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I must say I had read a lot of wonderful words on the site, both from the management and from past convention attendees about your skills as a photographer. I had wondered how much of it was true. I was so impressed with your quiet, cheerful, professional demeanor. It was a real treat to be part of that. I now have a wonderful set of photos to serve as a backdrop in my home office above my autographed Impala model. Thank you.

I work in a highly specialized customer service area, and know FANTASTIC service and behavior when I see it. I am touched. God bless you.

- J.C.


I want to say first off, thanks for the fantastic job you did with my photo-ops this year and last year. I especially love my group photo with Malik, Samantha and Chad. That was my first group photo. Anywho, thanks again!

- K.


Greetings from Switzerland,

I don't know if this is the right address for the feedback on the Supernatural Convention in Chicago (Nov 2008). If not please send it to the right place. Thank you.
I'd like to thank everyone for making the Supernatural Convention to one of the best vacation of my life! Since it was my first time to the US it was also the best experience. And it's great, I also learned lots of new English words from being at the Convention. People were so friendly and I miss all the fans, we created like a big family.

Thanks to Chris for the great photos and the ladies who helped looking for the right outfit. Thanks to the Supernatural cast, they made this event perfect and enjoyable. Jensen and Jared were amazing it's just sad that there wasn't enough time at the autograph for personal signing. I already ordered the ticket for next year and like the German fans I don't mind spending time on such a long flight, because it's all worth it! Thanks again to everyone for making my vacation Supernatural!

- A.


Greetings from Hamburg, Germany,

It's so hard for me to find the right words that I wanted to say to you. The last weekend was so unbelieveable and til today I don't understand what was happend. The Karaokenight on Friday with Steve, Chad, Richard and Chad was so unbelieveable and than the magic on Sunday with Jensen and Jared. It was such an amazing event.

So it will be no wonder that I ordered my ticket for next year again and it doesn't matter to me if the flight from Germany took so long or something else. I would do a Creation Convention about Supernatural always again because I love it. And I love the organization.

So and now my wish for the next year. It will be very great if you can get Steve Carlson again and maybe Misha Collins alias Castiel would be so great.

- M.


I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the way you handled this year’s convention.  I and my friend were a little nervous about attending as we both are handicapped.  You and your staff made us feel welcome and put us at ease from the start.  I have attended other conventions from other vendors and believe me you and your staff were the best!

In particular I would like to thank Jane Haber who did a great job of allaying any fears before we went to the convention and Becky in the photo ops room who made us feel comfortable in what normally is an embarrassing situation.  Thanks to Chris as well who helped my friend up from her wheelchair so she wouldn’t have to have her pictures taken in it.  I have to tell you—you all made her year!

The rest of your staff were also wonderful and supportive making the whole weekend one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had. 

I too like the way you allowed us to pick our tables for next year for the breakfast.  It allowed us to get a table with easy access in and out of the room without feeling guilty about going ahead of the line.  Even though we always take a back seat, it still will make it much easier for everyone!

Once again thank you for providing us with a wonderful event! We both have our tickets for next year and are looking forward to what I’m sure will be a fantastic event.

- R.B.


Hi!!!  I'm sure you are getting swamped with emails and thank you's!!  I just wanted to let you know that my daughter (allison) and I had an absolute BLAST!!! this past weekend.  She had a very difficult time the last evening (crying) knowing that it was coming to an end. We took a late night walk in our pajamas throughout the hotel and it helped to bring closure for her. However, we've bought the gold tickets and autographs already so we are on our way!!  Again thanks for having everything so organized, we had the time of our lives and are looking forward to next year!!

- M.


I do want to mention again that really all the employees you had working there were very pleasant and really makes it a special treat.  The boys are just outstanding and so irresitable.  Cant wait til next year. Have a nice day!

- D.


Just wanted to drop a note of thanks re: the convention this weekend. The VIP pass really made it more enjoyable, and I was delighted with some of your staff, in particular, Chris. What a sweet and kind man! Leticia was extremely helpful, as was Stephanie and Rob, and they helped make it a truly memorable experience. I look forward to seeing all of you again in March! 

- J.


I wanted to take a minute to Thank you once more for helping to help make my Photo Op with Jason happen. I have waited 10 long years for that moment and you made it a reality. I can not even begin to put into words how grateful I am to you for that. You are a very special person in my book Chris,  and I just felt it would be nice for you to hear it from me directly. I know you are used to dealing with fans all the time, however, I also know it's nice to hear how much we appreciate what you do also!
Chris once again.....Thank you!

- T.


