was one full of great memories and new friends.

I truly appreciate all the hard work by everyone at Creation in the extensive planning that went into an event of this magintude. I also want to thank all the volunteers from the event, There were in particular a few that made the entire experience that much more meaningful. Please pass my thanks on to Angelique Garcia, Andrew Covington, Christine Szabo, Graham Masters and last, but certainly not least the wonderful Valerie Case.

The Rio was an amazing location and I had great interactions with the staff there. The veiw from the Voodoo Nightclub was breathtaking!

Congratulations to Adam, Gary and everyone at Creation on your 40th anniversary!

Thank you again for the amazing experience and great entertainment!

Live long and prosper!


Guys- from a 40 year con veteran- BEST VENUE EVER -- BEST CON EVER!!! plus please know that Leticia and Stephanie helped make it so for me. Finally, I will once again be forever grateful to you for allowing me to play a small part in Fan Addicts.

Warmest regards,


I just want to thank you for the great convention this year. It was truly amazing with all the historical events, and I'm grateful to have been a part of it.

We enjoyed the Rio and had very few problems. It is a good selection for the convention's new home. I am already looking forward to next year.

Thanks again for all of your hard work. See you in November.



Supernatural: Boston, MA August 5-7, 2011

I was at the Supernatural convention this past weekend and just want to say that I had an absolutely amazing time! Please, please bring the convention to Boston again next year! This is the only con within driving distance from my house and the only one I am able to attend. Thank you for bringing this con to my area!

Thank you for your consideration.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank Creation for bringing the stars of Supernatural to Boston. This was my first convention and there is no way I would have been able to attend one if you had not brought them to our city. It was a dream come true be able to finally (after 6 long years!) meet them in person. My boyfriend and I were only able to attend the last day, but it was an amazing day! I really hope that you are able to bring them back next year, we absolutely love them and were happy to welcome them and your staff to our city. Like a lot of people, we have been struggling financially and this was our Christmas gift to each other. We cannot thank you enough for making our dreams come true, we will never forget it. I have to look at the photograph of myself with Jared Padalecki constantly to prove to myself it really DID happen!! Thank you!!



My daughter and I went to The Supernatural convention in Boston on Aug. 7th. It was our first. Not to be our last. We had a wonderful time. Everyone working the convention was helpful and kind. The entertainment of course was Awesome. You all do a great job!!



Star Trek: Nashville, TN July 29-31, 2011

Hi,I like to give a BIG THANK YOU to the Staff of Creation Entertainment for putting on an awsome STAR TREK Convention in Nashville Tennessee on July 29-31...This was my first Big Star Trek Convention that I have ever attended,and the Opryland Resort was the perfect place to put on a wonderful show! First of all, I have been a Trek and Sci-fi FAN for over 30+ years. I got the Gold pass,and I was sooo happy I did. The whole Convention was one of the most fun and entertaining times I have ever had, in my entire "Whole" life. Your staff worked so hard and tirelessly to help me and others feel welcome and now I am a fan of yours... The Nine Star Trek actors were a dream come true to meet and rub shoulder with,and made me bust a gut laughing ,the whole time. The actors showed a great sence of humor,and down to earth personallity, that I know I will have a life time of memories to think about. The Talks,Cocktail Party,The Rat Pack performance and many other events,were just awsome. One of my favorite memories was when Max Grodenchik-"ROM" came over and sit with me and one of my best friends,and just talked for over 20 minutes. He was a delight to talk to and showed me how much he loved performing for people. He was just a down to earth guy. Thankyou Max!!!
The Vendors were just great ,with so much too offer and I plan on buying a lot more in the future from them. Good Times. The other Trek Fans was just great to meet, and it was so nice too meet so many.

Be Blessed,

Spectacular is the word that sums up my experience with the Nashville ST convention. I have been a fan since the early 1980s but this was the first convention I attended - and what a great time it was. Kudos to you and your staff for providing such a jam packed, entertaining, insightful, memorable weekend.

After the first day, my friend and I both felt we had already got a deal with the Gold Passes. I know you're a busy man, so I won't type too much - but thank you all (staff, celebrities, etc) for such a positive time.

Hope you will all return to Nashville or closer to North Carolina - I will definitely return! Also, I've attached a photo of you and the Gorn from the costume contest-thought you may like.



I want to thank you so much for you generosity to the kids in the Middle Tennessee Autism Society and their caregivers/parents today. We had a total of about 20 come out, which is a great turnout and they all had an amazing time.

Leticia could not have been nicer to us, she was very sweet and super easy to work with, making it a very wonderful experience for these kids. A few of the kids even made it through most of the day. I can't tell you how amazing that is for kids on the autism spectrum to want to be anywhere in public full of people and so much stimulation from all the sights and sounds for more than a couple of hours max. The kids were amazed to see so many people in uniforms, even a nearly 7' Gorn showed up, and lots of Klingons.

Personally, I couldn't resist the auction and won the Admiral Kirk convention banner which comes with a first-in-line autograph ticket, so we're going back tomorrow to meet Shatner for my birthday. Coolest.Birthday.Present.Ever!

Again, thank you so very much. Ya'll did a wonderful thing for them. We really appreciate it.



Supernatural: Parsippany, NJ July 8-10, 2011

I would like to thank Creation for the amazing convention in July. It was my second Supernatural convention and I can honestly say that it was one of the best weekends of my life. It was great to see Jared, Misha, Richard and all the great stars. Kim and Rick were incredible, everyone was. The volunteers and staff helped to make the entire weekend to go smoothly. Chris is an incredible photographer. He is a great representative for your company. I cannot wait to attend next year's convention and see all my wonderful Supernatural family!

I see that Creation has added The Vampire Diaries to the convention schedule. It would be fantastic to have a TVD Con in Parsippany NJ. I know it would be a big hit and I would certainly attend.

Thank you,

My name is T.D. and I have been trying to write you this email ever since the 2011 Supernatural Convention in New Jersey ended!! Every time I try to send the email, once I start to write it, I start to cry and have to stop! :) Happy tears!! :) I don't know where to begin!!

This is my second Convention (I came last year also with my friend Andrea). It was the best time I have had in such a long time!! I'm sure you don't remember me, as there are so many people, but I remember everything! I have Cerebral Palsy and have difficulty walking - this year I had to bring a walker - last year I did not. I am always very nervous about going somewhere, especially when there are a lot of people. I am very shy and have always been like that, now with the walker, I am even more nervous. As you know, not everyone is kind. Not so at Supernatural Creation Conventions!! Everyone was so kind to me (as was the case last year)!

I don't know how to thank you for everything this year! I don't know if you remember me, but you asked me how the weekend was and I showed you my signed Jared pocket book!! :) It doesn't get much better than that!!!!!!!!! Jared - or as I call him every Friday night - My Sammy :) - is my favorite!! I can't tell you how nice it was to finally meet him for the first time! I was so nervous to see him especially with my walker and everything. I did keep my walker for the picture - Jared said "You can use me babe". So I leaned on Jared. It was such a great experience for me!! I will never forget it!! If it wasn't for people like you and Creation; I never would have met Jared.

Thanks again so much for everything!!! It really was one of the best times of my life!!! I already got my tickets for next year!!

I would like to make a donation please. I can't make a very large one, but I would like to send what I can as a thank you for all the Creation does. It really was a magical weekend for me. One I will never forget!! Please let me know where I can send a donation or if I can make one online.

Thanks so much!!! Talk soon & See you next year!! I can't wait!!!!!!


ANSWER: Thanks for this lovely letter, made our day! If you want to make a donation might I suggest you purchase one of our auction items at the next show and we'll use the funds for one of our several charity recipients, which include Starship Foundation, James Ellis Foundation, Arts High Foundation, Hollywood Charity Horse Show, Make A Wish, A Dog's Life Rescue and several others.


Star Trek: Boston, MA July 15-17, 2011

Thank you so much for bringing the convention to Boston! I had a great time and met some great folks, too. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciated you coming this year. I drove down from Bangor, Maine and didn't regret a minute of it!



To Creation, I just wanted to let you guys know that I had a great time over last weekend's Star Trek convention in boston. You guys ran such a great show and all of the guests you had couldn't have been better. I took my 5 year old son on Sunday to meet Mr. Shatner. He told me had a great time meeting him as well Mr O'Reilly and Mr Hertzler who were also there. He was able to talk to them and interact to them while we were obtaining autographs. I just want to thank you again for a great show. I hope you guys are planning to come back next year for The Next Generation's 25th Annivesary. I bet you could get some great people for that show as well. Keep up the great work.



Dear Sharon,
Thank you so very much for helping me get another print of the photo op of Shatner and Nimoy. Your photographer tracked down and sent a digital copy. I want to express my appreciation to you, Chris (photographer) and Creation for your kindness and awesome shows. You will always have a loyal fan here.



Supernatural: Parsippany, NJ July 8-10, 2011

Thanks for a fantastic event in NJ this year. It was so fantastic, that my daughter (who I attended with) bought me a Gold Ticket for next year in honor of my 50th! Therefore, I won't be able to volunteer as I had planned... I'll be enjoying the convention on a much bigger scale! (Along with my daughter and three friends.)

Keep up the good work! And, thanks again for a great time!



First off, I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Creation for putting on an awesome convention this year. Every year keeps getting better and better...granted, we're technically "newbies" to the convention scene, with our first being the Supernatural convention of 2009 in Cherry Hill. But we've always come home each year retelling all of our experiences to each other...guess just so we can relive everything we experienced.

This year, my wife finally got to meet one of her favorite actors, Jared, and managed to genuinely impress him with a drawing she did of him...which is something she is still on cloud 9 about. It really meant a lot to her for him to spend even just a minute honestly gushing over her work. And I got to ask a question of my favorite Cylon, Rick, a question concerning his choice of roles, as well as got a great photo-op with him (which he said he remembered after getting in touch with him through Twitter). And...we like to think that we were the ones who got Kim to show off her awesome midsection tattoo, after she saw my wife's tattoo and decided to flash her own in our photo op.

Again, thanks for throwing one of the most amazing events we've been to. We're really looking forward to next year!



Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend. This has been by far the best NJ convention yet! I had an absolute blast.

First of all, thank you for playing the birthday video that I put together for Jared. I got so many people commenting on it not only at the convention itself, but on Facebook as well. I also wanted to thank you for being so accommodating during the con. Being able to get to the front of the line for photo ops and autographs was such a big help. Plus the staff was always so attentive and asking if there was anything I needed. I really want to thank the ladies at the registration desk, especially Pamela. She went above and beyond being helpful for me and my service dog. The same goes for Chris. He is such a sweet guy and took perfect pictures. He even made sure to get Haines' attention so he was looking right at the camera.

