Photos from Star Trek Grand Slam X
Pasadena Convention Center
March 22 - 24, 2002
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You can't have enough Star Wars toys!
Creation is always better when LOLITA FATJO is part of the fun!
"Producer in the Middle" BRANNON BRAGA was a very special guest at the show. Can it almost be 10 years since we've known and admired Brannon and his contribution to the genre?
Brannon Braga updates fans on the latest with his series Enterprise
The legendary Spock ears!
There's no one more gracious than KATE MULGREW. She's had huge success since Voyager with her one-woman play based on Katharine Hepburn, hopefully headed to Broadway!
Kate and Andrew Robinson
The crowd was so big the projection system screen was a necessity for those in the back areas!

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