May I just take this opportunity once again to thank you for all your efforts in making sure that the attendees get the most from their experience. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas and I'll see you in LA in March!!

- S. G.


I would just like to say thanks for the great pictures, you do a really great job!!!  Thanks so much.

- J.C.


Thanks so much for all of your hard work to make this past weekend very enjoyable for a lot of people. You and your team have a got these events down to a science, and everything seemed to run so smoothly for the fans. I realize that an event like this takes a lot of hard work, and downright strategic planning on the part of a lot of folks there at Creation, and just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it!

Also, your decision to allow us to chose our seats for the breakfast with Jared and Jensen in advance is very much appreciated. It is a very equitable method, and will allow us to get a lot more sleep the night before. Fantastic idea!

- K.G.


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this past weekend’s Supernatural convention in Chicago.  I was not disappointed by any of the event!
I especially wanted to let you know that I really liked the method you used for the photo ops with Jared and Jensen.  It was so much more orderly and relaxing to have us all seated and waiting in the ballroom before being taken, row by row, to get into the photo op sessions.  I would love to see that used again next year in Chicago (for which I’ve already purchased my gold ticket package).
And speaking of the photo ops, Chris Schmelke was once again awesome in his photography skills.  I got photos with both of the boys and most of the other cast members in attendance and they all turned out beautifully.  I so appreciated Chris slaving over a hot laptop so I could receive my jpegs on a CD to bring home with me.
I appreciated yours and your staff’s hard work in making sure we all got our autographs with the boys on Sunday.  That was tough work for all of you, but it was worth it to me.
Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago next November!

- L.D.


I just wanted to thank you all for putting on a wonderful event. My husband and I attended both Supernatural conventions that were held in Chicago (2007 and 2008). Those weekends were among the best weekends of our lives. We are looking forward to next years events, and purchased our tickets for next year already (gotta keep our front row center seats!)
Thanks again!

- K.


I would like to say thanks for a great weekend in Chicago!  You really put on quite a show and had such a great guest line-up! Thanks again!!

- T.


I lost my convention-ginity at the Salute to Supernatural in Chicago this weekend! I was a part of the wonderful Gold weekend package, and I was blown away by the quality of the weekend! All of guests were phenomenal! Steve's and Jason's concerts were a definitely highlight for me, I loved every second! Topping the weekend with a day full Jared and Jensen was just amazing!! Thank you so much for such an incredible experience! Thanks to Chris for the fantastic photo op! This will not be my last supernatural convention! But I think we need to bring one home to Vancouver to celebrate the wonderful city that is home to the show we all love!!

- D.


Just wanted to let u know i had a super time at the supernatural con. i will be back again next year hopefully in gold. Jensen and Jared were a hoot, all the guests were super. Great job to everyone involved in making these conventions. the bad thing about conventions is that it has to end. Thanks again for all your hard work, this fan is very pleased. even though i was in silver weekend package, i still had a great time. This was my first supernatural con and certainly not my last :)

- J.


I just wanted to send a note of appreciation from Fandom Rocks for the fantastic event you put on this weekend. Providing the table, auction item, and donations was above and beyond. The guest line-up was phenomenal, and every event ran extremely smoothly from my perspective. Personally, I enjoyed the new hotel, and I am glad to see you will be returning there next year.

Dana Stodgel, President
Fandom Rocks




This was my first convention and I loved it. I feel as if I have been welcome into a new family. Everyone was so great both fans,all of you guys at Creation and the cast of Farscape. I loved the caberet and would love to have David and Gigi back next year, they were great. I already have my gold pass for next year and I am bringing a friendwith me. She needs toexperience it as well.

I would love to have Virginia back next year and have her do another meditation workshop. Of course I can't wait to see Ben next year and I would love to see Fran as well, she wasreally fun. I loved the brunch. Claudia was awesome too, I would love to see her next year.

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for next years activities. I was one of the nine who got up and say Bohemian Rapsodyand that was a lot of fun. Is that going to be on the convention video for this year? I would love to have a copy of that andBen's stage performance. My sides weresplitting and I couldn't breathe. Can't wait to see you all next year.

- D.B.


I attended the Farscape con at Burbank last weekend (my 3rd Farscape con), and oh my what a weekend!!  I just have to say a very big THANK YOU to Creation for having Claudia and Francesca this year!!!  Wow, even though seeing Ben is the highlight of my weekend, I really had the most fabulous time meeting those two ladies and seeing them onstage.  What a thrill!

I also really enjoyed the cocktail party with Claudia, and that Fran was at the breakfast on Sunday - more thrills getting to meet and talk to them up close!