I know this email isn't doing justice to explain just how amazing this convention was for me. I simply cannot thank you enough. I had such a great time that I am now looking to snap up a ticket for Boston if I can find a spot where I can see the stage! And of course I will absolutely be coming back to NJ for next year!

Thank you so very, very much!



Star Trek: Parsippany, NJ June 24-26, 2011

My name is J.S. and I recently attended your Star Trek 45th Anniversary convention in Parsippany NJ, 6/24-6/26

First of all, I just want to restate that you ran a very smooth convention and you treated all of your attendee's with respect. While it was not my first convention, It was my first Star Trek Convention and I felt welcomed and very well received. I run (much smaller) events so I know what a chore it is to make everything smooth (or at least appear outwardly smooth) so that everyone has a great time. Again, Bravo and good job.

All my love, keep up the good work



You guys at Creation have always done a great job, and we appreciate the difference. My husband and I have been to events you have put together since the very beginning. ( I am an OLD great-grandma now - ha ha - but still an avid fan of most sci-fi, and most of my grandkids are, too ).

Thanks a bunch! You're the best!

Not to be cliche, but --
Live long and prosper . . .
M. & G.
( artist/retired educator & jazz saxophone player , respectively )


Just wanted to send a quick note on how awesome this past weekend was in Parsippany! As this convention was probably one your more difficult ones to produce with all the additional responsibility. I probably wouldn't have wanted to be in your shoes, with the film shoot, global streaming and the actual convention all at one time. You and your staff were all pleasant and accommodating. Creation runs a tight ship! With power going out and light bulb's flying you kept it all moving smoothly and without losing your cool!
I have been one your loyal Gold members for years now, Every time there is a Star Trek convention in the NYC or Philly area I have attended, and loved every minute of it! You guys have always taken the time to make sure each and every attendee is been satisfied with there decision to join the Star Trek community for a weekend of fun and laughs. For me it's more then just the autographs, it's the idea of everyone from all walks of life coming together under one idea, one show, one man. Star Trek has affected everyone's lives differently, but it shows no matter who you are and what you do that we all appreciate and understand the ideals Star Trek has always taught from day one!
It's nice to see the new Movies revitalizing Star Trek again! I met a girl while in line for something talking about how after watching the recent movie, motivated her to go back to the original series and watch that for the first time, she fell in love with it and this past convention was her first! It makes all of us who have been coming to these conventions for years happy to see that Star trek will "live long and prosper"! Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the new show on TV, fingers crossed!


I just wanted to let you know that the conventions get better each time I go! The conventions have come a long way from the early ones and so well planned and executed. When you spoke of the Pennsylvania Hotel, I had to agree with your estimation! Hopefully, you will find another venue that successfully supports a northeast convention. I am thinking about going to the Las Vegas convention next year.
The mix of stars and events was perfect and the evening events were a lot of fun. It is so gratifying to be able to talk to the stars as real people. I think stars who have come through the Star Trek Universe are a better breed-they seem to be imbued with Gene Roddenberry's ideals. Of course, Dominic was a little loose, but was charming as well!
Thank you for putting in lunch breaks into the schedules. It made it easier to plan out the day.
Take care!

Live long and prosper!
S. R.

Supernatural: Nashville, TN June 4-5, 2011

I'm writing to first and foremost thank you and the Creation Entertainment team for a wonderful Salute to Supernatural convention in Nashville, Tennessee. It was my first ever convention and also my first time visiting Nashville and I have memories that I will carry with me. I had a great time and I appreciate all the hard work that the Creation team puts into their events.

Again, thank you for a great time, the chance to make amazing memories and for being so open to suggestions from the fans. I never in a million years thought that I would have the opportunity to meet actors that I respect and admire and because of Creation I was able to.



I really love this picture! I have attended 3 Supernatural Cons and your pictures are always amazing!


Thank you all so much for the wonderful pictures! I had other ones made that I picked up at the convention, and they really are a treasure to have! You all do wonderful work!

Thanks again!


This past weekend I went to my very first convention. I went to the Supernatural Nashville Convention. I just wanted to say thank you for having these conventions. This past weekend was the best weekend I have ever had my entire life. It was an amazing experience. I have social anxiety so going to a convention is definitely a terrifying thing for me. I live in NY and flew to TN for it, which was also incredibly terrifying. Even though I was a mixture of terrified/excited/nervous and barely remember any of it because it all happened so quick, I don't regret a single thing. I only got a few photo ops and I didn't get any autographs because I ran out of money, but I will definitely be going to the convention next year. I had the general admission ticket, but I will be saving up so I can get the gold package ticket for next year, so I can experience all of what the convention has to offer. I just wanted to say thank you again for the best weekend of my life. I met some incredible people, I never thought I'd have as much fun as I did. The cast was incredible and so hilarious. Even though I didn't sleep at all the entire weekend and I spent all of my money, I wouldn't take back that weekend for anything. Thank you so much to both you and Gary for starting these things. I can't wait till I get to do it again!



The photos are gorgeous. I know I said it before, but thanks for the amazing work. I'm sure that's totally exhausting! That was my first con - and will definitely not be my last. Thanks for helping to make it such a great experience.



Good afternoon,
I just wanted to take the time and tell you that the convention that i went to today was great. you all do a great job of putting these events together and everyone appreciates you for doing what you do. my dream has to always meet the Supernatural cast and today i got to achieve that dream. i cant wait untill next year when you come back to nashville. i will be there with bells on. thanks again for all you do. keep up the GREAT work.



Good afternoon,
Thanks again for your patience, for being so nice and helpful, and for making my first convention and birthday weekend an experience I will never forget.



I just want to thank you and all of the Creation Entertainment staff for the wonderful time my brother and I had at the June 3-5 Nashville Supernatural Convention. We were treated amazingly and all of the workers and volunteers were helpful and nice. We will definitely be attending future Creation Entertainment events.




Last year I travelled with a friend cross-country for the sole purpose of attending a Twilight Convention in Seattle, Washington. We weren't sure what to expect, neither of us having been to a fan convention before, but we were not disappointed. Every day of the convention, we were treated to very friendly staff and volunteers, who were all eager to share in our excitement at being there. Our experiences there were so pleasurable, that the day after we flew home, I immediately purchased tickets for the Boston, Massachusetts stop. Again, I was not disappointed in the attitudes of the staff and volunteers.

I met some wonderful people at both tour stops that I attended, both the actors and the fellow fans that I connected with. I was able to make some amazing friends at the Boston stop, and can proudly say that in March I will be traveling with a few of those friends to Nashville, to attend the Nashville 2011 convention. We will be celebrating my 21st birthday while there, and I couldn't possibly think of a better way to celebrate than with the amazing friends I've made, and the people who helped bring us together, Creation Entertainment.

Thank you,




Thank you so much! I just went to the Seattle Twilight Convention and it was great! Creation is awesome!




Hi My Name is Desiree Lopez and I had the extreme honor of going to this past weekend's San Fran Supernatural convention, and just wanted to tell you how amazing it was. You guys put on one hell of a show and I could have not been happier. Katie the head Volunter was amazing all weekend I hope she will be at more Supernatural Conventions. Chris the Photographer I can never say enough wonderful stuff about..he is always amazing. I shall be in L.A. for the Supernatural Convention & would love for the Musical Guest To maybe be Louden Swain or Jason Manns. But I'm sure whoever you pick will be good. I would also like to say what a pleasant surprise Corin Nemec turned out to be, he was funny and so very nice. All the guest were amazing, I think from now one Richard Speight Jr. should be the official Karoke MC!!! Thanks again for always putting on an amazing show. This past one in San Fran was so much fun I want to do more now. Well thank you for your time.

All My Best




I just wanted to let you guys at Creation Entertainment know what a wonderful time was had by all.

Everything was dead on awesome and we are making plans to save our pennies for next year and get the Gold Weekend Package instead.

Our seats were the best - row K and the actors/stars from Twilight were very personable and made everyone in attendance feel at ease with them.


See you in Dec 2011 in Dallas.




A big 'Thank You' to you and all of your co-workers and organization. My daughter and I had the best time at your event today. I am not exaggerating when I say that meeting, and having her picture taken with the cast of the 'Hillywood Show' was the most exciting thing that has happened to her in her 11 years of life. Thank you so much for helping me make my daughter's dream come true of meeting her idols!



I wanted to write you to say Thank You for the tremendous Twilight weekend in Rosemont this past September 10-12. My daughter (11) and I are huge fans of the Saga and we thrilled to be a part of this adventure. Attending the convention was a birthday present for her and you can imagine how excited she was to see members of the Wolf Pack and have the opportunity to be up close and talk with them.. needless to say once Sunday was upon us she was one exhausted birthday girl.

Going into the weekend I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I now that I have attended my first I can honestly say it was well-worth the drive and the saving for a few months. Getting to know the actors outside of the roles we have come to love was truly inspiring and revealing. Then including the Hillywood cast as the hosts – what a topper to the weekend! They are an extremely talented group and I hope to see them back next year at the convention in June when you come back.

While we were not able to reserve our seats for the Gold Weekend for the 2011 dates, we are looking forward to next year’s convention and the release dates for the weekend packages! Thank you again for an incredible weekend!





Just wanted to thank you and your staff for another wonderful convention. Vancouver is a beautiful city and I really enjoyed my time there. The Con itself was fabulous. Of course the stars were wonderful,but I also enjoyed hearing from the behind the scenes folks.. I know you do your best in getting other SPN stars,so please consider Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Mitch Pileggi, Ridge Canipe,and Colin Ford. See you in Vancouver 2011,the good Lord willing



Just wanted to send a quick email to say how terrific both conventions were this summer. I've been to a lot of your conventions and I have to say these two were the most organized and well run of them all. Everything ran close to schedule and the guests were fantastic! Demore Barnes had to be my favorite guest. He was hysterical and I'd love to get to see him at another convention!! I'm also happy you brought Fred back this year, I finally had the chance to get my photo with him. He was so great in the photo op room. He took the time to talk to everyone that had their picture taken, which I really appreciated it. While on the topic of photos I wanted to also compliment Chris - I got quite a few photos taken and every one of them turned out great!! I appreciate the fact that he takes the time to check the photos before letting you leave - in the past I've picked up my pictures only to find out I blinked which was upsetting. Now I know I don't have to worry about that. Chris is also one of the nicest people you have working at the conventions!

Now that I've rambled I'll let you both get back to your work, I know you're busy. Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you both put into running these events - I can't imagine how difficult it must be.





