Photos from Star Trek Grand Slam X
Pasadena Convention Center
March 22 - 24, 2002
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The man is an inspiration to all at Creation!
Bill tapes the crowd for scenes on his great website
Talented actor MICHAEL BIEHN makes a surprise appearance
Michael joined by superstar producer GALE ANN HURD on hand to promote CLOCKSTOPPERS their new flick directed by Jonathan Frakes
You mean I get to plug my new movie too? I'm there! Congratulations from all at Creation to one of our long-time favorites JONATHAN FRAKES. He's a big-time success as a producer/director now but he still remembers his fans!
John, Michael and Gale Ann
Genre fans take note of Michael Piller's new series DEAD ZONE on USA
Klingons always add a certain spice to the crowd
Enterprise actor VAUGHN ARMSTRONG beamed into the convention all three days and met and mingled with grateful fans. Thanks to Decipher for setting this up!

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