So, THANK YOU for another truly fabulous weekend of fun and entertainment!!!  And I'm sure it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway ;-)) that I would love to have a DVD of Ben's performance.  I hope you can put one out for sale again this year.

See ya next year!

- P. W.


I just wanted to thank you and everyone involved in the organizing of this year's con. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend - the best one I have been to so far and well worth the flight from England. I feel very honoured to meet Raelee Hill again - she is always a delight. Thank you!!!

- E.F.


While it's all fresh in my mind, (who am I kidding -- the whole weekend is a blur!) I wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful time I had at the Convention. Ben was wonderful and definitely "on his game." Claudia was fantastic, FRAN!, Anthony, Raelee (who was wonderful to come so far -- pregnant!), Kent, Virginia (loved the meditation workshop), Ricky Manning, and thank you SO much for getting Gigi again!! I had such a great time and can't wait until next year!!

This was a fantastic line-up and I want to commend you on a job WELL DONE, but I also want to write to you about David Franklin. Last year was my first convention, and as a newbie, I didn't know quite what to expect. I got all my autographs and a photo op with Ben, and I expected this year to be about the same. I opted for a photo with Kent as well because, try as I might, I have not been able to Scape my parents and at least they know who HE is. But the more I went back and read the comments from my fellow Scapers about David and what a riot he is at the photo ops and the con in general, I decided to go for one more op and bought a ticket for David while I was at the Con. I was a little nervous, but he was so welcoming he just put me instantly at ease. He pulled me into a big bear hug and the look on my face says it all! I'll have you know I went and bought a photo op for EVERYONE. (And they came out GREAT!)

David's smash-hit cabaret show was, to me, most definitely second only to Ben's performance as a highlight of the weekend. I've had a very, very difficult year and I haven't laughed that much in a very long time. If laughter is the best medicine, I wonder if I could submit my convention expenses to my insurance company for reimbursement? (Have to check that out.)

Now, don't get me wrong...I'm a Ben girl. What can I say? But quite literally, last year and this year I've had the shakes whenever he's around. There's been at least one person at our table each year that has had to be medicated before he arrived. LOL David, on the other hand, is just plain FUN to be around. At the dessert party, it was David who we most wanted to pull a gag on, and we were CRYING we were laughing so hard. We literally "turned the table" on him and it was hysterical. I really don't know how to better explain it: David is one of us. He's a brilliant actor and an integral part of Farscape, but he's become one of my favorite guests to see at the Convention. In reading other's reports from previous conventions, some of the best memories from my fellow scapers also involved David and his antics. (Run, David, Run comes to mind. :-) )

Just thought you would want to know. Thank you for getting them all there and I will see you in LA next November!

- M.H.


Wanted to thank you for a wonderful Farscape con. This was my 2nd year and it was amazing. It was fabulous to have Claudia Black, Raelee Hill, Virginia Hey and Francesca Buller - they were great onstage and so gracious to all the fans. And Anthony and David were a hoot as always. Ben was so funny onstage - I'm surprised I was able to stay on my chair I was laughing so hard - and thank goodness for image stabilization on my camera! (and I nearly died when I asked an innocent question and ended up with him giving me a grass skirt!) Please, please, please put together a con video for Ben's time on stage this year!

- L.H.




just wanted to let you know that it was wonderful to get the photo ops on site at the chicago stargate con this year....oh and to say they were great....thanks again....see ya in burbank!



I want to take moment to thank you for a lovely time at the Stargate Convention in Chicago this past weekend. We enjoyed the guests immensely and the opportunity to chat with them personally at the dessert party and breakfast, well, these are memories to cherish. On behalf of REST and D & K Quilts, I would like to thank Creation for supplying the valuable auction time. I would like to extend the thank you to the generous Star-great fans who bid on these quilts.



Once again we had a fabulous time @ the Chicago Convention for all things Stargate. You guys are fantastic and never disappoint in the 3 years my sister and I have attended. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We could only afford to go for one day this year, but it was still great fun! We hope to see you again in either Burbank or Vancouver. Thanks again for all that you do.

K. & L. D.



Wanted to thank you for the marvelous time I had in Las Vegas. It was my first, and probably only convention, and I have some wonderful memories. It was all I had hoped and more. Thank you.

S. A. O'M, Derbyshire


I would like to add my thanks for hosting such a fantastic convention. I thoroughly enjoyed it, met lots of people and had such a good time, I've already booked again for next year. The staff and volunteers worked hard, and I would like to say a special thank you to Monica who went out of her way to ensure that we all had a good time. Also thank you to Chris the photographer whose photographs came out exceptionally well.