I thought the convention was fantastic! I attended the one in Minneapolis on September 5. I got to meet fellow Twilight icons like Nikki Reed and Boo Boo Stewart. I gave Nikki Reed some drawings I made, I had to give it to to security though. That's fine, I got to tell Nikki about it. I think everything was handled clearly and everything was on time according to the schedule. I am satisfied by the way everything was handled and I thought the convention did a fine job.





I just wanted to drop a note to say that I had an absolutely fantastic time at the Creation Stargate Chicago con two weeks back. We drove 13 hours from Pennsylvania to get there, and it was totally worth it. Joe Flannigan, David Hewlitt, and Michael Shanks in particular were delightful. I could probably see them every month and still want more.

I saw that you launched the 2011 site today. I would like to make a plea for the guests I'd most like to see. I am absolutely desparate to see Ben Browder. I know he was in Chicago two years ago, but I had not discovered Stargate at the time. If you could get him to Chicago again, that would be fantasic. I loved him on both Stargate and Farscape and I've heard that he is a tremendously kind and entertaining guest.

I also would love to see Chris Judge, Jewel Staite and Morena Baccarin (I'm also a big Firefly fan). Since I'm also a Farscape fan, I'd love to see Claudia Black as well. And as I said, I always enjoy Michael, David, and Joe. Thanks for your consideration and for the great time I had at the con!



I just wanted to email and say thank you for putting together such a wonderful Stargate con again. I had a blast this time around too. I can't wait for next year. Keep up the great work.



The Stargate Convention in Chicago this past weekend was my very first of any kind. I loved it! The hotel was amazing! The star line-up was awesome!! The extras were great too: the breakfast, the dessert party, the costume contest, it was all a lot of fun! Having a Gold Weekend pass was def fun, I'm just gonna try for closer next time!

I only had one problem and that was getting in the photo ops/autograph ticket line when I didn't have to. I had already purchased and printed my photo tickets at home. I hadn't been told that they would just be scanned later. No big deal though, I got to talk to the very nice lady that was in front of me! Once I got acquainted with procedures on photos & autographs on Friday, the rest of the weekend was a breeze!

All of your staff and volunteers were friendly and helpful. I'm very much looking forward to planning my next Stargate Convention. I can't wait! Also, I've emailed questions to your staff about different things (general questions, one about my order, etc.) and they were very nice. It's a great team.



I would like to say how pleased I was with the photographer this year. He ensured that all photos were good before letting the patron leave and was very quick on printing out high quality images. He was quite professional and helped to make a more positive con experience.



I was lucky enough to get to attend the Stargate Convention in Chicago! It was my first convention ever and I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for that wonderful experience! I am still waiting for my apple, though. :) Everything was great and everyone was so polite! I have one question though, is there any official video footage from the Cabaret party, particularly Robert Picardo's section? I was one of three very lucky girls who was serenaded and I would love to have video footage of that if it exists or there is any way possible you could send it to me. If not, I completely understand. Thank you once again for the most amazing weekend of my life. I only wish I could have re-upped at the convention!



Had a great time at the Chicago convention, you guys did a great job as usual. Hopefully one day you can have Lou Diamond Philips as a guest. Looking forward to your return to the Boston area with the star trek convention next year hoping to finally score row A tickets. We have heard great things about the “Rat Pack” and the Enterprise Blues Band would love to see either or both.



My sister and I had an awesome time at the Chicago convention and are looking forward to attending our next one. Thank you!





My daughter and I attended the Parsippany, NJ Twilight convention and loved it! The Hillywood show was great! Very funny and loved seeing the parodies again! The actors were great! Perfect entertainers! BooBoo Stewart, tinsel, kiowa, bronson, chaske...All very nice people! We had a great time! We went in 2009 and hope to go again in 2011. Thank you all for a GREAT CONVENTION!! IT WAS PERFECT!!





I just wanted to add that I extremely enjoyed the Creation experience. You did a fantastic job with the photos. Thanks for getting me the photo with Avery on the Friday at his signing booth after the time mixup - I really appreciated that.! In the end I think it made the experience even better when he was jokingly scolding me. lol! Thanks again and I look forward to the photos.





I just wanted to write to Creation Entertainment to thank the hard working staff for another great convention time. My wife, daughter and I had the opportunity to attend the Star Trek Convention in Parsippany- New Jersey this past weekend and each and every time we come home from the various Creation Conventions I say to myself that they cannot outdo themselves again. Well, I was wrong and the fantastic staff did it again.

From Monica and Demetria, I hope I spelled your name right to Gary, Matt and Maryann, what a great family they are, to the wonderful ladies handling the lines of people waiting for photo-ops and autographs, I say thank you. My 11 year old daughter was thrilled to meet Nana Visitor because she was named after her character Major Kira, minus the Major and has been waiting for some time to meet her. What a treat for my daughter. Last but certainly not least is Chris the "out of this world photographer". Chris makes you feel at ease when you are waiting to have your picture taken with a celebrity and your heart is pounding out of your chest. What a gentleman and calming presence, thanks Chris.

The best way that I can sum up a Creation Convention is you feel like one "Big Happy Family" from the moment you get to the convention to the moment you leave and that is certainly a nice feeling to have- Thank you one and all.

Jim and Family from Levittown - New York


Just wanted to pass along a quick compliment of your recent Star Trek convention in Parsippany, New Jersey. I only attended the Sunday show (August 15) but had a great time! As usual, you all put together a fun show. Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips and J.G. Hertzler were all very engaging speakers and gracious guests! Looking forward to your next Jersey Trek show!



My wife, my friends, and I just wanted to say "Thank You Very Much" for the GREAT time we all had at the Star Trek Con this past weekend in N.J. We always have such an Awesome time at your Star Trek events!

We are all so happy that Boston is listed for a July 2011 Star Trek Con ! It has been too long ! That is Great for us because we are all from right around the Boston area, either North or South of Boston, but all from New England. Anyway we'll see you in Chicago in a few months, then in N.J., Boston, & Vegas in 2011....So glad to see that Star Trek is back so strong!

Lastly, is there any chance that either Leonard Nimoy, Kate Mulgrew, or Martha Hackett will be in Boston for the July 2011 Con ? Leonard & Martha are both from the Boston area. Martha Hackett was Awesome & So Nice in Vegas!



Myself along with my 2 buddies who accompanied me from Toronto, Canada had such a good time that I wanted to write in and Thank You personally.

I "convinced" my 2 buddies to accompany me to Parsippany for your Star Trek convention in August 2010 (as I had such a good time at your L.A. con for Firefly/Serenity in 2009).

The fact you had 10 Star Trek guests for Parsippany (including 4 we were all anxious to see: Jeri Ryan, Jennifer Lien, Max Grodenchik and Armin Shimerman) along with 6 other awesome guests made it a "had to attend" convention.

We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend (and even though we were disappointed that Jennifer Lien cancelled last minute - you did an AMAZING job getting JG Hertzler to fly down last-minute on Sunday to replace her. Simply a wonderful Customer Service save!). JG ended up being one of our favourite guests for the weekend!

Chris your photographer at the photo ops was again outstanding and provided us with some great shots and memories of the weekend!

Your staff was accomodating (especially with last minute transferring of Jennifer Lien autograph/photo op tickets to other guests) and the way you ran the autograph sessions (other conventions should be taking notes from you guys! Organized and the lines moved well. We were 1st row preferred and never had to wait longer than about 1 hour and in the comfort of our seats!).

We have decided to make an annual "guys weekend" at a Creation Star Trek convention (either Parsippany or Chicago!) and thanks again for the opportunity to attend such a well run convention (in my 20+ years of attending conventions I have seen the best and worst of them and Creation is simply at/near the top of the list!). Thanks again Gary to you and your team/staff.



Thank you for the hospitality and courtesy you showed to both me and my brother this past Friday evening regarding the Sulu pics. They look fantastic! You guys are class acts!

Lt. V.G




I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for the wonderful convention in Vegas this year. I somehow managed to convince my dad that this was something we should do, and before he could change his mind, I quickly booked a room, and bought the tickets! We had an amazing time! We saw many new guests for the first time, and enjoyed listening again to those we've seen in the past. I was constantly impressed by how warm and gracious they were. And most came with a wicked sense of humor as well - I was always laughing! You guys put on a great, well-run event! Since this was probably our one trip to "the Mecca" of all Trek conventions (at least for the foreseeable future), thank you so much for making it a memorable one. We had a blast!



This is my usual "after the convention" note to you to express my sincere and deeply felt gratitutde for all the hard work you did that resulted in yet another OUTSTANDING convention at the Las Vegas Hilton. And it was an OUTSTANDING convention -- from the wonderful extras added to the Gold Trek Treat card to the way the guest appearances were organized -- the panels are WONDERFUL and a GREAT way for fans to see all their favorites!!!!!! What an honor and a pleasure to meet Barbara Babcock and Julie Newmar -- such gracious and lovely women -- what a treat to finally get to see Jeri Ryan and listen to her!!!! How neat to meet William Sadler and Steven Culp -- and share a very interesting conversation between Steven Culp and John Billingsley back-stage -- another Trek moment that could only happen at a Creation Star Trek convention and has given me yet another really neat memory!!! The conversation I had with Garrett Wang back-stage -- talking with Sir Patrick Stewart -- I could go on and on. And all because ALL OF YOU work as hard as you do to make the Vegas con the truly wonderful event that it has always been!!!!!!!

All the VIP newbies were wonderful additions to that ever expanding subset of the Creation Vegas Star Trek family -- and we had a truly GREAT time -- as we always do!!!!!! Monica took excellent care of us, as she always does!!!!!!

This was my 7th year at the Vegas Star Trek convention -- my 7th vacation with my Star Trek family -- my 4th year as a VIP (and that remains the only way to go as far as all of us are concerned) -- and each and every one has been filled with wonderful memories, and tons of fun!!!! I have SO MANY Star Trek things in my collection now -- 99.9% of the autographs are from the Vegas convention, and the gambling chips, and the coins, and the plates, and the jewelry, and the ship banners (the smaller one now has over 60 autographs on it), t-shirts, the suede jacket I bought this year, the coffee mugs, the shot glasses . . . . . . . . . And the wonderful people, volunteers and Creation employees alike, that I have seen and hugged year after year -- and who are included in my Star Trek family.


Blessings to all of you, take good care of yourselves and each other!!!!



Thank you! Fantastic setup you had, and all the photos I've seen looked great. This was definitely worth it!



AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! I have never had a Creation convention experience that was less than fabulous, but this was one of the best.

I have two items I want to mention (they are suggestions, not criticism).

I have noted over the years that the time that the major guests are on stage has increased. This is great! They have time to tell a few stories and still answer questions. I would like it if the guests spoke a bit more before taking questions.