I wanted to write tell you what a great time I had at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. The guests were all fantastic and so much fun. I saw old friends and made some new ones as well. Also, please let all of your people know that they did a great job. Las Vegas is a huge convention and a big challenge. You all did the very best. Thank you again for a great convention. I will see you again in November in Burbank.

Best Regards, K. S.


It was an incredibly awesome Convention in Vegas Baby! Hard to believe it is over but there is always next year. 2009 will be the Year of Trek with the new blockbuster movie coming out in May. See everyone next year!!!



Thought I would drop you a line to let you know what a great show this year's Vegas convention was. Your staff, as usual, went the extra mile to make sure things ran smoothly. The guest line-up was great; y'all really out did yourselves this year. Anyway, thanks again and I will see you at the Serenity convention!.



I have now been to four of these events over the last few years and every year has got better and I would like to thank you personally for a most enjoyable week. I was accompanied by my daughter this year who is now 18 and she was thrilled to see Zachary (as you can imagine) but was also thrilled with both Avery Brooks and Leonard Nimoy.
She now has a respect for Star Trek and what it stands for and understands the underlying principles which I know you are passionate  about and for that I also thank you.

Once again many thanks and I wish you all the best for all your upcoming events..



I'm back home from Las Vegas, and I wish to thank you for another awsome convention. I also wish to thank you for the music video award ("Plain simple Garak"). With all the competition this year, I didn't think I had a chance, so you can't imagine how happy I am.

With the closing of the ST Experience, it was also a very emotional convention for me,and on the last day of the convention, many of the people I knew from my past attendance got really close, sharing memories and e-mail adresses, so that even though we are losing a home, we won't be losing a family. There was another moment during the Captain's Chair party at Quark's , when Ms.Masterson sang "The way you look tonight". I saw you listening to the song with eyes closed and your head bowed, and later you told us that you were reminded of the final moments of the show from "What you leave behind" where Vic sings this very song. I was quite moved by all of this, since that was exactly what I was feeling, and I understand now how much you truly love the show.

Thank you again for a great convention and all the wonderful memories. Live long and prosper.

Y.K. / Tokyo


I'm writing with some very positive feedback about the convention. I wanted to reinforce the very quick comments I made to you in passing regarding the Sally Malin teachers award, how inspiring that was (as a university professor and child of teachers in Detroit). I really enjoyed the power of Avery Brooks presenting and the winner, Judy Hoffman's essay, and glad to see that it was posted to the website.

This was, for my family, the first time we came to a Creation event, and to Las Vegas. It was worth every penny to sit in "Captain's Chairs" and also to enjoy the parties, and dessert party, all the guests and autographs and mixing.

My family, daughter Claire, who is disabled, and was granted a Star Trek: Enterprise visit to paramount sets in 2003, son Joseph, now 13, wife Carol Kizis and myself, were really pleased with the staff of Creation, the volunteers (who were exceptional in servicing special needs clients, as were the other guests). We wanted to thank you and your staff and volunteers. I wish I had written down names, but several volunteers were so helpful when we got autographs....great.

The lunch with the Enterprise boys was very fun for my daughter and I, as she's met them all a few times, and they always remember her. My wife and I really enjoyed the Friday party at Quarks, especially Max and Armin. Max's little genius of writing ditties and songs was so fun, and we spent some time chatting with him throughout the weekend. He's a joy to speak with, as I am sure you hear from all his fans. He spends such careful time with the those getting his autograph, and it was worth it. Chase Masterson was also great. We also wanted to highlight how accessible Brent Spiner was, Tim Russ, well, frankly, everyone we met and talked with. The DS9 stars on Saturday were awesome, and we enjoyed the music, the costumes, the parties...and mixing with them. The voyager folks were also fun and accessible. Nana Visitor and Avery Brooks were great to talk with at autographs, as was Alexander Siddig....well, they all are.

J.G., Jr., Ph.D. & Family
Professor of Chemistry


The pics Stephanie had signed for me arrived today. Again, please convey my thanks and heart-felt appreciation to her for her doing that for me. Her efforts on my behalf truly reflect the incredible lengths in customer service that CREATION goesthru to ensure that satisfaction is attained at every level.

Sincerely, E.M.


Had an AWESOME time at the convention. My music video introduced Scott Bakula. What a dream come true!!!


Hello from Las Vegas...Had a great time at the convention!!!


The Convention was great... I will miss Quarks.


Was a good convention.. sad to see the experience going. The ride in Klingon Uniform was a blast.

General V.