It is great when two or three stars get together, but when it is a panel of five to seven guests one or two end up dominating the stage. It was great when stars who were not on at the same time would pop in on others.

I am saving my loose change in my change jar for the 2011 ticket.



My wife and I were Gold ticket holders at the Las Vegas convention. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we had a great time. We wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you, your staff and the volunteers put in to get it all going and make it work as well as it does.

There are always improvements that can be made, and I appreciate the fact that you guys are always looking for them. I look forward to many more good years of new Trek and a fantastic forum in which to celebrate them with others! Thank You!



Hello,creation staff. I want to give my overdue thank you to all of you for another wonderful year at the star trek convention.

I want to thank Richard, Adam, Leticia, Monica, Gary, Eddie, Stephanie, Chris, and the rest of the creation staff. I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. I appreciate all my questions being answered via email. Gary,Leticia,and Adam,thank you for getting back to me on the tickets.

Monica,thank you for a fun filled trip to the atomic testing museum. I apologize for not knowing everybody's name,but I like to thank everybody involved with that trip. The food was great and it was fun meeting the cast of Deep Space Nine. This was something different and it was very nice.

The breakfast party with George,Walter,and John,was really awesome. It is nice to talk to the stars face to face and Avery brooks made sure he got to meet everybody who asked questions and got his autograph. The captain's chair party,the dessert party, and the Saturday night gala show was what I call a phenomenal weekend.

William Shatner even asked me where I wanted him to sign and I thanked him. I got to thank Sir Patrick Stewart for being there and he looked up to me and told me he was happy to be here and then I got a photo op with him. I even had a chance to ask some of the stars questions and that was awesome. Meeting Jeri Ryan at her first Vegas convention was excellent and seeing Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart on stage together was hillarious. Folks,I won't forget to thank Eddie Rodriguez,Chris,and the rest of the photo for a wonderful job and making it all possible.

Thanks so much everyone.



My name is Judy and I was one of the VIP pass holders. Just wanted to let you know that I had the MOST AMAZING time of my life. I was totally star struck! I have seen the convention every way offered from general admission to gold and hands down, VIP is absolutely the best way to do it. Everyone backstage was so nice. The lady that took care of the food, (I'm really bad with names and have forgotten her's already, sorry ) was the best! Excellent customer service skills. She is a keeper.

As far as guests for next year .. Whoopi Goldberg and LeVar Burton would be awesome. Of course the newest cast members from the new movie would be great as well.

My only complaint, and it's minor, was the scheduling of the Klingon lunch. I had a ticket but did not attend because there was no way I was going to miss meeting Sir Patrick backstage. It was my choice to miss it, so I am ok with it. The lunch was at 1 p.m. and the meet and greet with Sir Patrick was at 1:20 p.m.. Other then that, the event was perfect.

I absolutely will be attending next year as VIP. No one seemed to know if the VIPs were going to be offered the ticket first again like they were this year, but whether offered first pick at the ticket or have to bid again, I will be there. I have already started saving. Thank you again for such a wonderful time.

Sincerely, J. G.


I really enjoyed the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas over the weekend! All the actors that I saw speak were very entertaining. You and Gary and your staff did a great job! Thank you very much! I don't know if I will be able to attend next year's 45th Anniversary convention at the Rio or not so I would like at this time to wish everyone at Creation Entertainment and all of the actors from the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise a very HAPPY 45th ANNIVERSARY! Thank You Gene Roddenberry for creating this Wagon Train to the Stars!



Thanks for a very good time. The backstage pass was great. Everything went very smoothly, and the guests were all great. Thanks once again to all your volunteers--they all did a fine job. Looking forward to next year.



As one of the panelists for the Star Trek: The Experience discussion on Saturday, I want to thank you personally for the opportunity you gave me, Vernon, and Lysander to appear at the convention. We have a dedicated group of fans who were very excited to come ask questions and share their experiences at ST:TE over the years. I thought the panel was well-received, and got lots of positive feedback. Thanks again for making it possible. You rock!!!



OMG I have to say the dessert party for the Captains and Gold patrons was AMAZING! Why? Not only were my trek family there, but the KARAOKE was the best part! It got people together and dancing and allowed people to share themselves with us personally. As much as I love the blues band, this was what hit the spot. My friends and I all concur.

I was hoping yall would keep it from now on cuz it joins the fans in ways no one ever would imagine. That's my comment. Seriously I hope yall do. I just wish the party was longer, that's all. DJ couldn't put my song in at the end. That's okay though, I'll make sure I get my songs in earlier next year. So please consider my suggestion. If you do, it'll be yet another reason why I'd purchase Captain's Chair tickets again for 2011. Thank you!

J.K, Captain's Chair ticket purchaser (2 years in a row)




I want to say Thank You for such a great Twilight Convention in Toronto. I took my niece as a gift for her birthday. SHE LOVED IT!! as did I. I will never forget her reaction when Boo Boo walked into the vendor's room to his booth. He smiled and said Hi! Or her photo-op with Bronson when he gave her a big hug. The interaction that the fans have with the stars is truly incredible. Not to mention that everything is organized so well and everyone is so helpful that it made it much more enjoyable. Thank you again .... and looking forward to when you come back to Toronto next year!



I just want to say thank you for putting on such a wonderful convention in Toronto! It was an experience that I know my stepdaughter will never forget. The boys of the Wolfpack welcomed her and treated her like a princess the whole weekend. (extra Kudos to BooBoo Stewart and Chaske Spencer for taking the time to talk with my stepdaughter). We expected what was outlined for Gold Pass Patrons, but the people at the convention went above and beyond to make this the best weekend of our lives. Her mother, Siara and I want to thank you and let you know, you have definatley made us HUGE fans of Creation Entertainment. You will definately be seeing us again!




I had the best time ever! It was such a fun weekend. I'll never forget those 3 days. It was absolutely amazing. This was the first time I've ever been to a Twilight Convention. Even though I've been a fan for years, my working schedule had never allowed me to go. I was very anxious because I didn't know at all what to expect, so now I'm obviously thrilled to say that I had a blast!
I would like to thank you and your staff for all the work you put in this Convention. Everything worked perfectly! You were all so friendly and welcoming... The staff, the volunteers, Valerie (what a great, funny woman she is!) Bonnie, Ava, everybody... I can't remember all their names unfortunately... It felt like we were all old friends meeting at a reunion.

It truly was a dream. The guests were so amazing! what a Team you were able to book for this convention; The meet and greet with the Volturi was a lot of fun. I wish I could have gone to the M&G with the Wolf pack and Kellan Lutz, but unfortunately they were sold out by the time I got to Boston; The Hillywood show, what fun, talented people they are! It was really entertaining to watch them perform; The Twilight Lexicon ladies, always so friendly and nice to us; The Volturi Vampire Ball was great! The karaoke concert was also a lot of fun... All together this Convention was an unforgettable experience.

I am definitely going to another convention! I live in NJ and I'll attend the Convention in Parsippany next month. I am really excited about it! I can't wait. I'm sure it'll be as wonderful as it was in Boston.



I first must start off by saying you guys, everyone did an AWESOME job. This was my very first Twilight convention and I didn't know what to expect, but I now have to say I was very pleased with my experience. I must admit I did have the VIP experience and the entire weekend I felt like I needed to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I am definitely saving up for the VIP experience for Boston as well as my home state of (Hartford) Connecticut. I am simply amazed at how smoothly everything ran, and how kind and helpful everyone of your volunteers were, especially the several I had the pleasure to have the most interaction with backstage. You guys really know how to have a good time, and put on a fantastic event.



Just wanted to pass along that the Indianapolis convention was AWESOME!!!!! Had a great time seeing the Creation staff and all the great talent you were able to book for us! I am excited to be helping CE out in NJ as a volunteer. PS--meet and greet with Alex and Chaske was great...I was in awe of how great these 2 guys are! I will highly recommend M & G with these two and any others you guys book to anyone!



I just want to tell you thank you for bringing the Twilight convention to Indianapolis on July 9-10, 2010. I had a great time!:) I was only able to attend on Saturday July 10. I was only able to afford photo ops tickets and autograph tickets for Chaske Spencer. I was so excited that I finally got to meet Chaske Spencer!!:) I have been a fan of his for years. I also got to meet Boo Boo Stewart. He was in the restaurant of the hotel when we decided to have dinner. They seated us at a table not far from Boo Boo. When we sat down it was a little bit before I looked up and noticed Boo Boo. I did not bother him at his table though because it is rude to do that. When he and the people that he was with were leaving they walked toward our table and stopped for something right at our table. I said hello to him and he smiled and said "hello how are you?" I said "fine." He asked me if I was having a good time and I told him yes.:) He said that he was glad that I was having a good time. He was smiling the entire time.:) I shook his hand and told him that it was nice to meet him and he said that it was nice to meet me too.:) He and his group then walked on out of the restaurant. I did not take a picture with him because for one the battery for my camera was dead and two I did not want to bother him too much.:) Boo Boo is a sweetheart and so is Chaske! I had such a great time! My photo with Chaske turned out great! The convention went so smoothly too. It was very very nice and everyone involved was so sweet and nice and helpful at times too.:) I hope that you guys will do this again sometime in Indianapolis!!! I will definitly be there!! Once again thank you so much!! You guys are fantastic! Take care now.

Sincerely, R. H.




I just wanted to say again that on behalf of my friend and myself that we both absolutely LOVED each and every photo op from this Convention. I know that we told you that we did but I just wanted to commend you again on doing such a nice job. I honestly don't ever recall a Con where I loved all of my photos as much as I do for this one. My friend said that exact same thing too. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.



I just wanted to tell you how great I thought the Supernatural convention was this past weekend! It was really a dream come true for me and all of you made it so easy! Everyone you brought to come were amazing and so nice and sweet to all of us fans! Definitely all the same people for next year! I think it would also be nice if you could have Rob's band sing. That would make it perfect. I hope you get Richard Speight next year and hope maybe Mark Pellegrino and Mark Shephard. Hopefully will be able to go again next year!! Thanks again for an amazing weekend!!



I just wanted to thank you for an awesome time! This was my first convention and I enjoyed it! I loved that it was so organized and all the stars were sooo nice along with the creation staff. I really hope you will bring all the same people back next year especially Misha would love to also meet Mark Pelligrino. I do have one quick suggestion, I was talking to some other convention fans and we were saying how the music in the show is kinda classic rock and rock how maybe next time Rob's band could play. Thank you again for making my supernatural experience awesome hope to see you again next year



This was my first (finally!) Supernatural convention and it was a wonderful time! I would just like to encourage the continued booking of both Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict. They were both so delightful and added their charm to the already charming guest lineup perfectly! Thank you so much for all the hard work your team did in Parsippany.



Just wanted to drop a note to thank you and your Creation Entertainment staff for putting on an AWESOME convention for us Supernatural fans this past weekend. It was the first convention my sister and I have attended, and we had a fantastic time.

We are hoping to return next year and wanted to throw our votes in to have Matt Cohen invited back. When we heard the Ghostfacers and AJ Buckley wouldn't be able to make it, we were sad. But I definitely feel that, as a last-minute substitute, Matt was a FANTASTIC guest! We very much look forward to seeing him back in Parsippany in the future.

We came there for Misha, and needless to say, he was wonderful. It was a dream come true for us to meet him in person, as well as Rob Benedict. LOVE him. All the guests were so patient and gracious, it made us feel good to be there. Thank you for putting together such a great lineup!

I don't know if any other fans will be suggesting this for future Supernatural conventions, but I would love to see Mitch Pileggi, Sterling K. Brown, Emily Perkins or Amy Gumenick at the Parsippany con. Although basically, any guest who was on Supernatural will be fantastic to see!

Again, thanks to you and to your staff. As much as we loved seeing our Supernatural favorites, it's YOU GUYS from Creation Entertainment who really made this such a fulfilling convention for us by keeping everything flowing so smoothly. Big props to Valerie too. Next time, I'm getting her autograph.

F.M. + C.M.


Hi adam, i went to the supernatural convention this weekend in new jersey and it was AWESOME! This year i went with general admission tickets. I loved it so much that i already bought gold passes for next year's con. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Matt Cohen, Misha Collins, and Rob Benedict. They were amazing. I look forward to next year. THANKS!




My girlfriend and I returned home to Victoria from your Vancouver Star Trek convention yesterday and I wanted to email to thank you and your wonderful staff for such an amazing time.

I'll tell you what I've been telling friends and family: "the staff went out of their way to make every moment a special one for us the whole weekend."

Both my girlfriend and I work for one of the major political parties in British Columbia and have staffed and organized events of similar scope and logistic complexity and we were both consistently impressed with your operation.

In particular Val, your security fellow (whose name I never got), and the photo op guy made our experience great. As you may know there was, at least in the area we were sitting (Row B - Seats 12 and 13 of the gold section), a lot of problems with seat stealing and Val and the security guy were fantastic and doing what they could to clear people out of our seats.

Val and the photo op guy also made the Sunday photos with Mr.Shatner and Mr.Nimoy go smoothly for us. And frankly their humor and good nature made standing in line for long periods a much more pleasant experience that if could have been.

Looking very much forward to Creation bringing Star Trek back to Vancouver hopefully next year! We are spreading the word amongst friends who skipped this convention because of the cost that it is very very good value for money and they all seem to be jealous and exclaiming that they are coming next time! Either way my girlfriend and I will be there!!!

Thanks for an amazing weekend!!!

J.B. - Victoria, BC


I am not sure who to direct this feedback to but wanted to express our extreme satisfaction with the Star Trek Vancouver convention!!!

This was our first large scale convention and we were a bit nervous as to how overwhelming or confusing it might be, and it was neither. The staff all the way from the top to the volunteers were shining stars!!! A special shout out to, I want to say Adam but that could be wrong, and Val who really kept things moving at the utmost level of professionalism. They had us smiling and laughing but never guessing where we needed to be or what would happen next. I commend them for the hard work that they must put into all of this to make it run. I even understand there were not enough volunteers, but they smiled through it all.

We missed some autographs because we got in late and one person said talk to "Adam" he will fix it. I was too shy to ask, but know that he more than likely would have found a way to fix it.

The best part of the convention was of course the star trek cast members and the time we were able to spend with them for pictures, autographs and sessions. The stars spoke to the staff as if they were friends forever and this certainly helped set the mood.

This trip was for my husbands birthday and I was prepared to have an ok time, but thanks to Creation I had a GREAT time. I don't know that I would go to anyone else's convention.

I look forward to being with creation for Supernatural in August. I know it will be amazing.



This is the first time my husband and I have ever attended a convention. We have been Star Trek fans for many, many years and we spent six months planning our weekend at the convention. We were not dissapointed! We had an amazing time and absolutely LOVED every second of our weekend! Every guest was personable, approachable, down to earth, and thoroughly entertaining. I would like to say thankyou to you and your staff for giving us such a fabulous weekend. We plan on attending many more Creation events in the future.

- All the Best, M + JR


I just have to say, Creation gets an A+ from me. Thank you for always responding promptly to my questions and being super helpful and friendly!

- S.F.




I realize this note is a couple of months late but just wanted to let you know how much my friend and I enjoyed the L.A. Eclipse TwiCon in June! It was truly a memorable and magical experience seeing so many Twilight cast members especially Rob and Kristen!



Hi. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help in getting my convention front row tickets. This was my first convention and I have to say that Creation was amazing from start to finish. I had one of the most amazing weekends of my life so thank you so much.

- A.V.


I attended the Twilight convention in Charlotte on April 30, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was very well organized, ran smoothly, and was really a fun experience! The one-day ticket cost less than I expected, and I truly appreciated that. Thank you for bringing it to Charlotte. I hope it can come back to town again sometime.

Some of my favorite parts were the live bits by The Hillywood Show and the Twilight trivia quiz. The quiz went very well. So many people got to participate without it taking a long time.

I also wanted to say that I thought Peter Fanicelli was wonderful as a Twilight guest for the large group on Friday! He was very personable, open, entertaining, and he really seemed to have a good time. His report with the audience was exceptional. I was happily surprised when he jumped down from the stage area to hold a microphone for some attendees who wanted to ask a question. From the cheers and laughter, I think everyone enjoyed that he was there.

I hope that you can have Peter attend future conventions. I don't think any other cast member would do a better job than he did. I was thrilled that he even discussed the unreleased Eclipse! He is in fact the main reason that I decided to go on that particular day.

It was an excellent idea to have people write questions down for the celebrities who attended. For me, it gave me time to think thoroughly about my question!

I would make one suggestion: I would have liked it if there have been more vendors with additional Twilight items for sale. I was hoping to see bookmarks, "action figures," calendars, books, and the like there. Thank you.



I recently attended your Twilight Convention in Charlotte. Just let me say that I had the best time ever!!! I want to thank you, the volunteers and anyone else who helped. I enjoyed meeting all of you, the actors, other twilight fans, and The Hillywood show. There was never a dull moment I enjoyed the karaoke concert and the fact that Michael Welch stayed for as long as he did and made it very enjoyable. I had a great time at the vampire ball by dressing up and having fun with all the new friends that I met that weekend. The actors and everyone who helped were all sweet and had an answer when a question was asked. I hope to be able to attend next year and bring my niece with me. Since she is now a Twilight Fan. Thank you for such an awesome weekend.



To everyone at Creation Entertainment, we just wanted to say Thank You so much for bringing the Twilight Convention to Charlotte! We had an amazing time the whole weekend. It truly was one of the greatest weekends of our lives. Everything was wonderful! Getting to meet all of the actors and get their autographs and photo ops with them was amazing. We really enjoyed Peter Facinelli, Charley Bewley, Micheal Welch, Justin Chon, Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham, and The Hillywood Show. It was great to be surrounded by so many people that have the same love for the Twilight series as we have. I don't think enough words could describe the amazing time that we had. THANK YOU!!

I'm also writing to ask you to please bring the Twilight Convention back to Charlotte in 2011. When we returned home and started telling everyone about our wonderful weekend, well lets just say I think we'll have a larger group coming back with us if you return to Charlotte.
Thanks again for the wonderful time and the cherished memories!

J.H. & C.Q.


I just wanted to compliment you on how well run the Charlotte, NC convention was. That was my first experience and it was terrific! I'm especially appreciative that you kept all activities on schedule. Thanks for a great show!!!

L. R.


Your photos were great in Charlotte, as they were also when we were in Atlanta. Your pictures always seem to capture the excitement of the convention guests as well as the celebrity appearances. We are looking forward to seeing you again at another Twilight Convention in the near future.

A. & B.


I just attended the Twilight Convention in Charlotte, NC....it was so fun!! You are an awesome photographer and person!!





First I would like to congratulate you on a wonderfully successful convention. My daughter Brenna decided that for her Sweet 16 instead of a large party she would rather go to a Twilight convention with a couple of her friends, so I made the arrangements for Arlington. We had a wonderful time. All the volunteers and staff were very helpful and the guests were fantastic. My daughter and her friends were especially impressed with Peter Facinelli. My daughter had a photo op with him and all 3 girls got his autograph. I think he was hands down the best part of the convention for them.





I just wanted to make a few coments about the recent Vancouver Stargate con. (I usually email immediately after the con but this time we made the trip into an extended vacation, so I'm late getting back to my computer!)

Up front I want to say it's obvious how much work and energy you personally and your staff put into these cons and I hope you know it's appreciated. We've had a good time at every one of these cons and this was no exception. I brought a newbie with me this year who had never been to a Stargate con (or any Creation Entertainment con) and she had a terrific time.

This year's guests were all wonderful, I honestly enjoyed every single one of them, but I have to say the absolute highlight was when you had Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett on stage together. OMG, they were HILARIOUS!!! I was afraid I'd pass out from not being able to catch my breath because I was laughing so hard! I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time! It was obvious that the great chemistry we see between their characters on the show stems from a great chemistry in real life. This was BRILLIANT programming on your part and I really cannot thank you enough for this great experience.

To tell you all the guests I enjoyed, I'd have to just list the entire weekend program, but I particularly wanted to mention the oh so classy Cliff Simon, always a hit, and Christopher Heyerdahl, whom we had never met. Chris was a surprisingly gentle and soft-spoken man, quite charming. Oh, and thank you for thinking of William B. Davis! He was a surprise and I was glad to meet him at last. I admit I was more interested because of his X-Files connection than the Stargate one, but just meeting such a veteran of the industry was a great treat.

Oh, I also should mention that I enjoyed seeing some of the SGU cast in the Sunday panel. They were great, it was nice to meet the actors behind the characters, and David Blue was especially fun and funny. I love that he's really a geek in real life! (I complimented him on his geekiness in the show and he said, "Typecasting!") I would love to see him some time as a guest with his own separate Q&A, I think he'd be terrific.

The Cabaret was particularly interesting this year... OK, James Bamford SINGING was NOT something I'd ever imagined! (And not bad, really...) Of course we ALWAYS enjoy his stunt guys when they come to put on a show for us. And Colin Cunningham's, uh, weird tricks, added another unexpected twist to the program. Great ideas!