Best first convention ever.


The convention was awesome! Meeting Mr. Nimoy and Zachary Quinto was absolute nerd bliss!


Thanks so much!





Hello everyone.  Hope you are all home safe and sound.  Just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for all your kindness and the great fun we had at the Dallas Con.  It was the first convention we had been to and we certainly will see you again.  Special thanks to Adam who has to entertain people and auction things for three days and was still moving on Sunday.  A huge thank you to Max who kept apologizing that a banner I bought wasn't completely signed and she had to finish it up.  Even when the con was over and she came over to find me she was still apologizing.  There was no need, I was thrilled to win the auction and grateful for her all weekend in the autograph lines.  She's special  and I hope more people thanked her over the weekend.  Then there is Chris...what a precious thing he is.  We had no idea what we were doing in the PhotoOps and he was sweet and fun.  I've had an issue with the jpegs I purchased and he assured me he would correct and email.  Unfortunately I didn't learn everyone's names over the weekend, but each one of the staff was funny, kind and accommodating.  So thanks for a fun weekend away from real life and and we'll see you soon.



I just wanted to thank you and your team for making last weekends salute to supernatural convention totally awesome...at first I was a little sad and upset that Jensen couldn't make it, but by the time I got there friday afternoon all of that was pushed aside and I honestly had the best time...all of the guests were amazing and so likeable...the vip part was extremely cool and I LOVED being able to talk with the guests, they were all very easy to get along with and down to earth...Jared, Gabe, Fred, Alona, Jim, Chad, and Steve were all sweethearts and very nice to everyone...my first convention I attented from creation was the chicage salute to supernatural and it was amazing, but this one was much more relaxed and I never felt that anything was rushed, we got ample time to talk with the guests during the photo ops and the autographs, so thanxs for that, many memories... All of the people from Creation that I met were totally awesome, esp. Max and Shawn-thanks for running around for me and the other vips for whatever we needed and helping us out, you both rock!!!!, and Chris you are the coolest dude ever, and you get THE BEST pics, I can't wait to meet you again.....I honestly have nothing but compliments for you and your staff and can't wait till my next supernatural convention....hopefully it won't be too long of a wait...thanks again for everything...



It's Sue from not so sunny Manchester, home from Dallas just a few short hours ago and finally able to put down in writing my extreme gratitude for everything you and your team kindly provided this past weekend. 

Since my very first dealings with Creation Entertainment, I have received nothing but the utmost professionalism from every member of staff I have been in contact whether via email contact or in person and this weekend was no exception.  From Max to Shaun, from Jane to Chris and of course yourself, it was a pleasure to meet each and every one of you.

I think I mentioned in conversation with you that the whole trip to Dallas was paid for by friends and family for my 40th birthday.  When my sister turned 40 a couple of years ago, her husband took her to see the Grand Canyon.  I knew as my turn approached I wanted an experience to remember to mark that landmark birthday.  All I can say is that the Salute to Supernatural event not only gave me the experience I wished for but it also exceeded all expectations and I have to thank your wonderful organisation for that.

The SN event in Chicago 2007 I am ashamed to say had been my first dealing with Creation Entertainment.  Since that fantastic inaugural Supernatural convention, I have made myself a promise to try and make as many trips across the water as I can afford and manage as your events are more than just an opportunity to meet guests from a television show.  They feel like a congregation of new and old friends coming together to hang out and have fun with every part of the event feeling so personal.  The pride you take at making sure that everyone goes home feeling like they had a great time is obvious to see and you are building the foundation of a wonderfully warm Supernatural community.

The Dallas event had so many highlights for me:

- First and foremost were the guests.  As a HUGE Jensen fan, of course it was disappointing that Jensen couldn't make it but every other person that graced the stage more than made up for it.  Jared is a revelation, his enthusiasm is infectious and his humour enthralling.  He has such a welcoming nature and from a superficial standpoint, I am not going to deny that the hug I received when I gave him a replica England football (soccer) shirt certainly put a smile on my face which I'm not sure has worn off to this day.  Jim Beaver is a legend, Alona Tal refreshing, Chad Lindberg beautifully laidback and I have completely fallen for Gabriel Tigerman.  He is a sweetie!

-  Saturday night has to be Steve Carslon night.  I've seen him play on more than one occasion as he obviously did the Angel con scene before he started playing at the Supernatural events yet I would never tire of listening to him play as he has talent that demands attention and appreciation and he deserves more recognition and limelight.

- The VIP ticket was a bonus I'm glad I managed to get for myself.  All weekend I was made to feel so special and again I applaud you for the personal touches that accompanied that package, whether it be Shaun or Max constantly asking if I needed anything, (I felt guilty with them running around after me so much) or being taken to the front of the queues for photo/auto plus or being given a table at the front at the Brunch thus allowing some fantastic photo opps.  I also have to thank you for mentioning my name and where I was from whenever I made a bid on an auction as once again this proved that you cared enough about your attendees to simply remember the basics of a name and that goes a long way.  Of course having the guests sit with us either before or after their talks on stage was the biggest bonus of all.

- The trivia competitions and S4 discussions were very clever, constructive and entertaining agenda items that once again brought the fans together to be and feel involved in the weekend. 

- The auctions were brilliant too (even though my credit card won't agree) and I came home with 3 unique banner reminders of my time in Dallas.  I just hope I have enough wallspace for them all but they should look good beside a banner I bought of Jensen in Chicago.  Who needs to redecorate?

- I loved the photo ops ran by Chris.  So many other events I have been to, the photo ops have been terse and silent affairs as the photographer at the time didn't like background noise.  With Chris's photo opps, these sessions were fun and lighthearted whilst still maintaining professionalism and of course the results are fantastic.  The group shot in particular is something I will treasure until I finally get that Jensen/Jared sandwich!

All in all I think you can tell I had such a good time that not enough words would ever do it justice.  Ideas for future guests - it goes without saying that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would head that list as well as Eric Kripke but besides the Ghostfacers that you have already suggested may be in Chicago, I can recommend Sterling K Brown, Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohen as they were wonderful guests at Asylum and I would love to meet Samantha Smith, Adrianne Palicki, Charles Malik Whitfield and Richard Speight Jnr.  I also think getting some of the 'behind the scenes' people such as Kim Manners, Robert Singer or Sera Gamble would be very interesting

I am now having to fight the major downer that I always have after events such as yous but in order to combat it I will just have to start the countdown to Chicago 2008!!!



I simply wanted to say thank you for the weekend just passed.  Not only am I thrilled with the photos taken with each guest, the group shot especially, I also had alot of fun going through your photo sessions because of the relaxed, fun yet professional atmosphere that you create.  I have been to other events where going through the photo ops is like being in a classroom - there is a long waiting time held in silence as the photographer doesn't like background noise and there is no excited banter and anticipation allowed.

I'm glad to say that wasn't the case in Dallas and your sessions were the one of the highlights of the event for me.  

It was good to also chat with you inbetween sessions - you're a sweetheart and a pleasure to talk to.

Looking forward to a Jensen/Jared sandwich in November so until then take care and good luck In all the ventures involved in.

Love, S.




May I just say that I had a superb time at the convention and I hope that you will do more conventions in London or Europe!! I'll definitly be attending.

Thank you, S


Just a quick message to thank everyone at Creation and all the guest stars, especially Lucy, for a wonderful convention in London. Many of us like myself can never get to the L.A. con because of work commitments [I`m a teacher and there is no way the school would let me have the time off, especially as they would have to pay for a substitute teacher!]. I had resigned myself to only seeing these people on dvd. To actually be there in person was amazing, as was Lucy`s concert.
I do hope that both Creation and Lucy would consider coming back in the future. I would be first in line to buy another Gold Package. Well done for the efficient organisation, from my point of view everything seemed to run very smoothly.

Yours sincerely, S.W.


I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you to yourself and everyone else involved in putting on the Xena Convention in London last weekend. It was my first convention and one of the greatest weekends of my life. All the guests were great, especially Steven Sears, and both of Lucy's concerts were amazing. I thought the whole thing was really well organised, so kudos to you and Sharon and the rest of the guys.

I really hope that the experience was just as good for the Creation team, and I really really hope y'all decide to come back again next year.

Many, many thanks, L.


Just some words to tell you I really enjoyed the 3 days of the Xena convention and Lucy Lawless concert. It was very well organized, and we have a lot of fun. I hope you will come back in Europe and if you need some help in London, Paris or somewhere else, I will be candidate to join your team.

Best regards, J.R.


I just wanted to say what a fantastic time I had this weekend. It's nice to see that you want to give us the best you can and that you are always available for people to bring any problems that they may have. You have such a friendly company and I appreciate your efforts. I'm especially pleased that you managed to get Lucy to sign for us, as it really made the event perfect. As you know, it's the first time she's come to the UK and after a 13 year wait it was important for us to have that chance. Please let her know just how much we appreciated it. Also, please thank all the guests for giving us a great time, and all the staff for making sure we were taken care of.

Kind regards, H.