Above all, I REALLY want to thank you for setting things up so that the guests were allowed to personalize our autographs. This is always a VERY big deal with me -- I always say a plain autographed picture is something I could have gotten off eBay -- and I was thrilled to come home with 16 personalized autographs this year, a fantastic addition to my growing collection. I know I and many other fans have complained about this in the past, and being rushed through the lines, and this time it was much, much nicer. THANK YOU!!! I recognize that this means time sacrifices in other areas, but it means so much to so many people, I was just really impressed that you had responded to the wishes of so many of the fans.

My wish list for the future: Ben Browder!! (I know he's been to cons but I've never been able to get to one that he's been at. He's the last remaining major Stargate actor I haven't met!) Also, of course I ALWAYS tell you, more Joe Flanigan! Now I can also say, more David Hewlett! And more Amanda Tapping, and Paul McGillion, and Robert Picardo! And Chuck Campbell! (Oops, getting carried away here! Shall I just say they've ALL been awesome over the years??)

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for a great show. We have bought tickets for next year and already are anticipating that experience.



Just want to thank you and the Creation staff for this amazing weekend in Vancouver at the Stargate Con!!!! I had so much fun and it was so nice to see you guys again! Thank you!!! Btw: The dessert was awesome and the SGU guests were really great too :) !!!

D. from Germany :)


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Stargate Vancouver convention earlier this month. I have only been to 4 conventions (all Creation conventions), and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The highlight of the Vancouver convention for me was seeing Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett on stage together since they are my two favorite actors from Stargate Atlantis.

I also appreciated how smoothly and quickly the photo ops were done. This was the first time that I had done photo ops and I had the one with Joe Flanigan/Michael Shanks and the one with David Hewlett/Joe Flanigan and the individual photo ops for all three.

I will be booking my second Star Trek Vegas convention probably within the next few days. The Las Vegas Star Trek Convention in 2008 was my very first convention and was a long time coming. I had wanted to go to a Star Trek convention years ago and had never gotten around to it. I saw something on Creation Conventions back in 2007, but couldn't go at the time and booked the 2008 convention and enjoyed it so much, went to the Stargate convention in Burbank the same year.

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Creation for providing excellent convention experiences.



I wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend in Vancouver. Saturday ws my favorite, especially Joe and David together. I see that David is now listed for Saturday for Chicago...I hope that means we will see a repeat preformance. Thank you for all your hard work and that of your staff and volunteers!



Thanks again for a really great convention. My highlights definitely were the David and Joe panels, both separately and together. They were SO MUCH fun together! Hopefully we'll be able to get a repeat performance at a future con ;-) I also really enjoyed the meet and greet with David. He was very entertaining! Thanks again! Looking forward to the Chicago Convention in a couple of months.





Wow. First let me say thank you for bringing the convention to Houston. I had the time of my life! It was awesome meeting the actors and getting to take photos with them and meeting up with die hard fans as well. I've made new friends because of you all and am pretty sure I'll be at the one in Dallas! Thanks again for doing this for the fans.



We had the most magical and amazing time at your recent Houston Twilight Convention. This was the best birthday present my daughter said she has ever recieved and we have enjoyed it so much we will be joining you again in Nov. 2010 for the Dallas tour. We met so many amazing friends along the way too. We also loved the very talented Hillywood hosts, they were so much fun to watch. You and the guest stars were fantastic and made the experience way more enjoyable then we could have ever imagined. Thank you for a good time had by all.

B. & M. T.


I just wanted to say how wonderful the convention in Houston was this weekend You can definitely tell you all have been in the business a while. Everything went very smoothly, and there were really no lines to wait in. You went above and beyond to make sure all guests where happy! Thank you so much for the enjoyable weekend! I wish you all the best of luck in all your future conventions.

Sincerely, T.M.


I absolutely loved the convention it was so amazing and The Hillywood just fantastic you did an excelent job having them host they are amazing and i love them they are an inspiration and all just sweethearts. Thank you for coming to Houston! We enjoyed everything you planned for us and we will see you soon in Dallas. We Love you all.

M.O. &X.O& J.G




Last year I was amazed at how great all of my photo ops were and really didn't think they would turn out as well this year, well I was wrong they are even better than last year. You are awesome. Thanks so much. It was so good to see you again. Thank you also for being so nice and helpful. HUGS!!!



This year it was my second Supernatural LA convention. I just want to thank everyone at Creation for making this week-end one of the best of my life. Once again I spent an amazing time there. A special thanks to the volunteers for their kindness, availabilty, friendliness and effectiveness.This convention is like a big family reunion. I just loved the atmosphere during the convention. A special thanks to Chris for his amazing, wonderful and gorgeous photos. I will see you all with a great pleasure next year.

Love from France, E.


I cannot thank you enough for all of the photos you took - your work is absolutely brilliant!



We had an amazing time there. I'm gonna seize the opportunity and tell you your photos are beautiful, exactly what we hoped for. So thank you again.



As always, all my photo ops from the convention look great! My friends and co-workers have commented on how good all the pictures are. Thanks for your excellent work!



There are no words to thank you for another AMAZING Supernatural Convention. You Simply out do your self every year. Thanks so much for all you did this past weekend. Always great to see you, thanks for all the photos and thanks for making every single Photo-op a special Occasion :) All My Best

D :)




My daughters won second place at the Los Angeles Official Twilight Costume Contest on Sunday March 14th. A wonderful lady named Amy said to e-mail you for the info. Both of my girls received a $25.00 Creation Entertainment certificate. I also wanted to let you know how grateful my family is for you putting on these conventions. I can guarantee my girls will remember this past weekend for the rest of their lives! The entire event was extremely organized, Peter and Kellan were wonderful with my kids, and we all had a blast!! Thank-you for everything!!!



We attended the Twilight Convention this weekend and had Photo Ops with both Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz. The photos that you took came out beautifully. This must reflect the photographer, they are probably the best professional photos that I have had taken. We had such a great time and it seemed the event went smoothly. Thank you very much, have a great day!



I just wanted to write you a note of appreciation for such a wonderfully organized convention weekend! We really enjoyed everything. The staff and actors treated everyone as if we were very important. Always so nice and courteous. And thank you for all your help with corresponding with me prior to the convention this weekend. I truly hope to visit the Twilight convention again this November in San Diego.

T. B., AXK. AND E.W.


I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you for the amazing work you did at The Official Twilight Convention in LA this past weekend. I'm sure a lot of people don't take the time to properly thank you and I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate all of the memories that you helped me keep this weekend :) My pictures were wonderful and you were so nice whenever I dealt with you. So a huge thank you from a fan and hopefully if I'm ever at a convention again, you are the photographer :)



Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work on the photography this weekend. We had an excellent time and your pictures will always solidify our memories. Thanks again!



My sister and I had a wonderful time at the convention. The pictures came out so wonderful! :) Thank you very much.





Thank you for coming out and taking such amazing photos. I am looking forward to receiving my hard copy in the mail in the upcoming weeks. Once again thank you so much!



I just received the picture yesterday in the mail. Thanks so much, it's great! Creation is doing such an awesome job with these conventions! Keep up the hard work!





We love Creation and can’t picture a year without one of your Stargate Cons.

H. W.


Everyone at Creation Entertainment: Last year was our first Star Trek convention. When we returned home, we settled into the fall with suitcases full of warm, happy memories of the wonderful time we had. We were reasonably sure that it was a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing. When we started getting your emails about the 2010 convention, the fires began burning again. We figured out a way to make it happen, and we're attending again this year, and I can hardly wait!!!!!

I'm telling you this because I would like to repeat what I said last year: You folks really know how to put on a show, and that as much as anything is what caused us to consider coming back. I am looking forward to another grand time, and at risk of repeating myself, I can't wait!!!!! Looking forward to August!!!!!

M. & P. K.



Thanks again for the best Twilight convention ever!! I will be attending next years too!!!





Just a note to thank you for the great lineup of guests at the Xena con! The Cleo 2525 Reunion was one of the best parts of it! See you next year!



Good morning from France,
I just wanted to thank you for the organization of the Xena convention 2010. It was my first convention and I don't regret 1 penny spent to live this dream. I have already my seat for next year, row A this time. I cannot believe that I've seen Lucy (even for such a short time), talked to Hudson, Renée, David, William, Paris,... and all this great people. No wonder the Xenaverse keep growing when those amazing people were making the show. It seems Xena will live forever. As I said on a french forum, I'm poorer on my bank account but richer of so many great memories. Anyway, thanks to your team to make this happened.

Kind Regards, V.


I just wanted you to know what a great time I had at the 2010 Xena convention, and what an excellent job you and your people do hosting these conventions. I enjoy them so much that I can hardly wait for the Con next year. Just a thought; how about a convention in NZ in 2012? I and other fans I am sure would love to go the see the place where Xena was filmed. Wishing you a wonderful year.



For all your hard work on the Xena 2010 convention. This was our first con of any kind. My wife and I had a FANTASTIC time. It could not have happened without the hard work of folk like you. Mr. Malin said that it is not hard to work hard on a good product like Xena. In my opinion, though, it is not the good product that makes the people; it is the good people (such as Creation Entertainment) who make the product. We have already signed up for seats D11 and D12 for next year!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Dan "Bear" Kelley




I am extremely happy and impressed with everyone at Creation. Your Customer Service is amazing. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.




This prize pack arrived literally as I arrived home from my workout today. It is FREAKING AWESOME! Sorry for sounding unprofessional, but I'm so thankful for your generosity. What an amazing prize that will certainly work as an incentive for folks to donate!

Thank you so very much, L.




Hey There! Last weekend's Convention was my first and it was awesome!!! the actors were super great with their fans! Did miss not seeing K. Lutz but Charlie and Mike were amazing! Mike is so funny! Charlie was great and so wonderful to attend as a fill in guest. Bronson rocked! He really knows how to use his charm and those Brown Eyes of his! :) It was a blast and would go again in a heart beat! :) The Hillywood Show was fun! They did a great hosting job and just got a new fan! Can't wait for the next movie or my next Twilight Convention!!! :)



I just got back from the Nashville Twilight Convention. I had a freaking blast. I'm going to read all thru my literature to see how I can reserve a gold spot for next year, room & all.
I had 3 actual fan encounters. The last one was with Charlie Bewley on Sat night.
He was lost in Garden Conservatory. My first encounter was with Gil B'ham where we spoke outside. I saw Peter F. walking and he was very nice to me. I think all that snow brought magic to this convention. So much happened. Everyone was so sweet. I met awesome fans and other people who were great. The hotel was amazing. I have photos of PF signing for me, about 3 candid's and 1 photo op with his arm around me...how cool is that? Charlie Bewley's hair is so big in person, also he's super skinny and cute. Amazingly, aren't they all? I know he will remember our encounter, I said "Are you lost?" laughing at him, he was clutching his map, passed me 6 x in 5 minutes..he started laughing with me..cause he was very lost..LOL.
If you had anything to do with the planning of this convention, I wanted you to know that this was the best trip of my life. It beat out my trip to Hawaii! You know I'm sincere.