I just wanted to say that I had an amazing time at the Xena convention this weekend in London (and of course Lucy's concert!). It was my first Creation event and I found it to be extremely well run and organised - definitely a weekend I won't forget. Thank you for all of your hard work and I really hope to attend another one of your events soon.

Kind regards, B.G.


This event ROCKED! All the attending celebrities were SO nice and really enthusiastic :) this and the FAB organization made it really really enjoyable.
I think the only way it could have been better for me is if my measly student budget could have stretched to a gold package and lucy concet ticket. But i've made some friends for life so I couldn't be happier!
You HAVE to come back to the UK with it bigger and better, because we'll all be there...but it not then rest assured there's many of us planning to fly out and go the whole hog with wherever the 2010 convention will be :) THANK YOU FOR A FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!!



Just to let you know ..I was estatic to win the vip pass to meet Lucy....it was of course worth it. Thanks so much and for your good luck wishes! It was a brilliant memorable moment and weekend. Thanks to all the creation team for putting this together and of course Lucy!!!





Just wanted to pass along my congrats for a great Grand Slam. This was my 15th year and it was just as exciting and well run as the previous 14 were. See y'all at Vegas and your November Burbank shows and, of course, in LA for the 2009 Grand Slam!



I just attended the Grand Slam Convention in Burbank last weekend. I had a fantastic time...especially with Zachary Quinto and Grace Park on stage. I also really enjoyed the Enterprise 1st Assistant Director's presentation. He presented a unique point of view with his digital photos and he was very personable in the Autograph Room.

I also want to tell you that my favorite thing to do now at conventions (I've been attending for 5 years) is photo ops. The atmosphere is relaxed and un-hurried, and a few seconds with the actor to say hello in a photo op line is much better than the hustle and bustle of an autograph line. Please make sure the photo op experience goes un-changed...if it ever turns into a "cattle call" I will be disappointed.

Finally, please try to make every effort to get more actors from the new Star Trek movie booked for Las Vegas and next year's Grand Slam. I think they will bring new energy to the convention stage by talking about (or around) the new movie...just as Zachary Quinto did. I believe Simon Pegg would be the best "bang for the buck." Not only could he talk Star Trek, but he could talk about "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz"...both classic "fanboy" movies.

OK, thanks for your time. Again, I really enjoyed my time last weekend.



I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the convention. Fifteen of the guests were people I had never seen before so it was really nice to see so many new faces. I enjoyed all of the appearances and the highlights for me were Grace Park, Zachary Quinto, the Smallville panel, David Goodman and the Sorbo/Hurst reunion. One of the things about Grand Slam that I really appreciate is the wide variety of guests from so many different shows and movies. I might not have tried (and become a loyal fan of) shows like Firefly,Supernatural,Smallville and Battlestar Galactica had it not been for seeing these people at Grand Slam over the years, so I thank you for that. I have already renewed my gold circle pass for next year and I even managed to move up to row "b" from "c". Some thing tells me though that row "a" is going to be tough to crack.

No complaints to speak of. Autograph lines moved quick but didn't feel rushed. All the guests were happy and friendly. Overall a great weekend.

Looking forward to next year. Would like to see more people from Lost, Sarah Conner Chronicles and Heroes since they don't have their own conventions yet. And if I'm not mistaken, Grand Slam 17 is happening right before a certain new Star Trek movie premiers.Might we hope for a nice turnout from the new crew? All are welcome of course but definitely Simon Pegg and Karl Urban. 

Well I think I've taken up enough of your time. I will see you all next here in Vegas. Again, thanks for all your hard work. It is most appreciated.



Once again Grand Slam for this year is over.  It always goes too fast.  However, it was wonderful as always.  As I have said before it is my daughter and my quality time weekend every year for just the two of us and we really look forward to it every year. 

Thanks so much for having Chris as the photographer.  He is absolutely fantastic.  The photos go so much faster and are so much better with him.  He is the best photographer I have ever seen and we are so glad that you have him at the conventions.  Please keep having him, he makes the conventions special with such great photos for us to keep.

Thanks also for getting the Vancouver Stargate Convention up on the web site.  We have already signed up and got our Gold Circle seats for that in 2009.  We are big Stargate fans and are looking forward to the studio tour as well as the convention.

We plan to do the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention in 2010.  Have to spread them out a little.  We will always do Grand Slam every year.

We have such wonderful memories and pictures from the conventions over the years.  We started going way back when it was just Star Trek, before they became Grand Slam, over 20 years.  We have met so many TV stars (and movie stars like Joan Collins and Ricardo Montalbon), have so many pictures and autographs.  It is incredible.  Thank you so much for doing this, it means so much to us.  All those memories can never be replaced.