Thank you. B.


I recently attended you Twilight convention in Nashville. It was a great experience. Thanks again for a great time!



Thanks for being so patient with all of the people that were there in Nashville this weekend and for being so sweet to me, and my friends. Have a great and relaxing week.



Hey! I attended the Twilight Convention in Nashville, TN this past weekend and I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys did an AMAZING job! We had a fabulous time!!! Everybody was so friendly and helpful. Thanks for a GREAT time!

D.D. P.




I recently was at the Official Twilight tour in Chicago this past October and just wanted to say it was one of the best weekends of my life. I had never been to a convention before and didn't know what to expect. All of the guessts were amazing and so nice. I dragged my sister with me to it, and she had so much fun that she is excited for next June when we are going back again. I just wanted to thank you all so much for all your hard work it was so organized. I truly can not wait for June cause I know it will be just as great. This is the one thing I tell all my friends about and hope they will be able to join us next time. Thank you so much again.

- Ashley from Wisconsin




Phoenix TwiTour was one of the best weekends of my life, and I was so impressed with the way everything was handled, from the quick sign-on of new guests (who, by the way, were AWESOME fun!) to the awesome program to the quality of photos provided. I was thoroughly impressed with Creation Entertainment, and chances are that my friends and I will come all the way from Australia for a Tour sometime next year as well. Thanks again, and can't wait to receive my last photo :)

- A.S.




I recently attended the Star Trek Convention at the Parsippany Hilton in New Jersey and I had a blast. I have been to 5 Star Trek Conventions as well as other conventions and I find the creation conventions very organized and well run. From Chris, who is a super guy who always seems to find the time to say hi and are you enjoying yourself, to the rest of the staff. Monica and the other 2 ladies who work the ticket tables, sorry I forgot your names, one I believe is Demetria were super nice and helpful. Richard Arnold did a great job as usual and Adam was great as well. I wanted to say a special thank you to Chris for being so nice to my Mom and Dad who are 80 years old. My wife and 10 year old daughter usually accompany me but could not make this convention so my Mom and Dad came along and loved having a picture taken with Leonard Nimoy and with J. G. and Robert dressed up in their Klingon outfits. Also, all the ladies that worked the lines, you did a super fantastic job. I hope to see you all in a few weeks at the Parsippany Hilton for the Twilight Convention.

- J.




Just wanted to send you a note of thanks.
K., my 8 year old daughter, and I attended your Twi-tour in Atlanta earlier this month. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that she hasn't told me that was the greatest weekend ever! For her to be able to meet the actors from her favorite movie has meant the world to her. She totally fell head over heels for Kellan! He was so sweet to her. That was something that will stick in her mind for a while to come. She asks everyday when will I purchase tickets for your next tour stop in Atlanta. So I tell her to just wait patiently and they will be on sale soon.
Again... Thank You for bringing Twilight to life for my daughter!

I just got back from the Twi Tour in Atlanta and I have to say it's one of the best things that's happened in my life. It was my first time meeting famous people and I was star struck by Kellan! Every time he would speak to me I felt like I couldn't even breathe! Kellan is such an amazing person and I'm so glad you got him here this weekend. I want to thank you for that!

- Love, A.

I just got back from the Twi-Tour convention in Atlanta. I just wanted to let you know what a great job everyone did at the convention. My friend and I had never been to a convention so we really didn't know what to expect and we had an AWESOME time! The entire staff was great and Valerie especially was super nice. My friend and I are already making plans to go the the Charlotte convention next year since its a little closer to us. Thanks again for a great time!

- P., Spartanburg, SC

I wanted to take a minute to let you know about the wonderful time I had at the convention in Atlanta this past weekend. I teach high school English and was informed by my yearbook editor (who introduced me to Twilight) about the convention in Atlanta. I knew that the experience would be fun but I had no idea what fun it would be!! My 60 year old mother (who was sure that she was too old to attend) came with me as well as the student (now former student) who found the convention listing online (what a WONDERFUL graduation present from her parents :) You, your staff, and the wonderful celebrities you bring in make attending the convention truly joyous.

- J.B. from Fayettesville, NC

Thank you soo much for taking a great picture of me and kellan! It will be something i will never forget!!
Again thank you!!!,

- M.

I attended Twi-Tour in Atlanta this past weekend and had an amazing time! One of the best weekends I have ever had!

- J.Z.

Just wanted to say that this was a wonderful weekend. The hotel was absolutely amazing, great rooms, staff, and location. It was nice that there was enough time in the schedule that when things got behind (as they always do) the whole day didn't fall apart. Your staff is great, which is something I always try to say to them when I can, but I wanted to tell you as well. I'm glad to see that you've been able to keep the Hillywood Show on as part of the show. I just adore them. Between several of these shows and Fangoria it's a full year for me and it's been such a great time so far. I can't believe you plan to make a stop in my home state of NC next year, I'm already looking forward to that. Now if I could just get a vampire convention I'd be in heaven. All my favorite vampires in one place. Buffy, Angel, Moonlight, Twilight, True Blood, the new Vampire Diaries. Plenty of talent to choose from. Thanks again for everything.

- C.O.

Thank you so much for such a great event. This was my daughter's sweet 16 and you all did an outstanding job of putting on a full weekend of events that she will remember (and talk about) all her life. Valerie was especially awesome and my daughter even made sure to get a picture with her. I'm not a Twilight mom, but I think I had almost as good of a time as my daughter. You all did a great job picking the entertainment (The Twilighter's are HYSTERICAL!!!) and the awarding of 'First Place in junior division" for those two sweet little girls was especially touching. I stumbled on your events by accident, but I plan on continuing to watch what you have going on. This will certainly NOT be the last Creation event we attend. Thank you for an exciting and awesome time.

- D.S.

Just wanted to let you know you guys did an amazing job with customer service. Valerie is top notch - she does an amazing job and really excels at customer service. The girl who was doing the tickets/wrists bands was also really helpful. And Last, Chris the photographer was extremely nice and helpful - and took amazing photos! So thanks for a great event

- T.

First I want to say thanks for all of your wonderful work (and patience) at the convention in Atlanta last weekend. Jeff & I had such a great time and we hope to see you again here in March!!

- B.M.

My niece and I attended the Twi-Tour in Atlanta this past weekend and very much enjoyed our time there! I just wanted to say thanks to you for having the Hillywood people there! Of course, we were happy to see the actors from the movie and hear from the director. My niece was thrilled by the autograph and photo opportunities as well. But I just have to say that the highlight of the convention was getting to interact and take pictures with the Hillywood actors!!!!! It was great to have them portray the movie characters in such an approachable and interactive way! Of all the pictures she will be showing off to her friends, I know the ones she took with the Hillywood cast will be on top of the stack!!! Thanks again for having them there to make the movie come to life for both of us in this way!!! I'll definitely be keeping up with Hillywood stuff from now on and I hope to see more of Hillywood at future Creation Entertainment events!!! Thank you so much and I hope you have a blessed day!

- J.Y.

I just wanted to drop a quick note about the Twi Tour Convention this past weekend in Atlanta. This was my first convention and I couldn't have had a better time. My sister attended with me and she's never even read the Twilight books. I was very worried that she would be bored or not have a good time at all. Needless to say, I had nothing to worry about-she had an absolute blast as well. I was so impressed with the focus on customer service that you made so clear throughout the weekend. It was quite magical meeting the "movie stars" and actually getting the "face time" that you spoke of. We never even expected to receive an actual hug from Kellan-that was a bonus!

Out of the entire weekend, I think I enjoyed The Hillywood Show cast the most! They were absolutely fantastic and did such a great job! I was so disappointed when I found out that Jackson Rathbone had cancelled but just having Drew and Jacob there made it feel almost like we had "Jasper" and "Edward" there! I also just loved Hilly and Hannah-she's a perfect Alice! I never thought I'd be so excited to meet and have pictures made with an impersonator! I found it every bit as exciting as meeting the actual stars. They were so sweet and personable and seemed really excited to meet their fans. It was so funny-we were trying to figure out what they would be wearing the next day or at the Vampire Ball. I was so impressed with the talent they have at such young ages and hope you decide to keep them as hosts for the Twi Tour Conventions. I definitely hope to attend next year's convention and hope to have as great a seat as I had this time around (D-18-front and center) and look forward to seeing what stars will be there next year and hope to see The Hillys again

Thanks again for the way you handle your conventions. It's very obvious that you love what you do and care about the fans and want to make sure that our expectations are exceeded! Keep up the great work and hope to see you again soon!

- T.W.

Thank you so much for an amazing weekend!! I just got back home from Atlanta.
I came with a group of TwilightMOMS from Florida. We had been to a few other conventions and I have to say that we were a little nervous heading to this one. We had had some issues with getting a question answered before hand and we weren't sure how things were going to run. We were pleasantly surprised!! We had an amazing time!! The actors were fabulous! The Hillywood Show (which is the reason we drove all the way up there in the first place) totally blew us away! Your staff was all kind and courteous, even when it was obvious things were crazy for them. Valerie handled herself like a pro and could always make us laugh and keep things running smoothly!! The entire weekend was beyond words!! I had been to other, non-creation conventions and had paid to get into all of the extra events and had been disappointed in them. I had decided not to go to any of the extras in Atlanta because of this and then after I heard what those guests that HAD gone had said about them, I was so bummed I had passed them up!!
I am heading down to Miami with my friend in January and you better believe we will be doing it all!! Thanks so much for putting these together for us! You are amazing at what you do!!

- V.

My daughter and I attended your Atlanta Twilight Convention. I would like to say thank you to yourselves and your staff for making this event so special for M. You see M. has down syndrome and occasionally large crowds are a bit much for her. Your staff went out of their way to accommodate her and her dad and I. We were allowed to go in with her for her photo ops and neither one of us will never forget the look on her face when she saw Kellan Lutz for the first time. Her dream moment came at the Vampire Ball, where she actually danced with Kellan. While I was a good girl and did not take any photos as requested, thankfully other ladies did and have sent them to me. M. is a leukemia survivor and we know not to take each day we have with her for granted. This weekend allowed her dad and I to make some wonderful memories and we will always be grateful to your staff and Kellan and Ashley for that.

I also want to say thank you for supporting the Make a Wish Foundation. M. received a wish when she was on chemo, so we know first hand the good work they do, so keep it up. I know for most of your attendees this is a chance to meet their favorite celebrity, but to M. it meant so much more. More than you will ever know.

- R & C & M K

ps. your photographer was a wonderful man. He was so good with M., tell him thank you for us...ck

Let me begin by saying that your staff is the BEST in the world! My daughter and I spotted your convention online months ago and decided we wanted to go, but I am a single mom and a teacher, so money is tight.

When we arrived at the convention, the professionalism of your staff amazed us. We did not feel as if we were just another ticket sale. We felt welcomed and happy. But you didn't stop there. I loved the way you ran the Q & A sessions by having the questions written out ahead of time. We have been to two other conventions in Orlando and both times the Q & A's were spent giving hugs and talking on cell phones instead of answering our burning questions, so thank you!

The Vampire Ball was our absolute favorite. I appreciated how you gave back to us by hiring the DJ and supplying snacks and drinks. Most places would have charged for that stuff, too. Again, thank you so much!

My daughter and I had such a wonderful time, we are already saving up for the next one. We want to come to Miami and Atlanta this year and we cannot wait! As a mom, it was nice hearing her say, "Thank you, mom!" all weekend long. It is truly a blessing that she is even here with me, and now you have helped to make her life feel very special. Thank you to your staff as well.

- J.K.

My name is Kenia Ramirez and I attended the Twilight Tour Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I am e-mailing you because I wanted to congratulate you guys in the most amazing weekend of my life, it was the perfect college graduation/birthday present. Specifically, I wanted to share my thoughts with you about The Hillywood Show. I have to say that these guys are the most talented, enthusiastic, and kind hearted people I have ever known. Each of their presentations at the convention went above and beyond any of my expectations and I truly feel that besides the wonderful actors including Kellan, Ashley, Billy, Peter and director Katherine the convention would not have been the same without the Hillywood Show.

These guys were willing to do anything and everything possible to meet with their fans, take as many pictures, and sign as many autographs as they could and each time they did it with a smile on their face. I loved how The Hillywood Show took the movie to a whole new level, the jokes, and the dance that the girls taught us at the ball. Overall, I am really thankful that you guys picked them to be the presenters throughout the convention since in just a short period of time I was able to see their commitment and dedication towards the fans. Please, if it is possible, bring them to the Twilight Tour Convention in Miami in January 2010 since many of my friends are planning on attending.

- K.

I was able to make it to the Sunday Twilight Day in ATL. I just wanted to let you guys know how much fun I had in just the one day!! Kellan was the best and so down to earth. Ashley was so beautiful and sweet. Catherine was so cool and easy going. I had big plans to do the whole weekend package but was not able to. I got last minute tickets. Next year will be a different story!! I will be there all weekend!!! Thank you again for making this possible!!

- Love, First time conventioner, R.

Your picture taking (and developing) were outstanding...thanks again for takin' care of all us Twihards!!! Thanks and hope to see the tour again SOON!

- C.I.

You may not remember me, but I was at the Twi/Tour in Atlanta. On Sunday, I had to leave to catch a plane back home, and you were very understanding and helped me out during the autograph sessions with Catherine Hardwicke, Kellan Lutz, and Ashley Greene. Just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude since it would have been such a bummer to miss out.

Atlanta was my first Twilight event, and it was fabulous. I liked the balance of activities with the special guests, trivia games, auctions, and panel discussions (especially the Twilight Lexicon). Enjoyed myself so much that I am dragging my saint of a husband to the Twi/Tour in Chicago. However, this time we will be flying back on Monday instead. Thanks again for sponsoring these conventions!

- A.M.




I just attended Fangoria in New York city this past weekend and while I had a great time at the convention what made it even better was how great Chris was and how wonderful my photo ops turned out! I have been to many, many, many convention and have had photos ops taken by different photographers, and without fail Chris is the very best! Not only does he make the experience relaxed and friendly, but still moves everyone along so that no one feels like they have been waiting long. But he also takes super good photos, bring out the best of everyone! And lastly he is just the nicest guy! The photos, I have in my collection that have been taken by him, from this convention and others in the past, are always by far my favorite! So I just wanted to say thank you! And that I look forward to the next I am at a creation event and get the have Chris take my photo ops.

- M.C.


I just received the print of my picture with Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks. It’s a terrific quality print. Thank you for getting a great picture of my husband where he’s actually smiling!

- K.M.


I've been to a couple of Creation Supernatural cons and they are nothing short of amazing. I don't know how you guys keep up with it all, but you do a great job. Thanks for your prompt response. I really appreciate it!

- A


Thank you so much for your prompt response, great customer service !  May you live long and prosper.

- A.G.


Your customer service is just fantastic I will be sure note this in my next webcast. Thanks again!

- H.H.


I received the order today and am a very satisfied customer, thank you. I will be back soon for some more collectables for my collection. Thank you again for your assistance and excellent service. Best wishes.

- I


Other than my own Mother, God rest her soul, you are my most favorite person in the world for keeping us in touch with Lucy and Renee. Words could never convey how much you and your staff at Creation Entertainment are appreciated.

Kind Regards, K.M.


I really appreciate everyone's promptness in resolving this issue.  I'll be honest, I was very skeptical about the service I would receive, and because I'm in the service industry I'm very picky about the service I receive.  I have been extremely impressed!  In fact, its made me very excited about the event I'm attending because I feel as if you genuinely care that I have a good time. Feel free to pass this along to your supervisor; he/she is very lucky to have you on staff.  Have a nice weekend.

- J.N.



All my pictures turned out better than I could have imagined. Thanks for making this experience once in a lifetime!

- T.


Thanks again for EVERYTHING! You made my day with my Kellan photo op;)... I'll remember it for the rest of my life:)

- A.


Loved the convention! I just attended the Twilight Convention and have to say you all did an amazing job and I wanted to thank you for being great and putting on a great event. Thank you,

- K.C.


My best friend and i went to your first ever twilight convention this weekend. We purchased tickets for everything thru sunday and had a blast all weekend long!!! Thank you soooo very much for putting this event on. This was our first but for sure not our last. We will definitely see u next feb 2010 at the hyatt! for the next twilight tour or new moon convention!!! =) ...and this time with our gold badges!!! =)

- R & M


I want to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Creation Entertainment for bringing the Twilight Tour to San Francisco. I enjoyed myself immensely and appreciated the hard work all of you did in ensuring everyone had a wonderful time. I look forward to the 2010 convention.

Second, I want to take a moment to express what an absolute joy and delight to have included "The Hillywood Show" members to participate at the convention. These talented, smart, loving young people were a joy to watch. I would very much like to see them at the 2010 convention in San Francisco. I was deeply touched by how much they appreciate their fans and am proud to say they have a loyal friend and fan in me.

I will do everything possible in the Bay Area to get more people acquainted with them. They make me proud, and I believe in them with all my heart. They brought such a smile to my face.

Thank you ever so much for having included these very bright, gifted young people. They have a lot to offer this world.

All the best Adam!

Gratefully, L.C.


I just wanted to thank you again and tell you what a fantastic job you did at the Twilight Convention in San Francisco.  I was the lucky lady you captured getting a hug from Kellan when I brought him a birthday present :)  I love the pictures and thanks to you for capturing that moment, I can relive it over and over again!  Thank you again, you are phenomenal!

- D.D.


Just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend in San Francisco.  My husband and I had a wonderful time, and look forward to next year's event.  This was our very first convention, and after the great experience, I know it will not be our last.  We are already counting down to February of 2010!

Which brings me to my humble request for that convention.  I know that you invite all the cast members of Twilight, but I am begging you to please bring back Peter Facinelli.  He was such a great and entertaining guest, and I would love for him to be back in San Francisco in 2010.  I am also hoping that he will be part of the lunch/dinner ebay auction because I will be saving my pennies to go to that.  I am not missing out on that kind of an opportunity again!  :-) Thank you again, and see you February of 2010!

All my best, E.B.


I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to you and your staff for the AMAZING Twilight convention this weekend in San Francisco. It was my first convention, I am still exhausted, but I had a wonderful time. I would also like to say great job to three of "your" people- Val was awesome beyond words. She was so on top of things and always had a great upbeat attitude. Dave, one of the security guys, was phenomenal as well. And to Chris, the photographer who contracts in. He was great as well. Really words cannot express how much fun my friends and I have had this past weekend.

- R.


We absolutely had the best time and the convention staff couldn't have been nicer! Truly a joy to work with. We REALLY hope to be invited again.

- The Bella Cullen Project


First of all I have to say that my daughter and I had never been to a convention or any event of this nature. That being said, we had a blast. We still can't get over how much fun we had.  The Q & A sessions were fun and the guests were so easy going and seemed to really be happy to be there. The autograph sessions were orderly and timely. The photo sessions were quick (even with the long lines) and the photos were high quality. The welcome night was a perfect way to kick off the night and the concert with 100 Monkeys was crazy fun. The ball was a change of pace from the weekend since it was a little slowed down. It was the perfect way to end the busy day. Also having the guests come stop by each table gave us the oppportunity to feel special.

- J.


Hey There. Just tagged you in tons of pics of the convention. I had an amazing time and hope to volunteer next time!

- K.K.

I had an awesome time at the convention in San Francisco! I'm now tempted to go to the convention in Phoenix.

- M.


Awesome convention in San Francisco! I went with my best friend Ange, we traveled from Ohio! I would definitely go to another one!

- J.


Overall, it was an awsome convention!  Can't wait till Twi Tour 2010! Thanks.

- E.


Just wanted to say "Thank You", I had an awesome time at the con and hope to attend at least one more this year!

- C. D.



The SF con was amazing. I met so many awesome people who are just as obsessed as I am. :) I already bought my ticket for next yr in SF and can't wait. Thank you so much for all the hard work your company put into this.

- A.


I had the best time at the TwiTour this year and will DEFINATELY be coming back next year :D. Thank you.





Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I got the box of SPN (Supernatural) items yesterday and was overwhelmed with how generous you are. This will greatly help out the auction we're doing for the Sandra K Hill Children's Foundation. I am so thankful to call you a friend.

- Fondly, A.




I just bought the gold pass and the photo ops for Amanda and Paul. You can bet that I am going to do everything in my power to attend this convention. I've attend two of Creation Entertainment's conventions last year (Supernatural in March and Stargate/Firefly in November) and I can't believe how wonderful everyone is at these events. I've met people I'm still in touch with and all your employees were terrific. They really go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of and I REALLY appreciate that. Thanks again for the info and I'll see you in Chicago! :)

- P.


This was my first Creation con and I had a fantastic time. You guys managed to keep things fun and running smoothly while still keeping things in line. Thank you so much.

- C.