Thank you again.  See you next year.



I wish I could go to all your conventions since they are so well run. I like that that when we buy a photo op or autograph you guarantee we get it plus that you don't oversell your conventions so we are able to attend every talk.



I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I truly enjoyed my first Grand Slam event. The guests were delightful. While I went specifically for James Marsters I was blown away by Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. This may be the only time I had to see Mr. Nimoy, and I want to thank you for giving me that opportunity. Though it is probably not possible I would like to express an interest in the addition of the Moonlight panel at Fango NJ. I have been wondering if anyone would get around to having this great show and its excellent cast appear. Flying back across the country just is not an option for me at this time, so I wanted to say that I would really like to see them closer to home. Creation puts on spectacular events that i always enjoy, and I'd like to pass on a special word of thanks to your photographer Chris who does such a beautiful job with all the photos. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. I look forward to seeing all again soon.




Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the recent Vancouver Stargate Con! This was my third year in a row attending as a Gold Ticket holder, and I swear you guys do it better every year. :) I want to mention just how impressed I was by this year's photographer. I won't have to retouch any of my wonderful Photo Ops this time around, and in my job as an art director that's saying a lot! I did thank the photographer in person, but wanted to let you know that I was very impressed by the quality of his work.

Also, as you've already been told by countless fans, the totebags were a marvelous giveaway and AFAIC a better promo piece for Creation because they were subdued and useful - a great reminder of the con. Kudos for that!

Of course I was thrilled that you had Gary and Dan for the Gate Op, and finally getting my very own SG-1 Gate shot was the wonderful culmination of your Vancouver event for me. I felt that you had a good mix of guests this year, a little something for everyone, and the appearances of Martin and Brad for the promotion of "Continuum" was a nice touch. I have always wanted to meet those two gentleman, and their talk was marvelous.

I especially appreciated that you had some behind-the-scenes people like Bruce speak on stage again. I felt very lucky that I also got the chance to chat with Morris Chapdelaine this year while he was there to pick up Thor. I was thrilled that he remembered me and my silly cover artwork from years past, plus I got the bonus of having him gladly autograph my Hawaiian Thor Photo Op from last year (!), and he filled me in on his upcoming appearances at future cons, which I was happy to hear were in the works. The fact that so many of your guests like Bruce, Morris, Gary and Dan take the time to talk fans outside of the event is what makes the Stargate family so special and Creation such a great organizer.

Sadly, I won't be doing Van in 09, as our group has decided that Chicago in 09 is the next target. Time to descend on a new city and a new venue! I am sold on Creation above all of the other cons I have attended because you offer so much more in one package, and work so hard to deliver what the fans want. I know that your job is tougher than I can imagine, and I admire you guys for the hard work you put into making each and every event a special experience for us.

Again, much thanks and best of luck with ALL the cons you are running this year. See you in Chicago in 2009!



Just a quick note to thank you again for another great convention in Vancouver!!! Everyone did a great job and I consider the weekend a success!! Thanks for the memories!



Thank you to you and all of your staff for the amazing time in Vancouver! Everyone was so incredibly sweet! Thank you again!



I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the con last weekend. I'd come over from the UK for the con, and had never been to a creation con before, so I really had no idea what to expect. I really just wanted to say that I had an unbelieveable time, mostly due to you and your staff.

Everything was organized and ran on time (which was a first for me, English cons always run late), the staff were really friendly and helpful from the minute that we arrived, and you picked some awesome guests. I can honestly say that it was the best con that I have ever been too, and I will definately be trying to get back here for next year.

Once again I just want to say thanks so much for a brilliant weekend, and I hope to be coming to another creation event in the not too distant future



My husband and I are home and recovered from the Vancouver con and set tour.  The set tour was amazing. Mr. Smith was the perfect guide. I will say that was a great time, and your staff is great. Leticia and Laurie went  out of their way  for me. And they are friendly and courtious, no matter what is going on. I cannot commend them enough. I am going to try obtaining Jolene Blalock's signature again this August (3rd try). So, I will see get to the Vegas con. That one has always been fun. Thank you and your staff for a great weekend.



I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the performances last night; I believe this is the best entertainment so far on a Friday. Alexis Cruz blew me away; his performance was so thought-provoking and poignant. I cried when he did the 9-11 sketch and I still choke when I think about it. He was that good. James Bamford and Jason Momoa were a hoot. It was very enjoyable and just the thing to lift your spirits and get you laughing again. Well done, everyone.